How To Restart Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass? Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common methods of weight loss today. This surgery, which allows people to lose weight healthily and quickly, has very successful results. Today, it has made many obese patients lose weight in a short time. Thanks to this method, which facilitates weight loss, most of the steps taken towards healthy living have achieved successful results. Each extra weight carried in the body must increase the likelihood of disease in the body. To avoid this situation, people must lose weight quickly.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is a weight-loss operation applied by people who have weight problems and have certain conditions. It is the operation that divides the stomach in half with the staple at the bottom and top, then forms a small pout in the small intestine in order to provide direct access to the small intestine. After this surgery, people cannot consume much food, as half of the stomach will become available. Also, daily calorie intake decreases because the majority of the food that is being eaten will enter the pout created in the small intestine and absorb less. This surgery, which will allow you to lose weight quickly in a short time, is among the most frequently applied slimming methods today.

Who Wants Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is the method applied by people who can not lose weight due to brain obeseness and who have applied to diet many times but are unable to complete these diets. When people diet, they want their diet to be concluded in a short time. The main goal of many is to fall to 60 kilograms within 4-5 months. Unfortunately, this is not the case, because just as those weights did not occur within 4-5 months, it will not go away quickly. While this situation is very annoying, it brings with it long-lasting starvation. People with obesity problems cannot suppress the feeling of hunger, no matter what they do. Even if they manage to feel whole for specific times, recurring hunger causes fatigue.

When the story of many obese patients is rested, it is known that they fall to weight close to a healthy weight. However, everyone’s rhetoric like you have lost much weight, and the person noting it in the mirror can bring you the curiosity to rest one day. People often cannot keep up the diet they leave for months to relax one day and eat as much as they want. Long-standing hunger delays the feeling of satiation, and people begin to gain their weight more quickly. This causes hopes to run out and the idea that diets will not work in any way.

Brain Obesity

There is a limit that people should eat, no matter what kilogram they are in. People who are fed according to this limit maintain their weight, less than this limit causes weight loss, over-taking. People with obesity believe their daily limits are too high. The fact that they eat a little less than they should make them suffer and always think they are going to get hungry. It is called brain obeseness, and when a person is not hungry, he feels hungry. The reason diets cannot be maintained for a long time is related to brain obeseness.

What Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Do?

Gastric bypass surgery not only corrects images of people with weight problems but also contributes significantly to body health. There are different health problems experienced by overweight people. Moreover, even if they have not lived to date, these problems that may happen to them in a short period can turn life into a nightmare. Gastric bypass surgery promises a healthier life. The operation, which allows people to look after themselves and make their body function more adequate, really works.

How Much Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

There are many diseases where gastric bypass surgery is right. It not only reduces the risk of these diseases but also reduces the risk of occurs.

  • The blood pressure problem is over. Many diseases that are likely to occur due to blood pressure in the next year are reduced.
  • The fight against cholesterol is eliminated.
  • Insulin resistance disappears, and people’s metabolism begins to work at normal levels. This will lead to a rapid loss of weight gain in the future.
  • The chance of encountering problems such as heart attacks is reduced. Also, the effect of other heart ailments on life will have fallen.
  • The problem of liver lubrication is eliminated.
  • The load on the bladder decreases.
  • Stomach ailments, such as reflux are eliminated.
  • The chances of getting an ulcer are reduced.
  • The effect of diabetes disorders on life decreases.
  • The chances of developing cancer are reduced, high cholesterol brings with it the problem of developing cancer.

On top of all this, people will be able to apply dietary lists and exercises appropriate to these ailments. This increases people’s struggle with diseases. Healthy eating and exercise can become a lifestyle. The immune system strengthens. Mental relief is provided; the person feels more confident. The day starts more energetically, the work efficiency increases.

With gastric bypass surgery, the person will change his life, not just his body. At the very least, he will not be afraid of mirrors; he will deal less with many health problems. He will be more confident in his speeches; he will be able to go to meals he cannot go to because he is too worried about my place. His social life will be organized; his social environment will expand. He will now be able to handle many of the things he has to do alone by consulting more of the people around him.

Who Can Have Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is, unfortunately, not an operation that can be applied to anyone who wants it. Also, if the purpose is only to change the shape of the body, there may be very few doctors who can perform this surgery. The reason is that this surgery has some risks and is not proposed to anyone unless it is mandatory. While the risks are enormous, while small for some patients, it is accepted by everyone that dieting is healthier. People who have the will should push themselves and diet by making decisions.

People who want to apply for gastric bypass surgery arbitrarily should have body mass indexes above 40. There is no harm in applying this surgery to patients with at least 120 kilos or more. People who have done long diets tried to weaken with exercise but have not succeeded can weaken healthily with gastric bypass.

Patients who do not have body mass indexes above 40 may only qualify for this surgery if they have the diseases mentioned above. Under-progressed versions of these diseases should appear, and the doctor should send them to perform this surgery. It is necessary to explain in detail the need for surgery on the shipping paper.

In addition to all this, a deep body scan is performed on individuals who will undergo gastric bypass surgery. In this scan, it should be seen that the individuals are in good enough condition to remove the surgery. People with severe heart ailments or liver problems will be able to benefit from this surgery under the supervision of risks. All risks will be explained exclusively to individuals.

How To Get Weight Loss Surgery Approved?

How To Restart Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass?

As a result of gastric bypass surgery, weight loss occurs within the first 12-18 months. The significant change in people’s bodies will be within the first 4-6 months. However, the time to reach the ideal weight and regain the body and find its new balance is 12-18 months. People do not gain weight during this period; they lose weight continuously. Supporting this period with exercise is essential for the absence of sagging. To have a more beautiful body, people must work with a sports coach and exercise in a way that best suits them.

After two years of surgery, it will be possible for people to gain weight again. It is one of the frequently asked questions about whether people who have surgery can get pregnant. Of course, these people may get pregnant, but this time they will learn to eat a balanced and regular diet, so it will be easier for them to lose weight.

How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost? You Should Know More About it Here


People often wonder, “how much does bariatric surgery cost?”. Bariatric surgery is a good way to help people who are overweight and have related health problems. It can help you lose a significant amount of weight, improve your overall health, and even extend your life. But it does come at a cost. The cost of surgery can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the type of procedure you choose, the facility where the surgery is performed, and your insurance coverage. The cost may also include pre-surgery tests, hospital fees, and post-surgery care.

The most common surgery for weight loss procedures are gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries. Your insurance plan may cover part or all of the cost of a gastric sleeve, depending on your plan and the procedure chosen. Post-surgery care usually includes regular visits with your surgeon to monitor your progress and check for any complications that may arise. So, if you have insurance, make sure you cover all bases, including the question, “how much does bariatric surgery cost?” with them as well. If you don’t have insurance coverage or have a high deductible plan, you may be able to finance the procedure through a medical loan.