Hair Transplant Turkey Best Review

Today we will talk about hair transplant Turkey best review. Turkey has the best hair transplantation clinics in the world, is the capital of the world’s plantation can say. Turkey comes only 2,000 tourists a day for hair transplantation. With many years of health tourism in Turkey is to achieve $ 5 billion in revenue. In the first three health areas of the country where the international patients in Turkey and Azerbaijan, respectively, according to statistics published by the Ministry of Health, said that Iraq and Germany found. In addition, the cities most preferred by international patients in health tourism are “Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Yalova and Erzurum,” respectively.

Since hair transplant centers are places where people with problems such as baldness and hair loss are treated, people in hair transplantation centers regain their natural hair appearance after treatment. Now Turkey is the best hair transplant clinics let’s review.

Aslı Tarcan Hair Transplantation Center

Aslı Tarcan and his team, who set out with the aim of increasing the living standards of people, started their working life and offered their services under the name of Aslı Tarcan Medical Center in line with their goals. Tarcan Medical Center, which always plays to the top with its successful works in the developing and changing health sector, has made a name for itself in the domestic and international press, especially with its strong studies. Successful studies have spread to every field within the institution and have laid the foundation for future success by preserving the corporate memory.

Skylar Hair Center Hair Transplantation Center Istanbul

Skylar Hair Clinic is a 100% Performance Oriented brand that specializes in Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation, served by experienced, internationally certified physicians and corporate teams. They provide professional hair transplantation services by working at international standards.
The Skylar Hair Clinic team consists of certified healthcare professionals who have completed their training in hair transplantation at international standards.
Skylar Hair Clinic, which has ISO 9001 Accreditation, serves in Istanbul Nişantaşı. He conducts patient interview and consultation procedures in America, England and Azerbaijan.

Hermest Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

Very important to innovation Hermest Hair Transplantation Center performs FUE hair transplantation with Unique Slit, which is more efficient than DHI, Sapphire and Percutan techniques and is only applied in this clinic. In the clinic that performs the most successful hair transplantation in the world, the hair transplanted has a retention rate of up to 99%, in other words, there is no loss in the transplanted hair. Thanks to this excellent success rate, she performs tight hair transplants that look natural.

Esteworld Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

They have been providing services in hair transplantation since 2004. When we examine it, it is seen that the vast majority of patients who have hair transplantation leave satisfied. Aesthetically they are doing extremely good work. It serves with 3 branches in Istanbul. Esteworld Hair Transplant Prices vary between 5,000 TL and 50,000 TL on average. They do not only hair transplantation but also many plastic surgery procedures. There are more than 20 doctors in their staff. They do all hair transplant operations in their own centers. They perform hair analysis free of charge.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure we apply to patients who have lost their hair for various reasons. Hair transplantation is the area most demanded by men in our country. This process is successfully applied to those who lost their hair as a result of burns, those who lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy, those who had unsuccessful hair transplantation before, and those who have had partial hair loss. No matter what age you are, you can have a hair transplant.

Among the factors that change the success rate, the hair structure of the area where you will collect hair follicles, thin and thick hair, and sufficient amount of hair follicles for transplantation are factors affecting the success rate. Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that takes an average of 6 to 8 hours. Very rarely, complications may occur in the patient.You should have hair transplantation done by specialist doctors. Nurses assisting the hair transplant operation must be certified by taking a hair transplant course.

You can think of the hair transplant operation as a small procedure. Nevertheless, it is a procedure that you should have done in expert hands. The procedures you have done in the wrong hands may cause an irreversible aesthetic appearance for the patient, or even allergic reactions. For this reason, specialist doctors and nurses with hair transplant certificate should be preferred.

When Will The Patient Get Their New Hair After Hair Transplantation?

After the hair transplant procedure, the patient can continue his daily life. After the operation, red scabs occur on the head and the patient can get rid of this problem with daily hair washing. In the first months, the transplanted hair falls out and the patient’s hair starts to grow again 5 months after the hair transplant. Achieving the result in patients with hair transplantation varies between 6 and 12 months.

Is Hair Permanent After Hair Transplantation?

You will see that your transplanted hair is shed a few weeks after the hair transplant. This situation should not make you nervous. Since your hair follicles are healthy, your permanent hair will grow in a short time. The shed hair grows again in about 3-4 months and provides a healthy and natural hair appearance. There is no shedding in the regenerated hair in the area, but other hair loss in the area is normal. In this case, the process may need to be renewed in other regions.
You can think of the hair transplant operation as a small procedure. However, you still need to have it done by expert hands. Actions you take to the wrong person can result in irreversible consequences. Therefore, specialist doctors and nurses with hair transplant certificate should be preferred.

Thus, we discussed the issue of hair transplant Turkey best review. As we mentioned, if you have people you trust, you will be very happy with the result. If you want to get detailed information on this subject, you can contact us.


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Best Hair Stories from Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful place where some grown-ups go to get their hair magic. It’s like going on a fun trip and returning with amazing hair!

People who got their hair transplant in Turkey share their happy experiences in stories. They talk about how much they love their new hair, like telling their favorite bedtime tales!

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If you have questions about hair transplant stories from Turkey, talking to people you trust like your parents or a caring teacher can be helpful.After that, They can tell you more about these exciting stories!

In Conclusion, Hair transplant stories from Turkey are like hearing special Stories! It’s like going on a Journey and coming back with fantastic hair.So, If you have questions, talking to people you trust is always a good idea. Remember, it’s essential to love and take care of yourself, no matter how your hair looks!