How To Grow Penis? Penis enlargement surgery is still a taboo subject for men, but it is an extremely common procedure. The goal of this surgery is to enhance the length or width or both, but not to achieve a spectacular circumference or length. It allows patients to get rid of psychological and physical complexes, but it is very important to have realistic expectations. Penile liposuction and penile length surgery (penile inhibitor) are 2 methods with natural results, unnoticed by sexual partners.

Penis Enlargement

What is penis enlargement in circumference or length surgery?

Aesthetic penoplasty or phalloplasty is a surgery that increases the length or circumference of the penis, loose or upright.

Why penoplasty surgery? How To Grow Penis?

The size of their penis is a big concern for many men and those who are worried about the size of their penis may feel inadequate and insecure.

Although most penises are medium in size, there are normal differences in length and circumference, in an upright or relaxed position.

What are the indications for penoplasty

Penoplasty is intended for men whose penis is medium in size, but is greatly affected, both physically and psychologically, by its somewhat mediocre appearance.

Principles of penis enlargement in surgical width and circumference

What is the purpose of foam surgery? Penis enlargement is a procedure that aims to increase the circumference of the penis in a relaxed or upright position. It is the most common process. Penis lengthening is done to increase the length of the penis in a relaxed state. It does not have a positive effect on sexual intercourse. It is often performed on patients with “locker room syndrome”.

Can penis enlargement and lengthening procedures be combined? Yes, procedures can be combined or performed separately.

The steps involved in a Penoplasty procedure How To Grow Penis?

Before the Penoplasty procedure

There will be two preoperative consultations with a certified plastic surgeon as well as one consultation with an anesthesiologist. Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Possible?

Be prepared to discuss your concerns about the process and results. You will be asked about your medical history and sex life, erections, sexual practices… The plastic surgeon will advise you and make recommendations. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, it may be advisable to consult a sex therapist, urologist or andrologist. We may also advise you to consult your partner.

In the case of a functional disorder such as erectile dysfunction, a medical treatment can be considered to optimize the outcome.

Photos will be taken before and after the comparison.

The preoperative instructions are as follows:

  • Stop smoking at least one month before surgery to one month after surgery to reduce any complications or risk of necrosis.
  • Discontinue any antiplatelet or blood thinner 15 days before surgery

Penoplasty: The procedure

Penis enlargement surgery with fat filling:

  • Penis enlargement is performed under local anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation.
  • It takes about 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Depending on the enlargement, a protective bandage is applied to the penis at the end of the procedure.

Penis lengthening:

  • Penis lengthening is done under general anesthesia.
  • Depending on the patient, the procedure can take 60 to 90 minutes.
  • A protective bandage is applied to the penis at the end of the procedure.
  • The increase in length depends on the patient’s anatomy and cannot be predicted before surgery. The penis lengthens in a relaxed position, but there is not much change in the upright position.

After Penoplasty

Recovery is painless. Only light painkillers will be prescribed.

Any inappropriate erection would lead to an adjustment of preventive medical treatment.

Penis enlargement:

  • Expect significant swelling and bruising in the days following the procedure.
  • You can take a shower the next day after the procedure.
  • We advise you to wear loose underwear in the first week after the procedure. No tight briefs or tight underwear that could cause compression.
  • Downtime is usually not required.
  • It is recommended to wait 2 to 3 weeks before gradually starting sexual activity, even if it is possible as soon as erectile therapy is stopped.
  • It is recommended to avoid riding, cycling and riding a motorcycle for 1 to 2 months after the procedure.

Penis lengthening:

  • Swelling and bruising are common after the procedure.
  • Daily simple care will be carried out until complete healing. (about 10 days)
  • It is mandatory to wear compression underwear over the bandage for 15 days to avoid any movement that could pull the scar.
  • The absorbable sutures would have dissolved within 10 to 15 days, with complete healing.
  • It is recommended to wait 3 weeks before continuing sexual activity, even if it is possible as soon as erectile therapy is stopped.
  • Most patients can return to work 5 to 10 days after the procedure depending on their activity.
  • Physical activity and sports are prohibited before complete healing
  • It is recommended to avoid riding, cycling and riding a motorcycle for 1 to 2 months after the procedure.

Penoplasty procedures: Price and cost

Penile liposuction and penis enlargement (penile surgical ligation) are cosmetic procedures and are not covered by the Social Security or Health Insurance Company.

The cost of surgery can vary depending on the patient, other combined procedures and other related costs. Contact us to see the full cost of cosmetic procedures.

Be sure to find a plastic surgeon certified by the Genetic and Aesthetic Surgery Committee who will assess your needs, discuss your expectations and your choices to achieve the best results.

Is the result permanent? How To Grow Penis?

In terms of length improvement, the effect is permanent. Regarding penile liposuction, the result is permanent but depends on weight fluctuations. The penis will lose fat in case of weight loss and will increase in case of weight gain.

Can patients have a second penile liposuction?

Yes, it can be done to increase the circumference of the penis, but it must be done in moderation. Because fat transplantation is unpredictable, it is sometimes necessary to perform a second fat filling procedure.

Can penoplasty be combined with other procedures?

Yes, foam surgery can be combined with mucosal swelling, circumcision, phrenoplasty or preparatory plastic surgery.

What are the procedures for enlarging the penis in length and circumference?

Area improvement:

  • Lipofilling, also called liposuction, uses autologous fat injections to increase penile circumference. The penis swells with fat.
  • Lipofilling is a procedure that has been performed on many plastic surgery procedures for years. It consists of a fat cell implant: the fat is removed from the patient’s body by liposuction and re-injected into the penis after cleansing.
  • Due to new injection techniques, fat is evenly distributed in the penis.
  • This results in the enlargement of the penis in both a relaxed and upright position.
  • The result is reliable and permanent.
  • The patient’s weight must be stable to avoid fat cell fluctuations. Glans does not change.

Length improvement:

An incision will be made to cut the inhibitory ligament of the penis that connects the penis to the pelvic bones. Penis enlargement surgery allows the shaft to move forward and become more visible. It lengthens by 3 to 6 cm, only in standby mode. How To Grow Penis?

What is the P-Shot? Finished Results are Great!


The P-Shot finished process is a revolutionary new procedure that offers men a way to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. This non-invasive procedure involves the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is derived from the patient’s own blood. The PRP is injected into the penis, stimulating tissue growth, and increasing blood flow. The main benefit of P-Shot is improved erectile function.  Studies have shown that men who have received the P-Shot experience increased sensitivity, improved erections, and increased pleasure. Additionally, they experienced a higher level of satisfaction with their sexual life.

The P-Shot can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease, a condition characterized by a curved or bent penis. The PRP injections can help to break down scar tissue and reduce the curve, allowing for more normal sexual function. In addition to these benefits, some men have also reported an increase in penis size after receiving the P-Shot. This increase in size is due to the increased blood flow to the penis, which helps it to become larger and more rigid. Overall, the P-Shot is an effective and safe way for men to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction. With P-Shot finished, there is no downtime or recovery time needed, so it’s easy to see why so many men are turning to this revolutionary treatment for improved sexual health.