Hairline Surgery

Hairline Surgery Our hair begins to fall out for a variety of reasons. At the same period, as we get older, our hair starts to thin out. The reason for this is age-related, but genetic factors also play a role. Our hair begins to fall out for a variety of reasons. At the same period, as we get older, our hair starts to thin out. The reason for this is age-related, but genetic factors also play a role. Many people suffer from hair loss because of all of these factors. In fact, fifty percent of men suffer from hair loss. Do you believe there will be hairline surgery? Continue reading this article to learn more about hair transplantation in depth.

What is the need for Hairline Surgery? 

Hair transplantation is a permanent treatment option for people who are experiencing hair loss. Although hair loss is more common in men, it can also occur in women. The underlying reason of hair loss is primarily genetic. However, a person’s trauma or physical factors can also cause hair loss. Unhappiness sets in after a person’s hair falls out. However, the individual loses confidence, and stress creates their hair to fall out quicker.

What Exactly Is Hairline Surgery? 

It is an appropriate treatment technique for anyone who is experiencing hair loss. The person’s hair follicles have gathered and transferred to the area where hair loss occurs in this treatment method. Grafts are the name given to these hair follicles. Doctors perform hair transplantation if the number of grafts is appropriate.

What Are the Various Hair Transplantation Techniques?

If you say what is a hairline surgery, we’d like to discuss hair restoration methods before answering your question.

Doctors have been using hair transplantation for a long time. This method, which has use since the 1990s, is starting to look more natural today. Let’s look at the hair transplant techniques that are currently in use.

FUE And DHI Methods

these are the two most popular methods today. This is since it is a painless and easy procedure. Furthermore, the fact that it leaves no traces during the procedure is why it prefer from an aesthetic standpoint.

The FUT technique that was used in the past is now a thing of the past. Because the existing stem cell has cut and made together with the skin layer in the FUT technique. This is a surgical procedure that necessitates the use of stitches. There would then be a scar in the area where the stitches have made.

We did concurrently it in the FUE and DHI methods. When it comes to the reason for the division, if you choose the DHI method, the area to be transplanted is drawn with a special pen, and the hair follicles gathered one by one with the FUE technique have planted in the drawn area.

Manual Punch hairline surgery is a variation of the FUE technique. The term “punch” simply refers to the tool used to collect hair follicles. It’s because of the small holes it creates around the cluster of hair follicles.

Micromotor Technique

As technology advances, the punch technique, which is used in the FUE method, has given way to the micromotor technique. If you’re wondering why, it’s because a micromotor punch is an electronic tool. The grafts have collected more quickly as a result of this tool. A faster collection of hair follicles means a faster treatment method. The skin retains its vitality when hair follicles remain in it. In other words, it may lose vitality when poured or collected as part of the process. This requires that the process be completed in a timely manner. The grafts collected using the micromotor punch technique have a longer survival time.

Robotic hair transplantation is unquestionably the second-best method. The computer performs hair gathering and transplantation using this method. It works on the same principles as the previously mentioned FUE hair transplant method. It is the most widely used method of hair transplantation. The only difference between this method and FUE is that a robot performs it with extremely sensitive arms.

Hyperbaric Hair Transplantation: This is a healing technique. The patient’s recovery time is shortened as a result of the use of oxygen. Because oxygen has the ability to heal wounds. At the same time, it aids in the rapid healing of the holes left by the operation. During operation, this method has not used. It uses following the procedure.

Is There a Difference in Hairline Surgery?

You had a hair transplant, but there is no hairline surgery? Let’s take a look at the processes as a group.

Up To Three Days

  • If at all possible, avoid intense enjoyment.
  • They must avoid Stress at all costs.
  • Tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages have not permitted during the first few days of the procedure and washing one’s hair has not advised.
  • It will not allow to be expose to direct sunlight.
  • Neither the hair nor the blow should lay in the area of the grafted hair, nor should the scar apply to the transplanted hair.

For Up To 15 Days

Swimming in the pool or sea should avoid due to the risk of infection.

  • Instead of hot or cold water, take a shower with lukewarm water.
  • Keep the hair transplant area out of direct sunlight and rain.

Following hair transplantation, you should take the medications prescribed by your doctor on a regular basis. Your doctor may advise you on medications and treatments that are specific to your medical condition. Each patient’s condition may differ from the next. You must pay close attention to nutrition during the hair transplant recovery process.

Why Is There No Growth After Having a Hairline Surgery?

A person who has had a hair transplant wishes to reclaim his or her new look as soon as possible. In 2-3 months after completing the healing process following hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair begins to grow. However, it will take about a year to complete. Because the procedure results in an ideal natural appearance. So, if you worry about having no growth a hairline surgery, you should patient! Despite the fact that this procedure varies from person to person, depending on the shape of the hair and the influence of the environment, this time can cut in half.

Hair Transplant Istanbul: Before and After Photos of Patients with Afro Hair


Hair transplantation in Istanbul is a very successful procedure for those with afro hair. In addition to the success portrayed by afro hair transplant before and after photos, patients also report improved self-confidence due to the natural look of their new hair. Many have said that because the results look so natural, others can’t tell they’ve had a hair transplant. Those who have had a hair transplant feel more confident and no longer suffer from embarrassment caused by balding patches or thinning hair.






The Afro hair transplant before and after photos represent how remarkable you may look if you underwent the procedure. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but the overall customer satisfaction rate in Istanbul, Turkey is extremely high. The feedback from those who have gone through this experience is overwhelmingly positive.








Before deciding on an afro hair replacement system treatment option, it is important to consult with your physician and understand all risks associated with the procedure so that you can make an informed decision about your personal health needs. You can determine if this procedure will work for you and your lifestyle with accurate information and research. For more assurance of success from hair transplant Istanbul, another positive point of reference is patient testimonials.