Best Hair Transplant In The World

Which is the best hair transplant in the world technique? A problem that is common in men and seen in women is called hair loss. It is known that two-thirds of men up to the age of 55 have baldness problems. As someone who cares about your appearance and if you want to regain your hair, we have a suggestion for you. This recommendation is the methods we examined and found under the name of best hair transplant in the world. This problem is known as a very common situation in almost every country.

Almost 50% of the male population complains of hair loss. In addition, many hair transplant centers have been established for this reason. Citizens who are faced with the problem of hair loss seek the solution in these centers. They found the solution to the problem in hair transplantation. In a hair transplant, healthy hair follicles must be taken from an area that is resistant to shedding. It also includes implanting them into the treatment area. Both the extraction level and the implantation level are of great and equal importance. The main difference between FUT and FUE techniques is how the donor hair follicles are removed.

Best Hair Transplant In The World To Cure Hair Loss

All people’s body types are different from each other, including their eyes and eyebrows, as well as other parts of the body. Therefore, the skin of the hair is also different from each other. The scalp of a healthy person has an average of 100,000 hairs. It is considered normal to shed up to 150 hairs per day during the combing of adult hair. Hair loss problems are generally as follows. It is caused by factors that occur with the foods you eat, hormonal disorders, and exposure to chemicals such as hair dye.

In addition, it can be caused by systemic disorders and hair growth disorder. It can also be due to genetics and scalp diseases. Hair loss continues for up to 60 days in a healthy person. Serious diseases may occur if hair loss is repeated 3 times in a year and if these losses exceed 2 months. They can also be a harbinger of the emergence of diseases. In these cases, professional help is required. After the treatment process is over, it is expected to return to normal after 6 months or 12 months.

The Best Hair Transplant Technique And Which Criteria Should Be Considered?

There are hair transplantation techniques, best hair transplant in the world, sapphire fue hair transplantation, percutaneous hair transplantation and other transplantation methods that are close to each other. It is the simplest and most effortless of the best hair transplant methods. Easy methods make the hair look natural. The most effective method used by our surgeons and surgeons who are experts in hair transplantation is the technique with Choi Pen. Choi Pen stepped in and was invented at Kyungpook University in Korea. In hair transplantation, it is known as the technique that allows hair follicles to be taken from donor areas and added to less frequent areas.

Best hair transplant is a method for obtaining a natural look and leaving no visible scars on the scalp. The fact that there is no need for anesthesia in hair transplant surgery is also a factor that determines the best hair technique. Anesthesia is never needed when performing the Choi implanter hair transplant method. The fact that it does not require anesthesia and does not take any action on the hair follicles also reduces the duration of the hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation technique with the Choi pen, which shortens the hair transplantation period by 30%, makes this difficult process for patients even easier. With the Choi pen hair transplantation technique, which is accepted as the best hair transplantation technique by hair transplantation specialists, you can get rid of your hair sparseness problem in a much more comfortable way.

Small Details About Hair Transplantation

Now let’s see what are the benefits and harms of best hair transplant in the world techniques. If hair transplantation is done by experts, it gives very good results. The risks of hair transplantation are high if it is not done by experts, rather than the side effects. Hair transplantation is performed by taking follicles from a hairy area of ​​the scalp and implanting them in the balding or thinned part.

You need a surgeon for this procedure. Hair transplantation was first heard in the late 19th century. Japan introduced modern transfer techniques in the 1930s, but did not receive much attention due to World War II. In the late 1980s, BL Limmer recalled the importance of the need for a stereo microscope to separate a single donor strip into small micrografts. The follicular unit continued to evolve after the hair transplant procedure and became more refined and minimally invasive as the size of the graft incisions decreased.

Hair transplantation ensures the growth of healthy hair with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, you need more. There are two types of hair transplant cures, depending on whether your hair is dense or thick. Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. Best hair transplant in the world, which can also be done unshaven, has gained popularity in recent years. Hair transplantation gives instant and faster results compared to other transplantation or hair regrowth methods. It is a surgical procedure. There are some advantages and disadvantages that can be inherited during hair transplantation as it is surgery. For some people, they get satisfactory results that they never expected, while others are disappointed with the unnatural appearance of the hair. We can now answer the question of what are the benefits and harms of hair transplantation.

How Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

In order to prevent hair loss, we need to find the factors that cause hair loss. Many different treatment methods can be used in the treatment process, which is recommended to be planned under the supervision of a dermatologist. It is important to choose a shampoo that is compatible with the scalp. In addition to the use of creams and similar cosmetic products, proper nutrition also plays a major role and contributes.

In hair loss that develops as a result of a chronic disease such as thyroid, a plan is first made for the treatment of the disease. And alternative treatment methods such as drug treatments and mesotherapy, which are directly proportional to the severity of hair loss, are applied. We told you about the best hair transplant in the world. We hope there is no question mark in your mind. Take good care of yourself and your hair, stay safe.

For Hair Transplant, Istanbul Best Clinic Choices


When choosing the hair transplant, Istanbul best clinic, make sure to check their accreditation and qualifications. Consider the quality of their facilities and staff as well as the price of the hair loss treatment. Make sure you are getting good value for money and that your expectations will be met from beginning to end. Also, do some research on post-operative hair care instructions and find out what kind of follow-up care is available from the clinic you choose. Finally, do not forget to read online hair transplant Turkey reviews for any clinics you are considering, this can give you an unbiased opinion about the quality of service they provide. With these criteria in mind, you should be able to find a great clinic that meets all your needs.

Once you have chosen a suitable clinic for your hair transplant Istanbul best clinic, take time to ask questions related to pre-operative instructions as well as post-operative recovery timeframes, both are important factors when deciding on a clinic. With these considerations in mind, you are sure to find a great option for your hair transplant needs. If you are looking for the best hair transplant option available, then look no further than Istanbul’s leading clinics for all your needs.