Our patients come to have a hair transplant in NJ. Because hair transplantation provides a permanent solution for the roots of the hair that has lost its activity. Most people face this problem. And medicated treatments do not affect the hair follicles that have lost their vitality. In this situation, hair transplantation makes new hair follicle transfer instead of dead roots. However, there must be sufficient donor area for hair transplantation. Generally, it is reasonable to take the hair from the nape as the donor area. Because the roots in the nape are more resistant to the DHT hormone. DHT is a hormone that triggers hair loss in men. Today, anyone who has advanced hair loss problem can have hair transplantation. The recommended age range is between 25 and 70 years old. However, hair transplantation is a surgical operation.

Therefore, it cannot be applied to everyone. For example, cancer patients or people who do not have enough donor space. Hair transplantation is very developed in our country. In fact, many patients from abroad come for transplantation. In addition, many doctors come for training. The hair transplantation techniques we perform in our country are the same as abroad. It’s almost the same as a hair transplant in NJ. However, thanks to the experience of our specialist doctors, we can give you a transplant guarantee.

What Is Hair Transplant In NJ?

Hair transplantation is a procedure we do for thinning and baldness in people who experience hair loss. It is a surgical procedure in which healthy hair follicles are added to areas where hair follicles become immobile and baldness occurs. We plan and execute individually. In hair transplantation operation, healthy hair is usually taken from the nape area. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it should be performed by specialist doctors and their team in a hospital setting. The main purpose; When planting in the head area, it naturally gives a permanent hairy appearance. Local anesthesia is generally used in hair transplantation operation.

Techniques Used In Hair Transplant

There are many techniques of hair transplantation, which is a permanent and effective treatment for hair follicles that have lost their activity. The Fut technique, which we call the traditional method, is among the first techniques to emerge. Later, with the developing technology, Fue and DHI techniques emerged. The purpose of hair transplant methods performed all over the world, such as NJ, is the same. One of them, the Fut method, which we call the classical hair transplant method, is also similar. In this method, we take the hair follicles from the donor area and plant them in strips. Recently, the preference rate has gradually decreased. Because after the healing, the suture scar remains. However, it is more suitable for our patients with a large planting area. Therefore, if our patients want, we also apply this method. In addition, the cost of Fut hair transplantation is lower than other methods.

In the Fue method, which is another method, no suture marks are formed. For this reason, the rate of preference has been higher than the Fut method in recent times. In the Fue hair transplant method, more attention and experience is required as we transplant the hair follicles one by one. However, the success rate is higher. Today, this method is done with micromotors. In the Fut method, we can transplant more in a single session, while in the Fue method, we can perform consecutive operations. In the DHI method, we use a medical pen, which we call choi. Thanks to this special pen, we do not keep the hair follicles waiting long during the transplantation process. Thus, the risk of root loss is lower than other methods.

What Are Fue Hair Transplant Techniques?

There are advanced forms of the Fue technique, which is the most widely used recently. Robotic hair transplantation technique is an improved form of manual Fue technique. This medical equipment with small ends collects hair follicles one by one. First, the rings on the scalp are opened. And the hair root is separated from the tissues and removed. Local anesthesia is usually used in the procedure. In addition, the margin of error in robotic hair transplantation is minimal. After the operation, more natural hair images appear compared to other methods. Robotic hair transplantation does not leave any traces. Moreover, the donor area becomes indistinguishable within a few days.

Robotic hair transplantation technique and Saffir Fue technique are sub-new techniques of Fue technique. The main difference of the Saffir Fue technique is that the tip of the equipment used is sapphire instead of metal. Ideal for less crusting rates. It also speeds up the healing process. Sapphire-tipped micro needles are healthier. In addition, these techniques prevent the feeling of pain without loss of consciousness. It is supported with sedation focused drugs. Our patients come to have a hair transplant from countries such as NJ.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Most people wonder about the cost of hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a medical operation for baldness in people experiencing hair loss. It is the process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to the bald area. Hair follicles lose their activity after a while. In this case, planting is required. Our doctors plan each operation separately. And it applies. In hair transplant operation, the nape area is usually the donor area. Hair is taken from here. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it is appropriate to be done by specialist doctors. It also needs to be done in a surgical setting. Europe and Turkey are the leading countries in hair transplantation.

The cost of planting in Turkey is lower than in other countries. There are many techniques of hair transplantation. The technique to be applied varies according to the condition of the hair. In general, planting prices are around the same average. The price of 3000 hair follicles is usually around 5000 lira. For this our patients to have a hair transplant come from countries such as NJ.

Hair Transplant Reviews in Istanbul to Choose Wisely


In Istanbul, when choosing a hair transplant clinic, it is important to read up on hair transplant reviews in Istanbul and seek out opinions from previous patients and qualified professionals. Choosing a hair transplant clinic, Istanbul located, can be difficult due to the wide variety of options available. However, by reading reviews and asking for referrals from friends or family members who have had similar treatments, you can make an informed decision about which clinic is best for you. Additionally, there are many online resources that offer additional information and reviews from people who have experienced hair transplants in Istanbul. Taking the time to research your options carefully will help ensure that you receive the best results possible.

It is essential to take your time when making your decision so you can be confident you are making the right choice and read hair transplant reviews in Istanbul. Ultimately, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced hair transplant specialist to achieve the outcome that you are looking for. With careful consideration of all factors involved in selecting a clinic, you can rest assured that your hair transplant experience will be successful.