Patients wonder and ask “does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes” to get rid of side effects. Bariatric surgery cures diseases result of obesity. Obesity is an alert of coming secondary diseases such as diabetes, vascular system diseases, cardiomyopathy and many others. Patients with extreme obesity usually have one or two of these diseases. All these diseases are direct and indirect results of weight gain. So, is it possible to reverse by weight loss surgeries? Studies show that it’s possible to get rid of some diseases by Bariatric surgery including Type 2 diabetes.

Obesity is not just about eating too much. Obesity is consuming unhealthy foods in excess and being in a cycle with consuming appetizing foods. Bariatric surgery is essential for the inextricable cycle of eating. Patients who postpone receiving Weight loss treatment to break this vicious circle begin to experience many secondary disease symptoms. Does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes and other symptoms?

Obesity patients do not want to eat healthy products. Since the patient only has cravings for certain food in this eating cycles. The main feature of these foods is that they have high carbohydrate, glucose level and fat amount. Generally, eating habits and fondness gradually increase. The body constantly wants to consume these foods and cannot suppress the desire to eat foods that do not have these characteristics. Bariatric surgery cures the capacity of eating, not the eating habits. Using bariatric surgery as a tool treats obesity and type two diabetes is wise.

Studies about Bariatric Surgery and Type 2 Diabetes

Research about the “does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes” shows there is a correlation between cure of type 2 diabetes and weight loss surgery. There are many researches on patients with type 2 diabetes.  Studies between non diabetes patients and bariatric surgery showed that weight loss surgeries have significant effect on diabetes under certain circumstances.

One of Swedish study among 3300 nonrandom patients showed the influence of weight loss surgery over type 2 diabetes. In this study, patients had no diagnosed diabetes and their age range varies between 37-60.  All patients had different kind of bariatric surgeries and researchers followed their data for 15 years. During the follow-up period, research resulted in type 2 diabetes with 392 of obese patients without weight loss treatment and 110 type 2 diabetes with bariatric surgery. As a result there is significant effect of weight loss treatment over type 2 diabetes.

The topic of “does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes” still have discussions that bariatric surgery is not the single variable. Since, studies do not show significant changes on eating habits. Weight loss treatments are not single operations. They are including nutritionist and psychological treatments as well. So, it is not right to say onply weight-loss operations cure type 2 diabetes by itself.

How Bariatric Surgery Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Researchers focus on “does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes” and come to conclusions. Patients with diabetes have prompt and rapid development after bariatric surgery. After bariatric surgery, the stomach is getting smaller than before. The HBA1C result, which is the insulin test of patients who can eat less, is much lower than before. A decrease in the amount of insulin in the blood does not prove that diabetes is cured. However, patients with low insulin levels experience fewer disease symptoms.

Before bariatric surgery, symptoms of constant weakness, desire to eat, and sleepiness decrease. Controlling the insulin level reduces the desire to eat constantly. In insulin resistance, the desire to eat sugary and carbohydrate foods decreases. That’s why the answer is yes to “does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes”. With the decreasing insulin resistance after surgery, patients have a feeling of satiety more easily. They get rid of carbohydrate cravings and increase protein consumption. They eat more frequently and in small amounts, and this prevents them from being hungry. However, surgery alone does not cure diabetes. Patients need to change eating habits completely after treatment. Patients who stick to their diet plan can accomplish resisting eating disorder and diabetes side effects.

The operation alone is not enough in the treatment of diabetes after bariatric surgery. Research proves that weight loss surgery provides quick and immediate support. But patients with diabetes needs much more. It is necessary to get rid of foods that cause diabetes and help insulin resistance progress. For this, it is very important to consult with a nutritionist or dietitians constantly.

Does Bariatric Surgery Have Impact On Diabetes?

Studies prove “does bariatric surgery cure type 2 diabetes” with conditional responses. Only weight loss operation has short term influence on diabetes. Patients who act with specialist support succeed.  Nutritionists are the key resources for this support. Specialists recommend the best personal support for equivalent eating habits in addition to bariatric surgery effect. Thus, we can control diabetes by operation and nutritionist together. Controlled blood values help in the treatment of diabetes over time. But diabetes also affects temper of patients. They become more fragile, angry and easily tempered. It is good to have psychological therapy during treatment.

With psychological support, patients become aware of obesity and its effects. They recognize the negative effects of diabetes on behavior and mood. They learn the effects of obesity on their self-confidence and lifestyle. With psychological support, patients have the necessary motivational tips to avoid these effects. They try to acquire a new lifestyle by managing their motivations and emotions. New lifestyles are not just about changing eating habits. Apart from this, patients learn to act with their will. Thus, they easily manage the emotional fluctuations caused by diabetes. They realize their need for encouragement and approval for new adventures in their lives that they did not dare to try because of obesity.

With all these therapies, patients learn and apply the necessary information and tips to beat diabetes. They learn why they have obesity and their mistakes in the first place. Psychological sessions are extremely effective together with nutritionist sessions. However, these are not enough for every obese patient. Getting rid of the effects of diabetes quickly with bariatric surgery increases the rate of success in type 2 diabetes treatment.

How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Cost Including Pre-Op and Post-Op Care?


If you are looking for “how much does bariatric surgery cost?” bariatric surgery is a major medical procedure with a hefty price tag. The cost of bariatric surgery will vary depending on the type of procedure being performed, the geographical location of the hospital or clinic, and other individual factors such as insurance coverage. Bariatric surgery costs range, including pre-operative testing and follow-up care. For those without health insurance coverage, it’s important to note that many hospitals and clinics offer payment plans or financing options to make bariatric surgery more affordable.

Additionally, some employers may provide coverage for bariatric surgery through their insurance plans. It’s essential to check with your employer or health insurance provider and ask them, “how much does bariatric surgery cost?” to see if any coverage is available. Overall, bariatric weight loss surgery can be expensive, but it can also be an effective way to achieve long-term weight loss and improved health. The cost of bariatric surgery may be daunting, but proper research and planning can be managed effectively. Talk to your doctor about your options to determine your best action. Contact our clinic today if you have any questions in addition to “how much is bariatric surgery?” regarding the procedure.