How Is The Gastric Balloon Placed?

We will talk about how the gastric balloon procedure takes place in Deutschland. Before the gastric balloon is inserted, certain examinations are performed in Deutschland. Investigations include gastroscopy. For gastroscopy, an endoscope is inserted through the mouth, following the esophagus and reaching the stomach. With the endoscope, the doctor can examine changes in the stomach and esophagus. There is an illuminated camera just for this. And during the gastric balloon, in Deutschland, the procedure is done by watching the image projected by the camera. When placing the gastric balloon, the endoscope is first removed. Then the uninflated gastric balloon is sent to the stomach. In the meantime, support is taken from a tube.

After the gastric balloon is pushed into the stomach, the doctor checks it. An endoscope is used for this. If there is no problem, the gastric balloon is inflated. Between 400 and 700 milliliters of blue salt water solution is required at this stage. Additionally, it is convenient to fill the balloon with air. However, it has the advantage of being filled with blue brine. If the gastric balloon bursts, the blue liquid is excreted in the urine. And if this is noticed, you can contact your doctor immediately. After the gastric balloon filling process is completed, the tube is pulled out. Then, the condition of the balloon is checked again with the help of an endoscope. This process is completed in approximately 25 minutes.

Gastric Balloon Prices Deutschland

Gastric balloon is also a frequently preferred method in Deutschland. With the developing technology, we have passed into a still life without noticing. We stopped moving due to situations like watching something, playing. Especially children do not play at all, they have become a dead-end. In addition, the culture of eating out has evolved. Fast food nutrition has become increasingly common. As a result of these situations, gaining weight became a natural process. Because we have become people who eat constantly without moving. Bariatric surgery was developed as a solution to this situation. Obesity surgery is a treatment method for people who cannot lose weight voluntarily. Those who want to have such operations are generally people who have tried to lose weight for many years. However, they did not lose weight.

For these people, bariatric surgery is a hope. Gastric balloon prices made in Deutschland vary widely. The reason why prices vary depends on your doctor, clinic and the quantity required. Gastric balloon is not a method of insurance in Deutschland. Only in some extra cases, this method is covered by the health insurance. When you are going to have your treatment, you need to look at the quality before the price. To understand this quality, you can listen to the comments of other patients. Or you should do research from your doctor’s website and those who know. Finally, patients who pay for the procedure themselves must also pay for the operations performed in case of complications.

What Is A Stomach Tube And How Is It Made?

Questions such as what is tube stomach, how is it done, are frequently encountered. Because as a result of this process, people lose an incredible amount of weight. This makes people wonder. First of all, let’s answer the question of how to make a tube stomach. Gastric sleeve surgeries are performed with closed surgical techniques. In other words, incisions are not made as in open surgeries.

There are no ten or fifteen cm cuts or stitches. With the closed surgery technique, a few holes of 0.5 cm on average are opened. The camera is attached through the drilled holes. And the cameras placed are sent to the abdomen. In this case, the surgeon monitors the operating field on monitors. In other words, it does the process by watching it on the monitor, not by seeing it. It also performs the operation while watching.

The rate of pain is also reduced with sleeve gastrectomy surgeries performed in this way. It means there are no stitches as there are not many incisions during the procedure. This increases the speed of recovery after surgery. It is also a safer and more comfortable surgical technique. And during the operation, about eighty percent of the stomach is removed. The most important part of such surgeries is post-operative. After the operation, bleeding in the sutures should be controlled. It is also under control whether there is leakage in the sewing section. For this, the stomach is inflated with special dyes. If there is no problem in the controls, the tube sent to the stomach is removed. And a drainage system is placed in its place.

Advantages Of Tube Stomach Surgery

-It is performed with closed surgical technique. Therefore, there are no incisions or stitches on the patient’s body. This means that the pain that will occur after the procedure is reduced.
Thanks to this procedure, the stomach volume is reduced. And it contributes to less food consumption.
– Ghrelin, the hunger hormone in the stomach, is removed. For this reason, people experience loss of appetite and rapid weight loss.
-The stomach cover, namely the pylorus, is protected during this process. This means that the food in the stomach goes late. Delaying the food coming from the stomach increases the feeling of satiety in the stomach.
The risk of ulcer formation is minimized during this surgery. It also prevents the occurrence of diseases such as intestinal obstruction, anemia, protein or vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis.

– It is possible to change the course of the procedure during gastric sleeve surgery. In other words, it can be converted to a Doudenal Switch or Gastric Bypass procedure.
Your stomach will narrow after the surgery is over. This causes you to eat less food. And you’ll feel full faster with less food.
You will reach the weight you want in about a year.
– Absorption is not interfered with. Therefore, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are less.
Lastly, the hospital stay is much shorter in this procedure. You can return to your daily life in no time.

Whether to Get a Gastric Balloon, Deutschland Clinics vs. Others

Following the treatment of gastric balloon, Deutschland surgeons will welcome you to stroll and relax. After an outpatient procedure, you can typically leave the hospital the same day once the anesthesia wears off. If all goes as planned, you will be able to fly home and witness the outcome. The typical period of weight loss surgery recovery time after gastric balloon surgery takes one to two weeks worldwide. This is also true for Germany. The first week is often the only time you would have mild side effects from a gastric balloon. They will vanish in a few days. After three to four weeks, the soreness may reduce or perhaps go away.

The gastric balloon comes in a variety of forms. Most doctors of gastric balloon Deutschland like to educate you about your alternatives and let you make the decision together. Each type functions by taking up space in the stomach, making a person feel fuller. The gastric balloon stays in place for six to twelve months. The implant is then removed using the same tube that was used to place it. Although gastric balloons are not a magic weight loss cure, they can be a useful aid for those who are determined to change their way of life.