How Is Hair Transplantation Performed In Istanbul?

If you want to have a hair transplant in Istanbul, you have many options. There are many specialists, many clinics, many hospitals. And one of the prominent cities in hair transplant is Istanbul. As it is known, Turkey is leading in hair transplantation from many countries in the world. It has naturally developed in the field of hair transplant in Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Turkey. Hair transplantation is applied to people who have hair loss problems. This method should be applied when the spillage reaches high rates. There is no distinction between men and women or a certain age limit in hair transplantation. You will pass some health tests and if there is no problem, it will not be a problem for you to have a hair transplant. In addition, hair transplantation is a permanent method.

For hair transplant, you must first be examined by a doctor in Istanbul. During this examination, the hair transplant method suitable for you is decided. It is also determined how many grafts are needed. A suitable hair transplant procedure is planned. During hair transplantation, first anesthesia is applied to the donor area. And the grafts here are taken.

Hair follicles are separated from the grafts taken. Then, anesthesia is given to the place where the hair follicles will be transplanted. The type and rate of anesthesia are determined individually and individually. Then, hair channels are opened in the place where hair transplantation will be performed. The width and depth of the hair channels are important. If it is not adjusted properly, conditions such as inflammation or inability of hair follicles to adhere may occur. Finally, hair follicles are placed in the hair channels. This is how the hair transplant process is completed in Istanbul.

What Is The DHI Method?

DHI hair transplant is a method applied in Istanbul. Since it is a new method, it cannot be applied everywhere. Special training is required to apply the DHI method. During this training, the use of the choi medical pen is learned. Choi medical pen is an instrument used in DHI hair transplantation. DHI is a method that has emerged in recent years and attracted direct attention. Because it is a modern method that follows technological tools and methods. He closely follows the developments in hair transplant in Istanbul. For this reason, DHI hair transplant is also performed in Istanbul. Due to the technological developments in the DHI method, the healing process is also quite fast. Hair does not need to be shaved during the procedure. For this reason, it is especially preferred by women.

Choi medical pen can perform more frequent hair transplantation because it is thin and pointed. In this case, more natural-looking hair occurs. The stages of the DHI method are similar to other methods. In addition, the choi medical pen is also used at each stage. First, anesthesia is applied to the donor area. Then, the grafts are taken from the donor area with the choi medical pen. The grafts taken from the donor area pass directly into the choi medical pen. And without waiting, the hair is placed here by opening the channel. In other words, in the choi medical pen, hair channels are opened and grafts are placed with a single movement. Additionally, the choi medical pen is better than humans at calculating direction, angle and depth. Therefore, a more error-free operation takes place.

What Is Choi Medical Pen?

The biggest difference of the DHI method from other methods is the choi medical pen. Choi medical pen, on the other hand, was developed only for hair transplantation. The methods used in hair transplantation in the early days were quite painful. And people were struggling. When this was the case, the improvements began. And many methods were found in hair transplantation in a short time. As the demand increased, the available methods were also developed. This is how the DHI method emerged. The Choi medical pen began to be developed by a University in South Korea. Experiments have been made for a long time. First, it was found to only work on straight and thick hair. But more research and development has been done on it.

Choi medical pen has been made suitable for all hair types. Each DHI method should have between two and six choi medical pen tips. In addition, there should be between ten and fifteen medical pen tips. Choi medical pen is an instrument available at every stage of the DHI method. And with this method, the success rate of hair transplantation has increased. In addition, bleeding during hair transplantation has also decreased. The decrease in the amount of bleeding increased the healing rate. For these reasons, the demand for the DHI method has increased.

Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplantation

During the DHI method, the waiting time of the grafts is much shorter than other methods. This means that there is no graft loss. The absence of loss in the number of grafts means that the rate of hair follicle attachment will be high after hair transplantation. So you get denser hair.
-Grafts are placed in the hair channels using the choi medical pen. And at this stage, many mistakes are made under normal conditions. However, these mistakes are almost never made during the DHI method. It is very easy to determine the hair angle and direction with the Choi implanter pen. The increase in the success rate also increased the reliability.

-Choi medical pen is thin and pointed. Thanks to these thin and pointed tips, much more frequent planting can be done.
The choi implanter pen used in the DHI method almost never causes bleeding. No bleeding after the procedure means no crusting. In addition, the recovery period in this method is much shorter than the others.

– It is not necessary to shave the hair during hair transplantation. This aspect attracts people’s attention. Because, it is not understood that hair transplantation takes place. And your hair looks like it has grown by itself.

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