Does the transplanted hair fall out, is one of the most curious questions of people who have hair transplants. Because, it is usually a very long process to decide on a hair transplant. Many care products are used in this process. And if they don’t get results, there will be bigger disappointments. For this reason, people see hair transplantation as a last resort. And they wonder if does the transplanted hair will fall out. If you think that does the transplanted hair will fall out, let’s explain it. First of all, after hair transplantation, there is no hair loss or expiration. Because hair transplantation is a permanent method. Therefore, the transplanted hair does not fall out.

Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out

So why is hair transplantation indefinite, while solutions such as hair plugs, wigs, hair extensions all have an expiration date? Because, all of these methods mentioned contribute only in terms of top view. These are not permanent solutions. They are methods that have been found to make people like their physical appearance. However, hair transplantation has been found to be a direct treatment for hair loss. You won’t get a temporary result with this method. On the contrary, you will get permanent results. The reason is that there is no solution from above like other methods.

During hair transplantation, the procedure is done directly with hair follicles. And the hair follicles are placed on the non-hair part. The placed hair follicles gradually get used to their location. As they get used to it, they adapt. And its roots are there. They begin to stretch. It turns into a normal hair.

About Hair Transplant

There are certain questions about hair transplantation. Does the transplanted hair fall out, is there an age limit, and how much does it cost? Such questions are often asked and have answers. For example, many people wonder if does the transplanted hair fall out. The answer to the question of whether the hair transplanted with does transplanted will hair fall out is no. There are such common known questions. But other than that, let’s talk about what you need to know.

-Hair transplantation is a very sensitive procedure. For this reason, the doctor to be preferred should be well researched. Must have a good background and expertise in this field. Only in this way can you trust. Because even a small mistake made in hair transplantation is irreversible.
-There is no age limit in hair transplantation. But there are certain rules and conditions. For example, hair transplantation is not performed until the hair loss is completely over. Or if you are using drugs that cause hair loss, such as chemotherapy, you cannot have a hair transplant. For this, you need to complete your treatment and stop your medication.

– If the donor area is not sufficient, you may not be able to have all kinds of hair transplantation methods. Because some of the hair transplantation methods only work when the donor area is on the head. In some methods, the donor area can be anywhere in the body.
-Make sure that the clinic you choose for hair transplantation is licensed and institutional.
– If the method of hair transplantation is FUT, you should be aware that a scar will remain. There are also cutting and sewing operations. Therefore, it counts as a surgical procedure.

DHI Hair Transplant Method

DHI hair transplantation method is a method that has emerged in recent years. And it has brought modernity to hair transplantation. It also includes more technological tools than many methods. DHI hair transplantation cannot be applied by everyone. For this, even hair transplant doctors need special training. Because it is a method out of the known. The procedure is performed using a Choi medical pen. And the choi medical pen has a lot to learn. Therefore, do not have this procedure done by any doctor who has not received special training on this subject. Hair transplantation is done more frequently due to the sharp and thin tip of the Choi medical pen. This makes the hair look denser and more natural. In addition, since it is a technological method, the error rate is lower. The pain that will occur after the procedure is almost non-existent.

During the DHI hair transplantation method, the grafts in the donor area are taken with the choi medical pen. The grafts taken are collected behind the choi medical kelm. In the meantime, hair channels should be opened in the places where hair transplantation will be done. Hair channels must be exactly in accordance with the size of the hair follicle. Otherwise, conditions such as inflammation may occur. Hair follicles are placed in the hair channels opened by the Choi medical pen. This stage was also a very risky stage when it was made by human hands. However, the errors in this part of the processing done with the choi medical pen have decreased considerably. In addition, the hair does not need to be shaved during the DHI hair transplant method. For this reason, the reasons why people prefer it are increasing.

What Is Choi Medical Pen?

Choi medical pen is a technological tool used in DHI hair transplantation method. He first started his studies at Kyungpook National University in South Korea. With the first trials, it was thought that it could only be applied for straight and thick hair. But then various research and development took place. And finally, it has been determined that all kinds of hair transplantation can be performed with the choi medical pen.

During hair transplantation, there should be two to six choi medical pens inside. In addition, there are about ten or fifteen choi medical pen tips. Choi medical pen allows hair follicles to be taken from the donor area. Then it also performs the works of opening the hair canal and placing the hair follicles. Normally, these two stages are very careful and error-prone. However, when the choi was made with a medical pen, the error rate decreased a lot. At the same time, there is no pain in hair transplantation with choi medical pen.

Does Transplanted Hair Ever Fall out During the Process Before and After?


If you are wondering, “does transplanted hair ever fall out during the process before and after?” -yes, it is possible for the transplanted hair to fall out with a hair transplant before and after. This can occur due to various factors, including improper handling, inadequate blood supply, or rejection by the body. However, this is rare and should not be a cause for alarm as it can typically be managed by proper care and attention from your doctor. In some cases, the transplanted hair will regrow within months after the procedure if it has been correctly executed. Ultimately, working with an experienced hair transplant physician can help you to minimize any risks associated with the procedure. It is important to note that everyone’s experience with hair transplantation may vary depending on their specific processes and procedures. It is essential to discuss any concerns or questions you may have with your doctor before beginning any treatment to get a better understanding of what you might expect from your own experience. We hope this article was helpful in answering “does transplanted hair ever fall out during the process before and after?”