DHI Hair Transplant After Care

DHI hair transplant after care is a procedure that means direct hair transplantation. In this method, we collect grafts thanks to a medical pen called choi. Then, thanks to this pen, we place the hair taken directly without opening a channel. In known hair transplant methods, we do these two procedures separately. However, thanks to the special pen used in DHI, we reduce the process to one. Thus, we provide comfort and convenience to the patient. In short, we perform the process in three stages in the hair transplant technique called FUE. But in DHI, we do hair transplantation in two stages. We aim to increase the quality of hair transplantation in practice.

In addition, we provide hair transplantation without shortening the hair by maintaining the intense image and maintaining the existing hair image. In this way, our patients can quickly return to their daily lives. We make some recommendations to our patients for DHI hair transplant after care. For DHI hair transplant after care, you should first use shampoo with natural ingredients. In this process, you should not lie on the hair transplant area. In addition, you should never touch or be hit. You should even choose your clothes with zippers and buttons. To get successful results in your hair transplantation, you should follow the advice given by your doctor.

What are the DHI Hair Transplantation Stages?

First of all, we apply local anesthesia to the donor area. Thus, we relax the hair follicles and collect the hair follicles with a special pen. Then, with this special device, we place the hair follicles we collect on the scalp. We place the hair follicles on the scalp with a special choi pen. This pencil has a very fine and pointed texture. Therefore, it must be used correctly. Due to its special structure, the pen has a tip that can be inserted into a hair follicle. This method, which we apply without damaging healthy tissues, is very advantageous in terms of allowing much more frequent transplantation and keeping it natural.

With this method, we place the roots immediately after taking them without waiting. Thus, we increase the retention rate and the likelihood of grafts staying healthy. We have been using this method in our clinic for many years. We complete this process in approximately 10 hours. As in the Fue method, we check the first day after the procedure. We say that the washing process should be done on the second day after the operation and the washing process continues for eight days. We also explain DHI hair transplant after care to our patients.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant?

  • First of all, with DHI, we can do the grooving and hair follicle placement process at the same time.
  • In this case, we ensure that our patients save time.
  • Afterwards, we can place the hair follicles we have collected without waiting for a long time.
  • We can plant much more frequently.
  • In addition, we ensure that more natural looks are obtained.
  • Thanks to its special tool, we reduce the waiting time of the roots during hair transplantation.
  • Thus, we minimize the risk of root loss.
  • We ensure that existing hair is not damaged.
  • Also, we apply the DHI method in patients with incomplete hair loss.
  • We allow the patient to have a rapid recovery time.

The Difference of DHI Hair Transplantation from FUE

  • The first point that draws attention between the differences between the FUE technique and the DHI method is that we perform the application methods in different ways.
  • We transplant approximately 3000-4500 grafts in a single session in the FUE technique and 1500-2500 grafts in a single session in the DHI technique.
  • In the DHI technique, we keep the recovery time a little shorter than the FUE technique.
  • There is almost no bleeding in DHI.
  • The FUE technique can be planted in a larger area. In the DHI my method; we can sow more often.
  • We require hair shaving in the FUE technique. However, in the DHI technique, we only shave the donor area.
  • We keep the cost a little higher due to the higher cost of equipment used in the DHI method and the crowded team. Also, we can do FUE at a more affordable cost.
  • We finish the FUE technique in 6-8 hours. The DHI method takes a little longer.

Hair Transplant Prices

Our hair transplant prices; We determine according to the method you will have transplanted and the number of grafts. In other words, we do not specify a single price for our patients. The room we operate in has the latest technology devices. We ensure that our operating environments are constantly sterile. Our plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist are experts in their field. All of our employees and team are experienced in hair transplantation. We use the latest technology methods in our hair transplantation procedures. In addition to our plastic surgeon, our hair transplant team who will perform an operation is also experienced in this field. The number and quality of grafts to be transplanted during the operation and the growth of the area to be transplanted affect our hair transplant prices.

In general, we are trying to offer very affordable prices to our patients. We keep all the facilities we provide and all our services at quality standards. We take care of each of our patients individually. Also we provide pre-meetings with all patients and listen to their expectations and expectations. We inform patients about our hair transplantation procedures. If you want to take advantage of all our services, you can contact us. You can get information about our hair transplant treatment by contacting our doctors. Allso you can also come to our clinic and review our successful hair transplantation. If you want to have a healthy and natural look, you can choose us. You can have hair analysis in our clinic and find out which hair transplant method is suitable for you. You can take a look at our DHI hair transplant after care operations on our website.

What is the Specialness DHI Hair Transplant Method?


The specialness DHI hair transplant method is a groundbreaking hair restoration technique that yields remarkable results for both men and women. This method uses a minimally invasive procedure to move healthy hair follicles from the donor area to the balding or thinning areas of the scalp. The grafts are carefully monitored throughout the process, ensuring optimal survival rates and results. Furthermore, this method allows for precise placement of each graft, natural-looking hairlines, and fast recovery times. With its revolutionary technology and impressive results, it’s no wonder why DHI has become one of the most sought-after hair transplant methods today.

This innovative method can help many individuals restore their hair to its former glory. Overall, the specialness DHI hair transplant method is a highly effective option for those looking for a reliable solution to their hair loss problems. It offers a natural-looking outcome with minimal disruption or discomfort throughout the process – something not seen with other traditional techniques. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an effective way to restore your confidence by regrowing lost or thinning hair, this is a perfect choice! Patients considering this option should carefully research available practitioners to determine whether they are qualified experts who are adequately experienced in providing treatment using hair transplantation DHI