How Long Does The O Shot Last? Our lives are full of complexities. Each person struggles with lots of things during the day, at work, at school, or in social life. But when it comes to the struggles in the bed, many think that there is no solution for that. However, the developments in medicine now enable us to fix our issues related to the bedroom too.

For women who experience less pleasure during a sexual intercourse, have a hard time getting aroused, can not produce enough lubricant, or can not reach orgasm (or have less-pleasuring orgasms), an injection called O Shot can be the solution.

What is O Shot

O Shot is a treatment for women who are suffering from sexual dysfunctions. It is an injection that contains material from one’s own blood and contributes to tissue production around the genitalia to make the vagina more sensitive. O Shot can help to fix some sexual dysfunctions like the lack of sexual drive, vaginal dryness, having few or no orgasms, or having difficulty in getting stimulated vaginally. The injection can also fix urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, and chronic pain caused by giving birth.

The injection contains PRP (platelet-rich plasma) which is a liquid that is present in our blood. Platelet-rich plasma is used in the treatment of many other issues such as hair loss, skin problems, injuries, and more. PRP is the material that makes our body get healed and renewed, and make our blood clot and close the injuries. When injected in the genital area, it boosts the blood flow and helps the body produce more tissue. PRP is extracted from one’s own blood via a machine and contains no foreign material.

Where To Get The O-shot Near Me?

How is the O Shot Procedure

O Shot is an injection which has no preparation or recovery period. The whole procedure takes between 30-60 minutes. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, so you can go to the hospital, get injected, and go home, there is no necessity for staying in the hospital.

During the appointment, your doctor will explain to you what is an O Shot and what you should expect as results. When everything is clear and you agree to get injected, the procedure will continue as the way stated below;

  • You should take your pants and underwear off
  • The doctor numbs the area with a cream
  • The doctor draws blood from you
  • The blood is separated to obtain platelet-rich plasma
  •  The doctor will use local anesthesia on your vagina
  • The injection of the platelet-rich plasma

After this process, you can leave the hospital. Your doctor will inform you about how you should take care of the injected area and prescribe medication if necessary. Normally you are not expected to experience any pain, but if anything goes wrong, you should contact your doctor.

Does The P-Shot Really Work?

How Long Do The O Shot Last

After having the PRP injected, you will immediately start to feel the effects. You will notice the increase in the sexual drive and how easier you get stimulated. This effect will go on for a week. After that, until the 9th week, you will feel more and more eager to have sex and experience less or no sexual dysfunctions as your body will form new tissue in the vaginal area. The effects will peak at the end of 3 months. You will have more orgasms, you will be able to produce natural lubricant, and you will get rid of some health issues.

The end of the effects changes from person to person. Some women say that they needed to get injected again after 6 months while some need it after a year and a half. In spite of the fact that it is totally variable, we can say that the O Shot injection’s effects last between 14 and 18 months. But it is okay to get injected again as it does not involve any chemicals or incisions, etc.

Is Having an O Shot Risky

Because the O Shot procedure does not involve incisions, foreign chemicals, etc. it does not pose risks to human health. However, some complications may occur during the procedure that can be caused by the anatomy of the patient or caused by other factors. These complications are:

  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Fainting
  • Constant pain in the injected area
  • Allergic reactions caused by the anesthetic
  • Numbness
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Oversensitivity in the vagina

Those complications have a low chance of occurrence but you should still keep them in mind. They are not expected to take a long time to heal. Your doctor will inform you about what can happen and how you should handle the issue but if anything goes wrong do not hesitate to contact the hospital. Also, it is normal to feel:

  • Arousal while urinating
  • Self-generated orgasms
  • Ejaculatory orgasms
  • Constantly feeling aroused

Who Should not Get an O Shot

O Shot is a safe procedure that does not take up much time from the schedule of one’s. So anyone except women who are planning to get pregnant, women who are already pregnant, or women who are breastfeeding should not get the O Shot injection. Apart from that, it is totally okay for women to get injected anytime.


For women, who experience some issues about their sexual lives, an injection called O Shot can be the hope. It is a procedure that involves injecting a liquid around the vagina. This liquid is called platelet-rich plasma and is obtained from one’s own blood. It helps growing new tissue and to boost blood flow.

O Shot procedure is so easy, it only consists of drawing blood from one’s body, extracting the platelet-rich plasma from the drawn blood, injection of the anesthetic, and injection of PRP. It does not require a preparation or recovery period and there is a small chance of encountering some complications.

The effects of the O Shot are felt immediately after the injection and gradually get more and more intense, peaking at the end of the third month. The effects last nearly more than a year and it is okay to have more O Shots.

What is the O Shot?

The O Shot is like a special shot that some grown-ups might choose to have. It helps with personal things.

How Long Does the O Shot Last?

The O Shot is not forever, like how the great of a favorite toy wears off. It usually lasts for a few months to a year.

After the O Shot, some people might feel different for a while, like how a happy feeling after playing fades away. But after a few months to a year, the effects might go away, and some people might choose to have another O Shot if they want to feel the changes again.

Talking to Someone You Trust

If you have questions about the O Shot, talking to someone you trust, like your parents or a caring teacher, can be helpful. They can give you more information and answer your questions.


The effects of the O Shot last for a few months to a year. It’s a special treatment for grown-ups, but it’s not forever. If you have questions, talking to someone you trust is a good idea. Always remember, it’s important to take care of yourself and make choices that make you feel good!