Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants Procedure Recently, individuals have been inquiring, ” full mouth dental implants “.  The implant is a screw that acts as the roots of natural teeth and replaces the natural roots of the teeth. It’s called the artificial root of a tooth and is made of titanium. It may be inpatient or mobile, according to the needs of each patient. It can be applied to patients who have lost one or all their teeth. The purpose of the application is to restore the appearance, aesthetics, and health of the teeth. The loss of teeth can occur due to accidents and diseases. The implants play an important role in the overall function of the mouth, as well as in their aesthetic value. When you lose your tooth, the surrounding teeth must adapt to cope with increased pressure. In that case, teeth become prone to cracking and infection.

When the lost tooth is not replaced, the jawbone begins the implant supports a healthy jawbone. It prevents the separation of neighboring teeth from each other. Treatment is necessary to restore the delicate balance of the tooth structure. Implants are applied in different ways depending on the condition of the missing tooth. If a single tooth is missing, or if multiple teeth are missing, one implant will be applied for each, but in patients with a completely toothless jaw, to hold the prosthesis to be placed. Different numbers of implants are applied depending on the health of the jawbone. In the mouth. Implant application is performed in two steps. After a thorough examination, the jaw is ready for implant surgery. Some patients may not have enough bone density in their jaws. In this case, bone graft surgery may be required before implant surgery.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment

During dental implant surgery, a small incision is make, and the gums and bone are open. A specially make artificial tooth root is place on the gum. The implant is expect to fuse with the jawbone. This process may take 2-6 weeks. A temporary tooth may be provide while you wait. Dental X-rays to check for bone formation. Then, start preparing the tooth to be place on the implant. Restoration can be do for one tooth, two or more teeth, or all teeth, depending on the patient’s condition. It takes about 1 week to place the artificial tooth on the implant. Advances in implantology have minimized or eliminated many procedural problems in recent years. New surgical methods can provide more accurate results and comfort to patients. The loss of one or more teeth affects a person from an aesthetic, psychological and functional point of view.

This may lead to a loss of confidence in communication with other people. Problems arise during chewing. The general state of the mouth is deteriorating. The implants are the most modern and effective way to replace missing teeth and to address the problems associated with missing teeth. Both the appearance and the feeling of dental implants in your mouth are like your own teeth. They’re permanent because they’re design to comb the bone. The implants are also an effective use for those who do not like removable prosthetics. With proper care, they can serve for the rest of their lives. Thanks to durable, it is possible to support general oral health. In this sense, implants are the best alternative to natural teeth. They can provide support with chewing habits and speaking skills. Dental implants allow you to eat comfortably, use dental floss, and brush your teeth.

How is Full Mouth Dental Implants Care Done?

It is recommend that you avoid hard foods that may damage your implants during the immediate recovery period after implant surgery. It is recommend to eat soft food for 6 days. Special attention should be pay for the first 11 weeks after surgery. To ensure the longevity of the implant, actions that may lead to infection of the surrounding tissue should be avoid. The patient’s efforts are essential to keeping the teeth free of bacteria and plaque and kept clean Very important. To do this, oral hygiene services should be provided at home, and you should have regular check-ups with your dental health professional at least every 6 months. The life of a dental implant should maintain certain lifestyle conditions along with daily brushing and dental floss. It is important to quit smoking if you are smoking, and even if you cannot quit smoking, try to minimize it.

Dental Implants Procedure Hard foods can put pressure on the implant and should be take with caution. Care for dental implants is not difficult, but keep in mind that it is essential. The implants can be set to patients of all ages, depending on the patient’s state of health. In young patients, implant treatment can begin when the jaw is fully form. This process may coincide with the age of 18 for girls and 19 for boys. There are no special age limits for adults. Implantation is a very common method of treatment for older patients to replace missing teeth. Of course, there are certain restrictions on the use of implants. A sufficient and healthy jaw is require to install the implant. However, even in patients who do not have enough bones to install an implant, bone transplants can be create by a procedure call bone regeneration. 

Who Cannot Use Implants?

The tooth implant can often be install by anyone who is healthy enough to undergo a normal tooth removal or oral surgery. People who are heavy smokers or have uncontrollable chronic diseases. Such as the heart or are drive by the head and neck should undergo a thorough evaluation. Since the implant has a certain length and thickness, the jawbone must be thick and high enough to accommodate this volume of the implant. In addition, the quality of the bone where the implant is place is as important as its volume. Bone with damaged calcification and large pores has a very high risk of losing implants. Patients who have used or have used implants should pay close attention to oral hygiene. Our natural teeth have lymph vessels inside and around the roots. Dental Implants Procedure

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