Day 6 Post Op Hair Transplant

For the first day 6 post op hair transplant, we need to be careful. Our hair and hair follicles need these 10 days to be healthy. During the first 10 days after a hair transplant, you shouldn’t sweat too much. There is a good chance that sweating will make you itch. If you don’t wash for the first 10 days, you’ll have to take more showers and your job will be harder.

After a hair transplant, everyone gets itchy. We want to say right off the bat that this is a pretty common thing to happen after hair transplantation. After the surgery, we’ll give a detailed presentation about the process to be gone through, including all the important facts.

You start to feel itchy after a hair transplant about a week after the surgery. You feel itchy, especially in the area where we transplanted hair, where there are scabs. It can also happen if you use the wrong shampoo or product, which doesn’t happen very often. For the first 10 days after the transplant, you should definitely get information from your doctor.

What Happens During Day 6 Post Op Hair Transplant?

If you want to know what will happen, let’s go over what will happen. First, the places where the hair was transplanted or taken to be transplanted will heal. The results vary from person to person, but on average, these places heal completely in 15 days. This process is a bit risky because it is the fusion phase and not the transplanted hair. If this important period of fifteen days doesn’t go well, things could go very wrong. Your head won’t get hit, and the process of washing will be done right. In 15 days, the area will also swell and form a crust. In about 6-7 days, the swelling in the head will go away.

As you wash it, the scab will fall off at the end of this first phase. At this stage, pay attention to what you eat because what you eat affects your hair. If you take good care of the transplanted hair, the results will be better. It takes 13.-14.15 days for the transplanted hair to grow in completely. After these days, the most important time has passed. Even though the transplanted hair has turned white, that doesn’t mean you can do anything. For a while, you should be more careful.


Itching that happens while the area is healing and starts out as a crust. Most of the time, this is caused by the area where the hair follicles were taken from in the first and second months closing up.

After a hair transplant, if you don’t take care of yourself or aren’t careful, you could get an infection from a blow to the head. This could cause itching. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, you should call your doctor right away.

Itchy allergies are caused by cosmetics that people use without thinking after hair transplantation. The most important thing to know is that you shouldn’t touch your head for the first 10 days after getting a hair transplant. Your doctor should tell you how to take care of your hair every day. You should be aware that itching is a natural part of the healing process. Use the lotions your doctor gave you to stop yourself from scratching too much.

First Day After Hair Transplant

As important as the healing process is, the first day after a hair transplant is just as important. For hair transplantation, we figure out where your lines are. After figuring out where the donors will come from and where the hair will be transplanted, we choose the needles and caps. After putting on the medicine, we start the procedure lying down. These things might take an hour. Even if they are mild, things like pain and rashes can happen on the first day. You can help this process along by putting pressure on the donor area with a bandage after your hair transplant.

Second Day After Hair Transplant

On the morning of the second day of hair transplantation, the day starts without breaking the rules that say the hair transplantation center should listen to you. After the hair transplant surgery, it is normal for the area to be swollen today. As the body is leaving, the effects of needle-free local anesthesia will wear off over time. There is no pain in general, but the painkillers that come with the hair transplant kit from the hair transplant center can help you feel better.

On the second day of the hair transplant, the person gets dressed and goes to the hair transplant center for the first wash. For the first washing, the bandage is taken off the area where the hair follicles were taken from. Here, you have to pay attention to how your hair is washed. During the first 10 days, you will wash your hair this way, and you will only use light pressure or no pressure at all. Your hair follicles will keep the process going without being hurt. Two months after the hair transplant,

Third Day After Hair Transplant

On the third day after hair transplantation, you should rest before going back to your normal life. After a race, it will be better for your health to rest for 2 days. From now until the end of the first month, you should avoid activities like heavy sports, team sports, and combat sports that could hurt your hair follicles. Also, you must protect your scalp from very cold or very hot weather and from the sun’s harmful rays by paying attention to the weather. This will help your sensitive scalp feel better during this time.

For post-transplant care, you should use the 15-day set that the hair transplant center gives you without stopping. During the process of getting a hair transplant, you need to wash your hair often, especially for the first 10 days.

 Fourth Day After Hair Transplant

The process that began on the fourth day after a hair transplant continues with a full return to normal life and the regular use of care kits. There is a process of getting used to the hair texture these days after a hair transplant. During this time, you might feel some mild itching or burning. In this case, the lotions in the kit can help you solve both of these problems in a big way. It is a completely normal part of the healing process these days. There will be crusting where the hair was transplanted and where the hair came from.

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