What Is A Tummy Tuck? Some problems such as excess fat, excess skin, and sagging may occur in the abdominal area for different reasons. Individuals with this problem can have the tummy tuck procedure applied as a result of the developments in medicine. The tummy tuck procedure can be applied to both men and women. However, most women prefer tummy tuck surgery. The sagging may occur in the abdominal area, especially in the post-pregnancy period. The tummy tuck method flattens the abdominal area and eliminates the sagging skin area. Also, it removes the cracks under the belly button. So what is a tummy tuck? This is also called abdominoplasty. The tummy tuck surgery is the most effective method applied in abdominal aesthetics.

Some deformations occur in the abdominal area after pregnancy in women. The muscles and skin in the abdominal area cannot return to their former form. As a result, an aesthetically unpleasant appearance appears in the abdominal area. Women who gain more than normal weight and have given more than two births have a much higher abdominal deformation level. Some women try to eliminate this image with some methods. Methods such as sports and diet are applied to restore the abdominal area to its old appearance. However, it is not possible to reach the old appearance of the abdominal area with these methods.

This problem can be solved with a single operation. The operation brings the abdominal region to an aesthetically beautiful appearance to the question of what is a tummy tuck. In tummy tuck surgery, the loosened and sagging abdominal skin is recovered and excess fat in this area is removed. The question of what is a tummy tuck can be said to have a flat stomach.

How is the tummy tuck procedure done? 

The technique is decided by the examination to be made on the area where the skin will be removed. We asked the question of what is a tummy tuck about creating a flat stomach area. But with which technique, and how to do this, it is also important for the person. Before tummy tuck surgery, the area where the skin will be removed is examined with radiological images. First, a line is drawn sideways from the area called the cesarean scar. The sagging and cracked skin up to the belly button area is removed from this line. Afterward, the skin above the belly button is stretched down. The belly button is also rebuilt in the appropriate position. Apart from sagging, excessive fat can also be among the problems.

A tummy tuck is an aesthetic operation that can be applied together with the liposuction method. Because the excess fat in the abdominal area is removed by the method called liposuction. Collector stitches are placed on the abdominal wall membranes. The relaxed abdominal muscles are tightened with these stitches. The incisions formed as a result of the surgery are stitched with aesthetic stitches. Thus, unsightly marks are eliminated. We said that deformations caused by pregnancy and excessive weight gain disappear to answer what is a tummy tuck. The sagging, looseness and cracked skin in the abdominal area is eliminated with tummy tuck surgery. The problem of sagging skin can be seen again in women who are pregnant and give birth after the operation.

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How long does tummy tuck surgery take?  

We talked about what is a tummy tuck and how a tummy tuck is performed. However, it is also curious how long the tummy tuck surgery takes. The duration of tummy tuck surgery differs from person to person. Complete tummy tuck surgery may take approximately 3-3.5 hours. However, this period may take up to 4 hours for people with a large abdominal area. The operation time is shorter in patients with milder problems such as looseness, sagging, and cracking in the abdominal area. Mini tummy tuck surgeries are completed in a short period of approximately 1-1.5 hours.

There are some factors that affect the duration of tummy tuck surgery. These factors include the amount of excess skin in the abdominal area and the area of the abdomen. Also, the condition of the abdominal muscles affects the duration of tummy tuck surgery. We also said that the liposuction method can also be used while answering the question of what is a tummy tuck. Whether the fat is removed in tummy tuck surgery also affects the duration of the operation. Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Also, the surgery must be performed in a hospital environment with suitable conditions.

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What are the risks of tummy tuck surgery? 

All surgical operations have some risks and uncertainties. When answering the question of what is a tummy tuck, it is necessary to mention the risks. There are some risks that may occur during and after tummy tuck surgery. These may be risked associated with anesthesia. Wound infection may occur after tummy tuck surgery. In addition, risks such as blood or body fluid accumulation, blood clotting may occur during surgery. Wound infection usually resolves with drainage, and the use of antibiotics. Blood clotting or embolism is generally seen in elderly patients. It is a life-threatening complication that can be seen after any surgery. However, this risk can be prevented with some methods. After tummy tuck surgery, getting the patient up and walking early minimized the risk of tummy tuck surgery. Also, using compression stockings and using some medications recommended by the doctor minimizes the risk of embolism.

People who want to have tummy tuck surgery wonder about the drawbacks of getting pregnant after surgery. Whether getting pregnant will cause any complications is very important for women. Tummy tuck surgery does not affect getting pregnant. Also, it does not cause any problems during pregnancy. We talked about what a tummy tuck is, the risks, and the points to be aware of. It is between these points at the appropriate time for pregnancy. Because the appropriate time for pregnancy is important for the healing process of the operation. The doctor must decide how long after tummy tuck surgery can conceive.