Natural hair transplant Turkey, everything organic these days catches our interest. Because we now understand that nature provides us with everything we require in its purest form. Organic hair transplantation is one of the options available to us in this world of chemicals and synthetics to return to nature. This procedure, which is one of the latest generation treatments for individuals who require hair transplantation, is safe to use. Hair has a tremendous impact on a person’s look. A person with thick, glossy hair will always make a better first impression. With the growing usage of city living and stress in our lives in recent years, the problem of hair loss has become more prevalent among individuals.

Natural Hair Transplant Turkey

Not taking proper care of your hair is also a contributing factor in developing this condition. External causes are not the only cause of hair loss. Hair loss can also cause by hereditary causes. The problem of hair loss has, however, been substantially overcome because to technological advancements and the growth of medical research. Hair transplantation can solve this problem. But it’s up to you to decide how much of the problem will be fixed. You can guarantee that a substantial portion of the transplanted hair grows by following your doctor’s recommendations before and after the procedure. With organic hair transplantation, it is possible to get high good results.

The organic hair transplanting procedure can provide outcomes of up to 96 percent. This approach involves injecting stem cells produced from the patient’s own adipose tissue into the scalp. Preparing the region where the hair will be transplanted is one of the most essential aspects of hair transplantation. This preparation is critical for the planting process’s effectiveness. The outcomes will be more successful if the location where the hair will be transplanted is more appropriate. This patient’s fatty tissue will be extremely useful in prepping the region for hair transplantation. This kind of preparation allows us to get outcomes of up to 96%. Organic hair transplantation is far more successful than traditional hair transplanting.

How To Perform Natural Hair Transplant Turkey?

The outcomes of organic hair transplantation are far superior to those of other techniques. Stem cells are added to fat obtained from the patient’s own tissue. This combination is injected into the skin after the treatment area has been sterilized. The region that has been injected will enlarge. The tissues will be nourished, and the effects will be more effective. The hair cells are then meticulously implanted. The fact that the hair is planted at an angle should be taken into account while transplanting stem cells.

This will increase the number of hairs on your head, giving you a more natural appearance. The combination made with the patient’s oil will nourish the tissues while also preparing the required environment for the hair cell, making the hair transplantation procedure easier. Furthermore, because the oil utilized is the patient’s own, this feeding will do without the use of chemicals. You should use the organic hair transplant procedure for a more vivid and long-lasting hair transplant. This procedure, which carries out using the most up-to-date technology, will provide you with great outcomes.

Differences Between Usual Hair Transplant And Natural Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair cells extract from the location where healthy hair follicles find. After that, injected into the area where hair is to find in the traditional hair transplantation procedure. However, baldness ignores since the hair in this place cannot nourish itself. The goal of the organic hair transplant procedure is to feed the scalp while also strengthening and increasing the retention rate of freshly transplanted hair. When you look closely at the bald spot, you’ll find that it’s completely empty. In other words, the hair cells do not nourish. Hair clinging is less likely as a result of this. In addition, certain chemicals inject into the region to transplant for simple hair transplantation in the traditional manner.

Such chemicals do not utilize since the injected oil aids hair transplantation. As a consequence, the natural hair transplantation procedure uses to feed the region where hair transplantation would take place. Positive outcomes of up to 96 percent are attainable as a result of this feeding. In addition, no chemicals are utilized in this procedure. Organic hair transplantation is a great approach to get more colorful, healthy, and permanent hair.

The recovery period for organic hair transplants significantly reduce. Hair transplantation wounds heal more quickly. Your skin will recover faster as a result of the oily, nourishing combination applied to the tissues. Because the planting does in a softer region, such issues will be less likely to occur. Of course, because the canal opens during the planting process, such issues cannot fully eliminate. The organic hair transplanting procedure, on the other hand, virtually eliminates these issues. This will give you more natural-looking, vibrant, and long-lasting hair. Organic hair transplantation should use if you want to get good outcomes from the procedure.

 Things To Consider Before Natural Hair Transplant Turkey

Stop smoking at least 24 hours before submitting the application. Do not drink coffee. Caffeinated beverages and substantial meals should avoid. Begin abstaining from any hazardous substances, including alcohol, at least 7 days before the application. If you have a chronic condition, tell your doctor about any drugs you’re taking. Stop using blood thinners, antidepressants, beta-blockers, and MAO inhibitors at least 15 days before the application.
Before and after the application, do not apply or apply any material to your hair – scalp.

Before you begin the application, wash your hair. Participate in the application without being hungry. Don’t overindulge.
For two weeks, do not lie in the planting area. It’s fine to lie on the ensa areas that bought. Avoid bringing cushions and blankets into touch with the planting area. You can cut your hair short with scissors two weeks following the procedure. Other shaves, on the other hand, should do after at least 45 days. Avoid medications like blood thinners and vitamin E for the first week following the application, as mentioned “before.” When shampooing your hair, be gentle. When drying, don’t use a towel.

Natural Hair Transplant Turkey for Women


Hair loss can be a source of anxiety for many women. Still, with the advances in hair restoration technology, there is now a viable option of natural hair transplant for women who want to regain their lost hair. This innovative procedure has been developed in recent years as an alternative to traditional hair restoration methods. The hair transplantation, as a hair restoration method, has become increasingly popular among women looking for a more natural-looking solution to their hair loss.

When considering natural hair transplant Turkey, it is crucial to choose a reputable clinic with experienced surgeons. The doctors performing natural hair transplant Turkey for women should be well-trained and highly skilled. This will ensure that the results are as good as possible. It is also essential to choose a clinic that offers a range of different options for hair transplants, including FUE, FUT, DHI, and artificial grafts. This will give you greater flexibility when deciding which type of transplant is right for you. In addition to choosing a reputable clinic, select a surgeon who understands your needs as a woman and can create the most natural-looking results. Once you have chosen a surgeon, you must prepare yourself for hair transplant surgery for women. This includes undergoing pre-operative tests and examinations to ensure that you are in good health for the procedure.