Best Hair Transplant FUT

The best hair transplant FUT method is a safe and effective way for people who want to get their hair back and are thinking about surgery to do so. FUT, or Follicular Unit Transplantation, is thought to be the best way to transplant hair because the grafts that are taken during harvesting and dissection are of such high quality. A local anesthetic is injected into the donor part of the scalp before FUT. The doctor then cuts a long, thin strip of skin away (also known as the strip method). The anesthetic may hurt a little, like when you get a tooth pulled, but it will take effect very quickly and make you feel numb.

Using stereomicroscopic dissection, the surgical assistants cut the removed strip into thousands of separate grafts and make sure they stay healthy and whole. FUT hair transplantation is a hair transplant procedure that is done with a local anesthetic and doesn’t require a hospital stay. It can recreate and permanently restore your own natural hair in places where it is thinning or falling out, like the crown, front hairline, and temples.

Surgical Hair Restoration, like other types of reconstructive plastic surgery, is an art form that requires an expert surgeon and a dedicated medical team with an artistic eye and decades of experience who can make the most natural-looking results that even the most discerning eye can’t see. The name for this is “follicular unit.” Then, they carefully blend in grafts that get bigger as they move back from the hairline. Most of the time, between two and three hair follicles are in each of these grafts.

How To Get The Best Hair Transplant FUT Results?

FUT is a surgical hair transplant procedure in which a strip of hair is taken from the back and sides of the scalp, where hair is most likely to fall out, and placed in areas where hair has thinned or gone bald. After the hair was cut out, it was cut into follicular unit grafts, which are usually made up of one to three follicles. The grafts were then moved to the bald spots by making very small cuts. This makes the balding areas look more natural and gives them more hair.

How a hair transplant looks overall depends on how many follicular unit grafts are used and where they are put. Everyone loses hair in a different way. The patient’s history of hair loss and how likely it is that they will lose more hair in the future also affect what the surgeon needs to do to reach the overall goal of hair restoration. Follicular unit transplants look like how hair grows naturally. So, the results will be hard to tell apart from your real hair.

Where To Get The Best Hair Transplant FUT?

How much does it cost to have a FUT hair transplant in Turkey? A FUE hair transplant and a FUT hair transplant are two different ways to get a hair transplant. With FUE, individual hair follicles are moved. FUT is when a strip of skin is cut from the back or side of the scalp and the hair follicles are taken out of it. Because of this, a FUT hair transplant might be harder to do and leave a scar that is more obvious. FUE hair transplants are the most common type. Because they don’t take as long to heal and don’t have as many risks.

If you have enough hair on your head, you can get a hair transplant in Turkey. It can help people with alopecia, female or male pattern baldness, and aging hair loss. It can also help people with alopecia. Before getting a hair transplant, there should always be a full consultation so that the area of hair loss can be properly looked at.

Hair Transplant FUT Cost In Turkey

The FUT hair transplant cost in Turkey may be less than the FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey. This is because the FUT procedure is usually faster and less accurate than the FUE procedure. FUE is now the method of choice for a lot of people because the results look more natural. After surgery, there won’t be much scarring or pain. So, it will be easier to get the results you want even if you have very little hair or thin hair.

As part of FUT, the surgeon will make a plan for your new hairline and where the skin will be removed. The patient will be given anesthesia, and most of the time, they will be awake during the surgery. In this case, we cut and remove the strip of skin with the hair follicles that we will transplant after shaving. The hair will then be cut out of this strip of skin. So, it will be ready to be moved to the new area of the hair line.

The scalps are then stitched back together. They will get something to ease the pain and a bandage for the wound. Your scar from FUT hair transplant surgery will get less noticeable over time. However, it will still be there for the rest of your life. FUT hair transplant results can take a long time to show, sometimes up to a year for the best results.

With the FUE method, no skin needs to be taken off. Instead, each hair follicle was taken out and put somewhere else. With procedures like Sapphire FUE, people in Turkey can get even more accurate results. This means that the results look even more real.

Does FUT Hair Transplant Hurt?

An anesthetic will be used to numb the area, so the procedure itself won’t hurt. After FUT surgery, people can feel pain and discomfort. With FUE hair transplants, there is less pain and discomfort after the surgery, which is a good thing. A FUT hair transplant can be very painful, but there is usually something that can help with the pain. This is because everyone is different and surgical wounds are also different sizes.

Scars from FUT hair transplants won’t be visible. After FUT surgery, the scar will be obvious right away because a piece of skin was cut away. When you cut your hair short, it will be harder to hide the scar from a FUT hair transplant. FUE transplantation is good in this situation because it leaves little to no scarring.

How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Turkey Cost Online


The best way to determine the best hair transplant Turkey cost online is to contact one of the experienced and qualified hair restoration clinics in the area. Request a personalized quote from each hair transplant clinic and ask about any additional fees applicable to your procedure. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey can vary depending on the number of grafts needed and the type of clinic used.


















Additionally, inquire about payment plans or financing options, if necessary. All costs should be thoroughly discussed with both surgeon and patient so that there are no surprises before or after treatment. Comparing quotes and services from different clinics can help you find the best price for your specific needs.


Ultimately, do proper research on the best hair transplant Turkey cost and ensure you are comfortable with the surgeon’s qualifications before proceeding with any medical procedure. Finally, once you have found a clinic that meets your criteria, get an in-person consultation to discuss each step of the process in detail. Choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon at an affordable price will help guarantee a successful outcome for your hair transplant procedure in Turkey.