Are Weight Loss Surgeries Common?

Since we are faced with the obesity situation a lot today, do i qualify for weight loss surgery quiz? We see this question. This has been a big nightmare for our patients. In general, it is seen that the individual becomes obese as a result of the fat around the abdomen, especially in the belly area. Many stomach surgeries are performed to prevent this situation. There are many options, some are inflated by surgery, some by sending a balloon through the mouth. This varies according to the situation we observed in our patient. It is performed after an event decided by a joint decision between our patient and our surgeon. This leads to a lack of self-confidence in our patients. Who wouldn’t want to continue their life as a weak person?

Weight loss aesthetic surgeries are increasing gradually due to the fact that many of our patients do not pay attention to their post-operative nutrition or our patient has a hormone problem. After that, this question comes to their minds directly, do i qualify for weight loss surgery quiz? It doesn’t have to be a divine surgical event. In other words, when you do not get the answer you expect when you have sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we can bring you back to your old weight by surgery again. However, if the same situation recurs, you need to pay attention to your diet and exercise to prevent this.

How Is Stomach Surgery Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is quite common in Turkey. There are many ways to deal with this obesity. First of all, if you are facing such a problem, you should come to us for checking purposes. We do not immediately perform surgical procedures on our patients. In response to this question before the surgery, do I qualify for weight loss surgery quiz? We need to evaluate you. First we give them a diet list, then we give them exercises and first we look at their weight loss rate. If we do not get the observation we expect, we apply different steps without surgery. Or we offer the option of sleeve gastrectomy, which is the definitive solution. Everyone has an opinion on this, but word of mouth can also be wrong. Actually, it is not a dangerous surgery, but like any surgery, it has side effects and we will examine them.

Gastric sleeve surgery is generally known as stomach reduction surgery. It is one of the most applied surgeries among surgical procedures. It was first made in 1988 and has survived ever since. Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure performed by surgically turning the stomach into a tube. The reason it is in the form of a tube is to shrink the stomach. If we look at many of our organs and digestive system, everything is folded in the form of a tube, but since the stomach is in the form of a sac, there is more storage space. We reduce the storage space of the stomach by shrinking the stomach and connecting it to the intestines again. Welcome to our stomach surgery for weight loss.

Do I Qualify For Weight Loss Surgery Quiz?

We have criteria to be able to have stomach reduction surgery. We do not perform an operation according to our minds on all our patients. First of all, they need to pass checks and analyzes. Most of our patients ask do I qualify for weight loss surgery quiz. We answer these questions now. There are criteria that we look for in our patients before performing surgery. First of all, our patient should be weakened by diet or try to give it with exercises. If he can’t give it despite doing it this way, we apply our surgical techniques. Before stomach reduction surgery, we have all your tests done in the endocrine department. If we encounter an element that may cause any setback during the operation, we do not perform this operation.

If the patient’s body mass index is higher than 40, he is eligible for surgery. The person who will have stomach reduction surgery should not be younger than 18 years old and not older than 65 years. If there is a problem observed in small children, it must be approved by the family. We perform stomach reduction surgery to save our patient from excess weight. But the only person who can continue this is our patient himself. It must comply with the diet list and exercises we provide. When you do this process, you need to research the center well. Because if everyone tries to do this job, your life will be in danger.

What Are The Risks Of Stomach Surgery?

Let’s see if there is a risk of gastric reduction surgery, which is now showing after the increasing obesity problems. First of all, we pass you through our controls, and once our criteria are approved, we can operate on you. Do I qualify for weight loss surgery quiz? Now that we have answered this question, we can come to the risks. As with any procedure, this surgery has risks. If we look at the close risks that can be seen after the surgery, the risk of bleeding is high. Since we use staplers while reducing the stomach during the operation, the situation that may cause bleeding is high. We can talk about the risk of leakage as follows. If there is an opening between this stapler and there is air passage, the situation will be troublesome. You may experience a condition such as narrowing in the stomach.

Another risk is that if the narrowing of the stomach is left narrow by taking the wrong angle of the stomach during the surgery, this is a serious problem. Reflux is a disease that occurs in many of our patients. In Turkey, 30 out of every 100 people have this disorder. If you have a problem such as reflux before the operation, we do not and do not recommend tube stomach surgery to that person. If reflux causes serious discomfort, revision procedures may have to be performed.