Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Before And After

Having a face that is balanced and proportioned is a big part of feeling and looking attractive. Your nose is the most noticeable and most important part of your face. So it’s normal to want to have it reshaped or cut down to make your face look better. That’s why rhinoplasty is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery as you see at wide nose rhinoplasty before and after pictures.

There are many reasons why someone might not like the way their nose looks. Some people have wide noses because of their genes, and this is more common in some ethnic groups. A short bridge of the nose could also make a nose look bigger. Their nose may have changed because of an accident. Or the nose could look bigger because it was changed in the past.

No matter what caused a wide nose, there are many ways that reduction rhinoplasty surgery can fix it. Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that changes the size and shape of a person’s nose. The goal is often to make the nose match the rest of the face better in size and shape.

When a skilled surgeon does the right kind of nose job for a wide nose, it can make a huge difference in the life of the patient.

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Before And After Pictures

Many of us don’t like some parts of our bodies. For some, it’s their midsection and stomach. A lot of women say that it’s their breasts. In either case, some people turn to cosmetic surgery to fix or change the way these problem areas look.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done all over the world. A nose job for a wide nose can be done in many different ways. How you want to change your nose and other facial features will determine which option is best. You and your surgeon can choose a procedure that does the least amount of damage while still giving you the results you want.

Types Of Wide Noses

Changing the shape of the nose by making changes to the upper nasal bones. The shape of the nose is mostly set by the bones and cartilage in the nose. Most of the time, a wide nose can only be fixed by changing the shape of the bones at the top of the nose. In order to fix a wide nose, the nasal bone structure has to be broken into smaller pieces that the surgeon can move around.


A tiplasty is a nose job for a wide nose that only changes the shape of the tip. This is also sometimes called a “bulbous nose job” because after rhinoplasty, the nose tip is reshaped to make it less round. People who have a nose with a bulbous tip often get tiplasty to give their nose a better shape that goes with the rest of their face.

Sometimes, the tip of a nose can also be too wide. Because of their genes, people of some ethnic groups are more likely to have a wide or bulbous nose tip. A procedure called tiplasty is a simple way to fix a wide or rounded nose or nasal tip. Reducing the size of the nostrils and/or the tip of the nose can make a big difference in how you look and how you feel about yourself. As with wide nose rhinoplasty, a bulbous nose job can be done in either an open or closed way.

A tiplasty might be just one part of a rhinoplasty to fix different parts of a wide nose. Before getting a nose job, you should talk to your surgeon about your options. This will help you figure out what you need.

Non Surgical Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

People who have a wide nose are interested in getting a nose job without surgery. If you want to avoid an invasive procedure, it would be nice to be able to fix a wide nose or a bulbous nose tip without surgery.

But surgery isn’t as invasive as you might think when it comes to wide noses. Rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries that does the least damage to the body. Professional surgeons have also found ways to minimize the size and number of incisions while still getting the results they want.

There are some ways to get a nose job without surgery, but none of them are permanent. For example, dermal fillers can help change the shape of the tip of the nose and make the face look more balanced. A professional surgeon will then inject filler into the nose in key places.

Dermal fillers only make you look better for up to a year. So, if you have a wide nose, you will either have to keep doing the procedure or decide to get a nose job. Non-surgical nose jobs are a great and cheap way to try out making changes to your nose before investing in a permanent solution.