What is Mustache Transplantation?

According to the questions from our patients, is there any difference between Chinese mustache surgery and hair transplantation? We are faced with questions such as: In this article, we will solve the problems in your mind by answering these questions. Mustache transplantation has become a type of disease that is increasingly spreading and continuing in humans today. Most of our patients are uncomfortable with the emptiness on their faces due to the lack of hair growth, which we call corners. Among the factors that cause this, spills occur due to consumed products or use of wrong products. Of course, these spills are also caused by genetic structure. But don’t worry, for whatever reason, our experts are trying to help you. Chinese mustache surgery has many methods in this step. In addition, with these surgeries, people’s self-confidence is restored.

This surgery is designed not only for the corners or the lack of a mustache, but also for the faces that people want in terms of aesthetics. This causes our patients to regain their self-confidence and give happiness. It’s great to take advantage of this evolving technology as well as systems. Mustache transplantation takes place during the planting of hair follicles consisting of solid roots in areas without mustache. We call the hair follicles we use in this process as donors. These donors must have strong hair follicles and be in sufficient number. With the help of a small needle, we place these donors into the roots with minimal touches. The most important step in our treatment is that the patients attend the sessions regularly.

Things to Consider After Chinese Mustache Surgery

Most of those who want to have a mustache transplant have many question marks in their minds before having this procedure. Chinese mustache surgery is among the most searched questions on google. We decided to research it for you by wondering about this subject. This article will clear all the questions in your mind. Before having a mustache surgery, you should first do a good research on where you want to have it done. Here you can choose places with positive feedback. This surgery is more popular in the metropolitan cities of Istanbul and Ankara. However, you can have this procedure done in a city close to you or in a clinic in your own city that you really trust. The important thing here is that the clinic and hair transplant specialists are reliable.

It is very wrong to think that after the Chinese mustache surgery, the transplant was done and gone. The main process is to take a good look at that area after that. 2 days after mustache transplantation, you should not touch that area and do not touch water. Doing your care without interruption with the care products recommended by your doctor helps you to get more efficient results from the result of the process. During this period, it is very important that you do not get infected in that area. Because when infected, it causes you to get the result of the process later. It is recommended to stay away from harmful habits after transplantation.

Does Mustache Transplantation Work?

Chinese Mustache surgery is of course one of the types of surgery that works. In terms of aesthetics, it is an operation that has become widespread today and is wondered among people. In order for this surgery to work, you must first do a good research. It is almost impossible to get results in a mustache surgery that you have done at a lower cost than the cost of this job in any ordinary clinic. This deeply affects the patient both financially and psychologically. For this reason, the patient should have this procedure done by specialist mustache and hair transplant specialists. This will be a more comfortable and healthier process for you. These procedures, which are carried out in hairdressing salons or, so to speak, in clinics called under the stairs, are carried out by non-skilled people in places far from being sterile.

The fact that we state this is that these transactions are not easy to return. That’s why we wanted to warn you about this and make you aware of it. Many of our expert staff who are successful in their work are waiting for you to fulfill your self-confidence. The important thing in this process is to explain the process to the patient from beginning to end, and the positive and negative aspects of it should be stated to the patient from the very beginning, and the patient should take this road knowing them. When treatment is not started in this way, many patients show impatience. But this process involves a long process that requires patience. No clinic or specialist can assure you that the procedure will be 100% successful, this is a process that is completely related to your hair follicle and genetic structure.

Side Effects of Mustache Procedure

In this period, which has become widespread with herding, mustache transplantation is now becoming popular as well as hair transplantation. However, having it done in a good center is a very important step. Do not forget to research whether a center has a staff specialized in this field. As with any surgery, there are disadvantages as well. Coagulation events are observed at a very high rate in such surgeries. Or crusting of hair follicles is one of the possible side effects. Another side effect is the inflammatory conditions that occur in the patient due to the infection of the incision, since it is not performed in a sterile environment.

 Rarely, acne is seen in patients after Chinese mustache surgery. But don’t let these side effects scare you. If you do not want to see these side effects, you should work in a sterile environment and with expert staff. If you pay attention to your personal care at home afterwards, these side effects are minimized. In order for the patient to manage this process in the best way, it is an important step for the patient to be in constant communication with the expert estheticians, not to skip the sessions, and to get a successful result of the treatment.

Can You Get Hair Transplantation for Female?

Yes, indeed you can get hair transplantation for female. It is a minimally invasive procedure that restores the natural look and feel of the hair. This hair transplant procedure is typically recommended for those women with advanced baldness, thinning of the hair, or general hair loss due to age or genetics. However, it is important to note that a successful outcome will depend on factors such as the patient’s overall health and medical history as well as the expertise of the provider performing the surgery.

While the basic principles are the same as grafting healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another, there may be differences in the number of grafts needed for a female patient, as well as the specific techniques used in order to achieve natural-looking results. A qualified hair transplant specialist should be consulted before embarking on any type of medical treatment including hair transplantation for female. Furthermore, you may also want to discuss other available treatment options with your doctor to ensure you make an informed decision. Overall, while there are certainly some differences between male and female hair transplantation procedures, both can provide excellent aesthetic outcomes with proper care and attention paid during treatment.