Weight Loss Surgery In Tijuana Mexico

Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico has become common. It ensures that patients do not follow the root cause of our patients regaining weight sufficiently. Insufficient information of our patients or their non compliance with the process, even if they are conscious. For these reasons, weight gain is seen in 25% to 35% of patients. The planning of revision surgeries we apply to our patients is very important. In addition, these surgeries are technically stronger and are definitely performed by our experienced surgeons. Today, the increase in the number of obesity surgeries has also led to an increase in revision surgeries.

Concomitant diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure increased. In addition, there are types of surgery recommended for patients who relapse or regain weight. The most correct type of surgery would be to talk to our patients and make a decision by evaluating them. Gastric sleeve surgery is performed laparoscopically, that is, by piercing the abdomen with very small incisions. These incisions are millimetric. This method, called closed surgery, is also performed with robotic surgery. In addition, in this surgery, our doctors and expert team who control the arms of the robot perform the surgery.

Those Who Have Weight Loss Surgery ‘Stomach Tube Surgery’ in Mexico

Weight Loss Surgery In Tijuana Mexico is recommended by our patients. Since we do not cut the abdominal muscles or membranes in laparoscopic surgeries, there is no post operative pain. We also give our patients post operative pain relievers. Our patients who have sleeve gastrectomy start walking in the evening of the surgery day. In addition, there is usually no serious pain on the 3rd day. Our patients may have a feeling of tension and pressure on the first day. However, this can be relieved with painkillers. Our patients who have gastric sleeve surgery get rid of their excess weight 5 years after the operation.

We find that this method is almost equivalent to gastric bypass for weight loss. In addition, milium disorder is less than bypass. For this, take continuous vitamin or mineral support after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The rate of regaining weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is 20 percent. In addition, it is possible to be morbidly obese again with a probability of 10 to 15% despite the operation.

For this reason, it is important to prevent our patients who have had sleeve gastrectomy surgery from gaining weight again. In addition, close follow up of our patients by our specialist doctors is of great importance. It is known as weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico. Our dietitians follow up our patients who have gastric sleeve surgery. We also have an obesity team, which includes psychologists. So they follow closely. Thanks to this system, we aim to follow our patients for life. In addition, our patients are very satisfied with this situation.

Gastric Tube Surgery In Mexico

Many people wonder if the gastric balloon medication works. It contains most foodstuffs today. These components cause more weight. For most people, weight gain is due to an increased desire to eat. Gastric balloon is one of the solutions to this problem. There’s even a swallowable gastric balloon pill. The gastric balloon pill swallowed in this way does not require anesthesia. This balloon is inflated with air or liquid. Then, the balloon formed with a volume of 500 to 600 cc takes up space in the stomach. Thus, it prevents the person from overeating. Usually, we have to remove the gastric balloon after 6 months and 1 year. However, this pill goes down into the intestine on its own after months.

Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico has increased a lot. The body accustomed to eating less food continues in this way. In addition, it is important not to increase the eating habits again afterwards. Otherwise, you can reach advanced weight again. We do not apply stomach surgery to people with serious stomach problems and pregnant women. In addition, we do not apply to people with large gastric hernia. Nausea provides side effects for a while after administration. The most important advantages of the gastric balloon pill are that it does not require hospitalization and anesthesia. Weight loss surgery in tijuana Mexico is recommended by all patients.

Gastric Balloon Surgery In Mexico

If the gastric balloon is successful and effective, you can achieve long-term weight loss. In addition, as long as you correct your food habits, a good life will be yours. The gastric balloon pill does not require anesthesia. It is not a surgical procedure. For this, our patients who come to the hospital do not need to stay. Most of our patients are afraid of anesthesia and the hospital environment. The gastric balloon pill provides convenience in this regard. Also, we do not remove it from the stomach in the same way. Months later, it descends into the intestine on its own. We also provide bariatric dietitian support after the gastric balloon pill procedure. Thus, we keep the post application process under control.

Weight Loss Surgery In Tijuana Mexico is performed on a gastric balloon. Long term weight loss also improves or decreases diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. In addition, the mobility will increase and the self confidence of the person will increase. Most patients prefer this practice, which does not require hospitalization. You can also search for suitable doctors and hospitals. After getting rid of extra pounds, your body may sag. In this case, it is important to exercise.

It is also important for improving functions such as the heart and respiratory system. Doing activities such as walking, swimming, gymnastics during the day will relax you. Get approval from your doctor for the exercise program you will apply. On average, it is enough to exercise for 35-40 minutes during the day. We do not process those with advanced stomach problems, pregnant women and those with large stomach hernias. For this, it is important to do good research. We recommend you to our patients, you can choose us for all kinds of stomach surgery and sleeve gastrectomy.

Is Surgery for Weight Loss Viable If I Can’t Lose with Diet and Exercise?


If diet and exercise are ineffective in your weight loss journey, speak to your doctor about other options. Surgery for weight loss can be an effective and viable option depending on the individual’s situation. It has been proven to reduce the risk of severe medical conditions associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, it can lead to improved quality of life, increased mobility, and greater self-esteem. However, bariatric weight loss surgery should only be considered after careful consideration since it is a significant operation with risks such as infection or complications from anesthesia.


Most doctors will require individuals to have undergone a healthy diet and exercise plan before recommending bariatric surgery. Discussing the various weight loss options with your doctor is key in determining if surgery for weight loss is the right choice for you. Your doctor can also provide information on lifestyle changes that can support the success of any chosen course of action. In addition, they can help you understand any risks that may come with this decision and provide resources so that you feel prepared and supported throughout the process. With guidance from a medical professional, surgery for weight loss could be a helpful step toward achieving your health goals.