Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplantation When we talk about Engish football, Wayne Rooney is one of the most significant names in this field. At the same time he was quite well-known about his hair loss issue. When he was around his 20s yet, he had lost a remarkable amount of his hair and this embarrassing situation led him to a deep depression for a while.

It does not matter your gender, experiencing hair loss is inescapable circumstance. The more our lives get more stressful, the more every person is going to undergo this embarrassing situation. Because every individual person tries to prove his existence in this world and it is a challenge. In fact the men pattern baldness influences almost the half of all men around age of 50 or 60. But Wayne Rooney’ situation is an exception. Despite this situation, the hair transplantation to treat the worsting hair loss is much less common.

Most people have not even known or have a tiny knowledge on the treatments and techniques of this most common problem in the society. The hair loss causes a deep depression on people due to a sense of embarrassment of getting bald head. Although the average age is around 50s as I have mention above, many people experience this embarrassing issue recently. A person who can not reach even age of 30, might encounter this situation. Also, there are many examples like people, who are healthy life coaches or fitness trainer, might have sensational hair loss.

Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplantation

There are several reasons of this hair loss in such a young age. Maybe these people might have vigorous exercise routines or really stressful daily schedules. They can probably try everything from normal remedy like modification of their diet or hair loss shampoo and other products. The worst thing is that this hair fall draws to people like feel less confident in their social environments. Because crown starts fading which makes them look older and as if they are sick or have some healthy issues. At the final stage, this circumstance cane to them as the best friend of them and gives them much more visible baldness.

Why Did Wayne Rooney Get Hair Transplantation?

Due to his hair loss problem, he was like in burn-out situation mentally. However the famous football player had to decide to get hair transplantation procedure in London. And he did indeed.  It was paid roughly 15.000£ for Wayne Rooney’s hair transplantation. After this magical technique, Wayne Rooney came back to the fields with a dense and full of hair head. He was feeling relax because he could get rid of this embarrassing issue. Unfortunately he satrted to lose his hair after a very short time from his procedure.

Rooney was complaining about this frustrating situation and he was willing to get rid of baldness with hair transplantation procedure. Furthermore the famous football player had been inspired from many people who got hair transplantation. Actually he was willing to getit but at the same time he had to. Because he is always on the public eye and in front of the media. He should have take care of his outer look for also his business.

How Many Grafts Had Been Used For Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplantation?

Wayne Rooney had started his football career at a very early age like he had experienced hair loss at very unexpected age like 25. Therefore, the modification in Rooney’s hair is quite obvious by everyone in the society. In addition to Wayne Rooney’s hair transplantation most of his colleagues had got this innovative and magical procedure. Before his procedure, it would not so wrong to tell that he was almost bald and this baldness was spreading sof ast to the top of his head. In other words, his hair loss level was much severe and he needed to get an intense procedure to regain his youthful appearance.

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplantation took roughly 9 hours and the advanced surgeon used around 2,500 grafts for his first operation. In the next procedure 1,000 grafts are transplanted and in total, he got 3,500 grafts transplantation in his head. Even though the media had tried to make Wayne Rooney’s hair transplantation a scandal, he did not try to hide the truth. With a confidence he had expressed his enormous satisfaction after his operations.

Why did the Famous Football Player get a Second Hair Transplantation Operation?

Even if all criteria for this procedure are met precisely, the surgeon might consider that one more operation should have done for different reasons. If your hair density is not at the desired level and natural hair goes on shedding after the first operation, you might need a second procedure to achieve more permanent result. If we look at Wayne Rooney’s hair transplantation, his hair density is at the desired level after the first procedure. Then this level gradually fell and a second operation became necessary. In other words the famous footballer’s hair continued to shock loss and therefore Wayne Rooney had to get a second operation.

Wayne Rooney has naturally stranded hair and his hair does not look dense and strong  enough. Patients who have this kind of hair, are not able to achieve their expectations because of their hair characteristics. After Waynr Rooney’s hair transplantation, his hair type did not change, only his hair gor a rofessional help from outside. We should not forget one crucial point. The hair transplantation’s donor site is in our body and it belongs us not somebody else. Thus we do not have a different hair type after a hair transplantation prcedure.

Probably the number of transplanted grafts are not going to be enough for you. Fort his small problem, there are many special products for gaining more dense outlook for your hair.  If you are willing to have a very dense hair structure, you are free to use these products to achieve your desired level. But like a hair transplantation procedurei they can not promise you for a permanent results. Maybe your weak hair will come back after you give this product up.

How Does One Find a Hair Transplantation Doctor to Give Them the Treatment Promised?


The best way to get an answer to “how does one find a Hair Transplantation Doctor to give them the treatment promised?” is by researching and asking around. Look for reviews from former patients who have had the treatment, read up on the doctor’s qualifications, and ask any friends or family members who have had the procedure for their opinion. Additionally, make sure to look for a doctor offering free consultations so you can get an idea of their experience level before deciding. Finally, verify the doctor’s credentials with state medical boards and licensing bureaus before beginning treatment. Following these steps will help you find a trustworthy hair transplantation doctor who can deliver the desired results.


Once you have found your ideal hair transplantation doctor, discussing your expectations, does transplanted hair ever fall out, and your desired outcome in detail with them during your consultation appointment is essential. Ask questions like, “how long does hair transplant take to grow?”, what techniques they are familiar with, and how often they have completed hair transplants like yours?