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To make the nose look good and fit the face, Rhinoplasty for men uses a closed approach as rhinoplasty before and after male implies. The columella is not cut, and the natural tissues and ligaments of the nose are not removed. Most of these changes are made to improve the nose’s bridge, shape and thin the tip, and make the nose smaller. They use the newest techniques for cosmetic surgery to get the best results.

Most of the time, when shaping the bridge or tip of the nose, our plastic surgeons use the patient’s own tissues. Fascia grafting is a treatment that our rhinoplasty doctors often use on black patients to make the bridge and tip of the nose look better. A nose surgery on an African American person needs more care than a normal nose surgery. Because of this, it needs to be done with more care and accuracy.

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Most people are wrong about the shape of an African American’s nose. It is not the same as that of other people. Different cosmetic procedures are used in black rhinoplasty surgery to change the nose, make it look new, and fix the area around the nose. African Americans go through different procedures to get the best results, depending on the shape of their noses. People from a certain part of Africa may have noses that are flatter and have smaller nostrils. People from other cultures, on the other hand, have a higher nose bridge and a more obvious nose tip.
You can do rhinoplasty on an African American in two ways: open or closed. These methods show where to make cuts to get to the nose’s underlying anatomy. We make surgery easy and speed up your recovery. So, dissolveable stitches are suggested to help the wound heal quickly and painlessly.

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In a closed nose surgery, the patient’s nose is the only place that is cut. During open nose surgery, a small cut will be made near the bottom of the nose so that all of the tissue under the skin can be reached.
Our ethnic nose surgeons in Turkey will look at your different body parts to decide which surgery is best for you. African Americans who don’t want surgery but still want to change the shape of their noses may want to try non-surgical ethnic rhinoplasty. Ethnic rhinoplasty without surgery can put patients’ minds at ease by giving them results that look natural.

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During the pre-op consultation, our plastic surgeons will figure out if non-surgical rhinoplasty can help our black patients reach their aesthetic goals. We are proud to have the best rhinoplasty specialists for people of colour in Houston. They’ve been doing cosmetic surgery on faces for years, are very skilled, and do procedures that look natural. Our nose surgeons can change a person’s appearance in big ways without changing their culture.
Before doing rhinoplasty on a black patient, an African American rhinoplasty specialist will carefully check the patient’s health and talk with the patient about their aesthetic goals. This is done so that the nose and the rest of the face look as good as possible together. Our surgeons of colour have done nose jobs on people from all over the world.

Because of this, they are much better able to tell how patients from different backgrounds are different.
Our surgeons always treat patients the same way, no matter what race they are. He knows a lot, especially how to take care of patients who are African American. Black people who know a lot about rhinoplasty are eager to talk to you about it. Our surgeons are known for their artistic and creative skills as well as their ability to make noses that look natural and fit well together.

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When it comes to rhinoplasty, people with flat noses and thick skin may have different needs than Caucasians. Because everyone’s bones and noses are different, it is impossible to know for sure that surgery will work the same way for everyone. Most of the time, a score between 1 and 10 is given to what a patient wants.
It is one of the main reasons why people come to see us. Some people who have been here have felt sad and flat. In addition to this, there is now a big nose. In this case, cuts were made on both sides of the nasal bones to make them smoother. The face looks a lot bigger because of this.

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Most of our patients didn’t get their flat noses with no bump on the edge from their parents. Some of the people we help don’t have enough columella or have too few.
After a rhinoplasty, African Americans may feel pain in their noses for a few days. On the other hand, these problems can be helped by the right painkillers. The doctor will put a splint on the nose to help the bone heal. The splint will be taken off after six or seven days. On the eighth or ninth day, the stitches will be taken out. The nose doesn’t take too long to heal after a black rhinoplasty. Patients couldn’t go back to their regular lives.