Mini Dental Implants Procedure

Mini Dental Implants Procedure Recently, individuals have been inquiring, “Mini Dental Implants”. They are narrow-diameter implants used as an alternative to bone augmentation procedures in cases where the jawbone is narrowed by melting. Like dental implants, micro-implants are screws made from a biocompatible titanium alloy. The only difference compared to standard implants is their small size. Micro implants are inserted into the front of the chin by a minimally invasive intervention. Usually in no more than 15 minutes. Micro-implants are approximately 51% the diameter of conventional dental implants. Therefore, the placement process of these implants is less invasive than traditional implants. Because of the narrower diameter of the implants, there is no need to make an incision in the gum to place them. So there is less pain after the intervention. Mini-implants are commonly used; when the diameter of the jawbone does not allow standard implant placement.

Or if the cost of bone graft surgery required for standard implant placement is avoided. When surgical trauma to the bone graft required for standard implant placement is avoided. When it is desired to place an implant in an elderly patient with minimal surgical procedures. Alternatively, it is recommended to use the implant under the total prosthesis of the patient with high bone resorption to increase the retention of the prosthesis. Previously, when there were no important parts of the tooth, only a few options were give. As is know, prostheses make up the cheapest options, but they also have their own difficulties. Dental implants, where the implant is place in the jawbone, the bone holds the implant. Then the abutment is place within the implant, and then the prosthetic crown is attach to it. These are long-term solutions, but very expensive. There is a possibility.

How is Mini Dental Implant Used?

Of course, as the dental industry advances, the shortcomings of prostheses become apparent. Dentures should be worn daily but should be remove from the mouth every night for a natural look. The prosthesis can be use with glue to relieve the problems and discomfort of standing in the mouth. Most people with dentures complain that they can’t eat hard food, fearing that they may come off. In contrast, the implant is permanently fix to the jawbone after the complex procedure of cutting the flap inside the gum and fixing the implant screw to the jawbone. Surgical procedures need to be perform gradually, which may require a long recovery period. This operation requires advanced skills. Therefore, pay the maxillofacial surgeon additional money for the placement of the implant. With mini dental implants, you can find the midpoint of your needs. Mini-dental implants are permanent, but due to their small size.

Maxillofacial surgeons only need to make a small hole in the jawbone. Depending on the number of placements required. Healing and discomfort are minimal and the results are as permanent as traditional implants. Instead of wasting time healing implant wounds and settling on unpleasant dentures, you can find a lasting and comfortable solution that meets your specific dental needs. Immediately after implant placement, you can return to your normal oral and dental health routine. Of course, you will need to speak with your maxillofacial surgeon so that he can provide you with the best solution for your needs. However, compared to dentures and standard implants, the two most common solutions, micro-implants can provide a permanent solution for individuals who have not considered this procedure. Your dentist will guide you through whether mini dental implants are right for you. With this long-term solution, you can smile with confidence.

What are the Advantages of Mini Dental Implant Treatment?

Mini-dental implants, which are smaller than regular implants, are widely use. Prior to application, the patient’s tooth and jaw structure is examine and compliance is check with an imaging system. Mini-dental implant applications can also be use for hypertension and the elderly. The cost of mini dental implants is more economical than regular implants. In this application, the gums are not cutting. So the application procedure is much easier. And the recovery period will be shorter. There is a very small hole in the jawbone so there is no bleeding or swelling after application. You can also place the prosthesis in the same session. This application cannot be run by people with low jawbone levels. Dental implants are light and strong implants make by making a prosthesis on the tooth of a patient with a missing tooth. Implants are usually place in the jawbone.

Mini-dental implants, on the other hand, are smaller implant types with a diameter of 2 mm and are smaller in size than larger implants. This implant is also economical because it is place on the gums without making an incision. It can also be easily apply to the elderly. No excessive bleeding. Or swelling will occur during this application. Mini Dental Implants can be comfortably use by anyone, the elderly or those with chronic illnesses. However, without these implants, patients with osteoporosis, patients with previous jaw fractures. And also patients with a maxilla smaller than 14 mm and a mandible smaller than 9 mm cannot benefit from this approach.

Is There a Risk of Breakage of Implants Treatment?

Like real teeth, micro-implants can break. However, this is not a very common complaint. Mini implants can last a long time if they are properly care for. Even if the jawbone does not melt, there is a lifetime use. Fractures can occur, although very rarely if there is insufficient attention to oral hygiene. Or health problems such as osteoporosis that effect the jaw. Tiny dental implants make of titanium alloy will not break due to normal jaw movement and occlusion. Because titanium is a very strong metal, it adapts easily to the human body. If a micro dental implant breaks, it may need to be replace. A professional dentist can easily complete the replacement procedure. Thanks to Mini Dental Implants, implant-support dentures are attach to the gums. In this treatment, dentures that are loose in the jaw or cause discomfort in the jaw are fix with mini dental implants. Mini Dental Implants Procedure

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