Gastric Balloon First Week

Gastric balloon first week may be uncomfortable due to nausea or vomiting. In this process your stomach meets with a foreign body and try to get used to it. During the first week you can lose some pounds since the balloon takes up large place in your stomach. By this way, you cannot eat too much as a result of that you can lose approximately up to pounds or more. You should get in touch with your fitness trainer and dietician for 6 months to accelerate the process. On the other hand, you do not want to see your skin sag. Unfortunately, sagging skin is the consequence of rapid weight loss. Normally every people should do exercise during their lifetime to avoid sagging skin.

Gastric balloon first week is a stage that patients should consume only liquids. Until the third week patients have to be careful in terms of eating and drinking. At the beginning of the third week you can turn into your regular diet. That means from day 15 and onwards regular foods can be eaten by patients. However, you should avoid eating unhealthy foods and drinks such as high in sugars, saturated and trans-fats, and low fibre foods. Instead of them you should consume high fibre foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

Before the procedure solid foods or liquids are not allowed. Plan a diet list with your dietician previously and stock post-operative foods and liquids. Return home with someone after the procedure not alone. Since, saline filled balloon may cause some complications, you should not be alone. Get some rest up to 72 hours and avoid strenuous physical activities after the balloon. Some balloons are available for gas such as Obalon which allows you return to work the same day.

How Gastric Balloon Adapt Your Stomach New Lifestyle

Gastric balloon first week may cause discomfort due to saline. However, the saline filled balloon provides patients convenience in terms of adaptation new lifestyle. Mostly fat people consume to much food in their former life because of that they cannot adapt themselves eat less. Thankfully, without a surgery mostly people accomplish to eat less by having gastric balloon. This balloon takes up approximately the half of the stomach by doing that it accelerates transition of less eating. This procedure is very simple and non-invasive.

Gastric balloon first week may be challenging for loads of patients due to nausea or pain. However, after adaptation, they will able to proceed their new lifestyle. Having a gastric balloon is only a stage for transition to healthy lifestyle. There will be no unnecessary eating and mostly patients continue doing exercise. Six months are enough to make a big difference in your life. For instance, you can get used to sip water or other liquids. Plus, chewing for a long time small amounts of food will be your habit. Additionally, you can adapt to separate eating and drinking; there should be 30 minutes break between eating and drinking. Even you can learn nutritious snacks such as fruit, yoghurt, nuts.

Stomach balloon divides your life into two which are former and latter. Former one is when you were fat, the latter one is after the procedure. After procedure you can start a new life confidently because of your ideal body proportion. The procedure will make you feel happy since the happiness of losing weight without bariatric surgery encourages you.

Gastric Balloon First Week Diet

Gastric balloon first week diet should include some specific foods and liquids. Additionally, you should change your eating and drinking habits. First week, consume only smooth liquids by sipping. You should wait after eating before having liquids for about 30 minutes. Sitting position also plays a role in your daily habit so you must sit upright while having meal and after meal. Throughout the day drinks should be small quantities. Little and often sipping is great for beginning, you can increase the amount when you feel comfortable. Do not drink fizzy, carbonated liquids so of course avoid drinking alcohol. In order to stay hydrated you should aim to have 1.5 or 2 liters per day. No bits or lumps which means liquids that you drink should be completely smooth. To prevent sickness and regurgitation avoid big gulps.

Gastric balloon first week requires to have smooth liquids. Suitable liquids are milk which is skimmed or semi-skimmed, high protein shakes, plain yoghurt drinks, and protein water. Other alternatives are still water, clear soups, herbal teas, sugar free squash, sugar free jelly, and diluted vegetable juice with no bits.

You can design your daily meal like that: for breakfast high protein shake, for lunch clear soup, in the evening high proteins shake or clear soup, and lastly you can have snacks in between meals. When you feel hungry in between meals milk is great option which can be skimmed or semi-skimmed. Also, lacto-free milk or soya milk are also eligible.

Build A Life Changing Diet After Removal Stomach Balloon

Gastric balloon first week diet is written above so you should build a diet list after removal. From day 15 texture foods will be okay. However, it is essential to introduce regular foods gradually. After that you can increase the variety of foods but do not forget to continue 3 regular meals per day. About 3 or 4 hours can be left between meals. The order of the food is protein, vegetables and salad, and lastly carbohydrates.

Gastric balloon first week includes only liquids but after removal you can eat regular texture foods. However, reduced portion sizes may cause vitamin and mineral deficiency. In order to increase intake of vitamins and minerals additional supplementation is necessary once daily.

You may face possible food problem. Firm or dry red and white meat, bread, rice, and pasta may not be tolerated by your stomach while having gastric balloon. You may feel that they get stuck so you should contact with your dietician in order to replace them with other food options. Continue your life changing diet all along your life to stay healthy.

What Does a Gastric Balloon First Week Feel Like?

A gastric balloon first week can be an adjustment period. Many people report feeling full after eating small portions of food and experiencing abdominal discomfort and nausea. To help manage these symptoms, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding overeating is essential. Eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day can also help manage hunger and allow the stomach to adjust to its new size.

Additionally, your doctor may prescribe medications to help with any pain or nausea associated with the gastric balloon first week. You must follow your doctor’s instructions carefully during this time to achieve the best results from your procedure. With proper care and management, you should begin to notice a decrease in appetite within a few weeks following the insertion of your gastric balloon.

Counseling can also be beneficial during this initial period of adjustment as it can provide support and guidance when dealing with changes in lifestyle habits associated with having a gastric balloon inserted. If you haven’t had gastric balloon surgery yet but thinking of getting one, contact a health professional today. They can also answer more specific questions like, “how much does it cost for a gastric balloon?”