The short version of the answer to “Does Aetna cover gastric sleeve?” is an unequivocal “No.” This plan is not Aetna’s primary way to cover gastric bypass surgery. Nor is it their only one. If you are looking for information about your insurance, you may take help about it.

Aetna’s answer is “No.” Their primary form of affordable health care coverage is their Essure Bariatric policy which pays for the cost of the surgical tretment only. It does not pay for the cost of the pre-surgical nutrition therapy. Or to help you adjust your diet to lose weight. If you are serious about losing weight through bariatric surgery and meeting all of your other financial obligations, you will want to explore all of your options including those covered by Aetna.

As stated above, Aetna does not cover gastric bypass surgery. However, they do cover some of the other bariatric surgeries such as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and the Spoto-gastric bypass. If all of your weight loss efforts focused on losing 80 pounds or more, you may qualify for assistance from one of their nutrition counselors. If your doc has recommended that you undergo one of these surgeries, he or she will have documented proof of this recommendation from your insurance company. Your insurance company should be able to provide this proof in a clear and concise format.

About Does Aetna Cover Gastric Sleeve

Does aetna cover gastric sleeve? Aetna does not cover spastic colon or Prevacid. If you suffer from either of these conditions, you will need to get coverage from another medical provider. Aetna obesity surgery coverage will not pay for you to take certain medications either. For example, if you are taking medications for anxiety or depression, you may not be able to get coverage as it deems medically contraindicated. The medications involved with these conditions include Ativan, Xanax, and Valium.

One common condition that insurance companies cover, but not many people are aware of is banding. Banding is the temporary removal of a band around the top part of a person’s stomach. This is to decrease their daily food intake so they remain leaner. Unfortunately, not all people qualify for banding and this treatment may cause severe side effects. When your doc determines that your condition qualifies for gastric sleeve surgery, he or she will also discuss the surgical plan.

Does aetna cover gastric sleeve? Aetna does not cover bypass surgery as it relates to weight loss surgery. A person who is eligible for bypass surgery as a result of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or bile duct ulceration must have their condition documented by a qualified doc. If you are determined to be eligible for bypass surgery, you will need to complete an online questionnaire in order to determine if your condition qualifies.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Does aetna cover gastric sleeve? If you are a candidate for lap-band surgery under the Aetna clinical policy bulletin, you may qualify for coverage through Aetna’s Medicare Part B deductible and Medicaid supplement plan. Lap-band is similar to gastric banding in that it tightens the stomach but leaves portions of the upper body exposed. This type of bariatric treatment is only applicable to patients who are within six feet of their body in height. As with gastric banding, patients who are not eligible for Medicaid and Medicare cannot use this service to pay for the cost of a lap-band operation.

In order to participate in Medicare Advantage Plans through Aetna, you must meet certain income guidelines. You must also be an American citizen who is unprohibited from receiving Medicare through a disability. If you fit either of these needs, you can enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans. If you meet the above criteria, you can enroll in an open access select member health care plan so that you can get the same benefits as other enrolled members. But you do not need to pay for the services yourself.

Are you thinking about Aetna’s gastric sleeve policy? Does Aetna Cover Gastric Sleeve? These insurance plans were designed with the primary purpose of covering the cost of medications for those with chronic gastric ailments like gastritis or acid reflux. The medications covered by this plan include medications used to treat Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, HIV/AIDS, gallstone and peptic ulcers, as well as medications for ulcerative colitis, HIV/AIDS, and other digestive diseases. If you are currently covered under Medicare, you may want to reconsider since those medicines are not covered under that plan.

Gastric Sleeve

Does aetna cover gastric sleeve? An Aetna health care insurance policy will typically only cover one type of ulcer. So if you have an acute gastritis, you may have a hard time getting your condition treated. Although the medical service covered under this type of plan, you will have to pay out of pocket expenses for all the medical expenses you incur. Plus, you cannot charged any co-payments, and your doc will not obligated to recommend any medication or surgical treatment. This means you will need to rely on the care of your family members, or your own doc.

You can get most of your stomach disorders treated through standard hospitals. Your insurance provider, but, may cover the expenses for treatment in a medical facility such as a New York hospital, where the specialist will determine the severity of your condition, which would then determine the extent of treatment. Your doc will determine whether your condition qualifies for a full cover from Aetna, or if it only warrants a partial coverage policy.

Only certain conditions to qualify for Aetna’s full gastric coverage. If your ulcer is not life-threatening, gastric bypass surgery maybe covered. You must also qualify for gastric bypass if your stomach has been surgically enlarged since your ulcer began, as the extra stomach tissue will serve as an obstacle to your recovery.

You can learn how much you should pay for this frequently applied treatment before the application. If you need help about the payment, do not hesitate to ask your doc for help.


Will Insurance Cover Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Here’s What We Know


After making up your mind on weight loss surgery, you may have the question: “will insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?”. It is important to contact your insurance company to determine if you have coverage and what type of coverage is available. Some insurance companies may cover a portion of the cost, while others may cover the entire cost of the procedure. In addition, some policies may also cover pre-and post-operative care, such as nutritional counseling and laboratory tests. While asking the question, “does insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?” it is important to note that there may be additional costs associated with the procedure.


These costs can include hospital fees, medications, and follow-up visits with your surgeon. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all costs before proceeding with the surgery. When considering the question, “does insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?” it is also important to consider other factors. Some insurance plans may require prior authorization from a physician before they will pay for the procedure. Get in touch with your doctor for more information about the surgery for weight loss. Doing so can help you make an informed decision about whether or not gastric sleeve surgery is right for you.