Button Nose Rhinoplasty

Is it possible to get button nose rhinoplasty? Yes, rhinoplasty for a “button nose” is the best way to get that young look back. As kids, most of us have cute little button noses, but as we get older, our noses change a lot, just like the rest of our bodies. This is usually fine because people’s noses tend to match their faces, and we think all noses are beautiful. However, if your natural nose doesn’t fit with how you want to look, you may want to consider button nose surgery.

You’re not the only one. Even though rhinoplasty (nose surgery) wasn’t officially named until 1887, people have been changing their noses for a long time.

What’s Button Nose Rhinoplasty?

If you don’t like the way your nose looks or you hurt it in an accident, it’s not easy to hide or change it without help from a doctor. Rhinoplasty requires you to be in good health and mentally ready, so if you are, you might want to think about getting a “button nose.”

A button nose is a small nose with a tip that is just a little bit turned up. People think this nose shape is very attractive, and it’s the one people ask for the most. If you already have a button nose and want to change its shape, you can get a nose job to make it thinner, wider, more masculine, or more feminine.

How To Get Button Nose Rhinoplasty?

People with snub noses tend to have noses that are rounder and have a part that sticks up. This makes the nostrils more visible from the front. The button nose, which is common in people with small faces from Europe or Asia, is especially cute. The tip of this type of nose is long, sharp, and narrowing. A button nose is also called a snub nose, and it looks a lot like a nose that is turned up. Most of the time, people with button noses get rhinoplasty to make the nose longer and shorten the tip of the nose.

Your surgeon will make a very small cut along the base of your nose while you are under general anesthesia. This lets them get to the bones and cartilage. Then, your nose will be reshaped by making very careful changes to the cartilage and bones. Finally, all of the cuts will be closed. Due to the small size of the cut on the outside, you will have almost no visible scarring.

Button Nose Rhinoplasty Before After

After the procedure, there will be some pain and discomfort. The nose is a very sensitive organ that shows damage right away, so you’ll have swelling and bruises for at least a week. Still, painkillers, rest, ice, and a gentle nose-cleaning will make the pain a lot less. During the time it takes for your nose to heal, a small cast will protect it, and thin, bendable plastic sheets will be put into your nostrils to support the septum. Most of the time, these are taken off after a week.

After this, you can go back to work or school and do normal things like light exercise that doesn’t involve contact. After two weeks, you’ll feel pretty normal, but you should avoid rough activities for at least six weeks.

Different Types Of Nose

If you don’t like the way your nose looks, you can feel safe knowing that button nose rhinoplasty is common, safe, and effective.

When you have a bulbous nose, the tip of your nose looks round and big. This can throw off the balance of your other nasal features and the harmony of your face. To fix a nose that is too big, Dr. Joe must remove the extra cartilage and use sutures to reshape the cartilage that is left. Rhinophyma is a skin condition that can cause some people to have a big, round nose. The CO2 or Erbium laser could be the best treatment for a rhinophyma nose that needs to be reshaped.

Upturned Nose

In this case, the tip of the nose sticks up, and the nose is usually small and turned up. Also, a nose that is turned up or “celestial” often has a small hollow in the middle of its “dorsum.” People who go to a plastic surgeon usually ask for a nose like this. A nose that is turned up is not a medical problem. But it would be best if you didn’t have surgery unless it was making it hard for you to breathe.

Straight Nose

A Greek nose is sometimes called a “straight nose”. This is the main things that set it apart are a straight nasal dorsum or smaller-looking nostrils and bridge.

Patients with straight noses might think their noses are too big or that the tip of their noses stick out too much. Because of this, they might want to get rhinoplasty to make their faces look more balanced.

Common hawk nose shapes are similar to Roman nose shapes. However, hawk noses usually have a more pointed tip and a thinner bridge. A lot of the time, these noses have a noticeable curve that makes them look hooked, like a hawk’s beak.  Many people think this is an ugly shape for a nose. But rhinoplasty can straighten the nose and smooth out the shape of the nose.