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Who’s the best rhinoplasty surgeon in New York? A type of nose surgery called “ethnic nose rhinoplasty” shows how African-Americans are different from other people. The goal is to take these differences into account and improve how the nose looks and/or works. Some of the most common goals and wishes of African American rhinoplasty patients are listed below. But each person has a different reason for wanting surgery:

Some people want to get rid of their nasal bridge because they think it makes their face and nose look better. People with noses that are “flattened” usually want to make their nasal ridges bigger so that their noses are taller. Many people try to make the tip of their noses stand out more so they can be heard better.

Who’s The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In New York?

When they have trouble breathing through their nose, some people try to fix a deviated septum or other structural problems. These are just a few of the many reasons why people of color get rhinoplasty. Because Africa is a big continent with many different countries and subregions, not everyone with African roots will have the same traits or goals. An image of your face in three dimensions will be shown on a screen next to your chair. With this cutting-edge tech, you can find out what’s wrong with your nose.

Then, based on what you want and what you want to achieve, your doctor could digitally change your nose to show you what’s possible. You and your surgeon will agree on the best way to treat you thanks to 3D app imaging. It does this by giving you an idea of what might happen. Because of this, you have a more optimistic view of how things will turn out.

How To Choose A Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon In New York?

When treating African American patients for rhinoplasty, one of the many things to think about is how thick their skin is. African-Americans often need both surgical and non-surgical procedures to make their skin look its best. This is because their skin is thick. Doctors and nurses often tell people to use skin care products before and after procedures. So, during surgery, they often use methods to get rid of a lot of the fat that is under the skin.

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If aren’t used, it might not be clear that treatment has changed the way the nose is built. It looks like it makes the nose look a little bit bigger. In the past, the nasal bridge was raised with a technique called “diced cartilage fascia grafting.” This made the nose look taller and narrower on the face. It’s another operation that’s often done on African Americans, just like rhinoplasty. Doctors wrap tiny pieces of cartilage in mastoid fascia from behind the ear or deep temporal fascia from the scalp to make a graft that is put on top of the nose to make it look longer.

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Patients with African American roots often complain that their nostrils are too big or that their noses are too wide. They want rhinoplasty to make their nose tip thinner and stand out more, their nasal ridge thinner, their nasal ridge smaller, and their nose base narrower. More support was added to the tip of the nose, and the size of both the tip and the nostrils was shrunk (alar base reduction, alarplasty). It may also be necessary to make the nose’s base smaller and the nasal ridge thinner.

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Another thing to think about is that some African-Americans may have keloid or scar tissue. So, for surgery to leave no scars, the wounds must be hidden in clear folds. Instead of trying to make all African-American noses look the same, they should be shaped in a way that shows off their beauty. We use the closed rhinoplasty procedure to help African Americans who need rhinoplasty. so that the nose keeps its shape and look.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty In New York

The balance between the nose and chin is one of the most important parts of a pretty face. When the forehead, nose, and chin each make up one-third of the face, the face’s proportions are most balanced. When the chin is too small, the top of the face and the nose stand out more. A chin implant may improve a person’s profile because it makes the face look more balanced. Rhinoplasty can also make a person look better if their chin sticks out a lot.
This makes it look like the nose is bigger than it is. When thinking about a chin implant or chin augmentation, it’s important to make sure the chin doesn’t stick out too much and take over the face. Most people don’t need to get their chins fixed. When you see your doctor next, ask about ways to get a bigger chin. Bad things could happen if a case is hard to solve. When the first treatment is done, the size or shape of the nose changes.