12 Month Gastric Balloon or sparrow balloon remains in the stomach for 12 months. This gives patients more time to adopt a more conscious diet. Because this model also lives from the commitment and discipline of the patients. Here, too, our treatment center will provide you with intensive support so that you will acquire a more conscious and balanced diet and exercise during the “wearing time”. This is important so that after removing the balloon, old nutritional errors do not cause the pointer on the scales to move back up. After a large weight loss, exercise is much easier.

Gastric Balloon (12 months)


The 12 month gastric balloon is a new method for weight loss. Your doctor will place a silicone balloon in your stomach and fill it with salt water. As a result, it limits the amount of food you can eat. You will also feel full faster when you eat and the feeling of fullness will last longer.

Sometimes dieting and exercise alone are not enough for successful weight loss. In this case, the gastric balloon can help get rid of stubborn excess weight. However, you should also be determined to live healthier, more active lives from now on. Otherwise there will be renewed weight gain. Weight that you previously lost using the gastric balloon procedure. Your help is important in order to be able to enjoy a healthy body over the long term.

Why Is 12 Month Gastric Balloon Surgery Performed?

12 month gastric balloon is a good option for you to lose excess weight that there is no other way to get rid of. Thanks to this procedure, you reduce the risk that your excess weight could cause health problems in the future. These include B. reflux, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and all types of heart disease.

The gastric balloon is suitable for patients with a body mass index between 30-40. It is a much better alternative to invasive bariatric surgery for overweight patients. Also, to be eligible for this exact procedure, you must have exhausted your diet and exercise options. If you haven’t tried to lose weight this way beforehand, your doctor may not consider you eligible for gastric balloon surgery.

You have to be willing to want to improve the way you live significantly. Therefore, you should not neglect behavior therapy and regular medical examinations. In addition, you must not have had an esophageal or gastric surgery before. Not everyone who is overweight is suitable for this procedure. After a detailed examination, your doctor will decide whether the gastric balloon is really the right solution for you. It is also not an appropriate procedure for anyone under the age of 18. Pregnancy also speaks against gastric balloon surgery.

There Are Two Types of 12 Month Gastric Balloon to Choose From:

Orbera: It is a balloon method filled with salt water.

Your doctor will fill the balloon with salt water after placing it in your stomach.

Obalon: Here the balloon is filled with nitrogen gas.

Which balloon to use for you in the end is entirely up to you. You should only make your final decision after discussing it in detail with your doctor.

What Are The Risks?

Pain and nausea may occur. However, you do not have to worry in this case, as everything will be over in just a few days. Symptoms will go away a few days after the gastric balloon is placed. In addition, you have the option of relieving nausea and pain at home with medications that can be taken orally.

More serious symptoms are rare after a gastric balloon procedure. In the event of vomiting or severe pain, please contact your doctor.

There is a small risk that your gastric balloon will deflate on its own. If this happens, it can no longer function and it can also move back and forth in your digestive system. In this case, an additional operation would have to be performed to completely remove the balloon.

In addition, the gastric balloon harbors risks such as swelling, acute pancreas, ulcer or perforation in the stomach wall. These risks are also quite rare.

How Can You Prepare?

Once you are deemed suitable for the gastric balloon procedure, your doctor will advise you on how to prepare for the surgery. First there are some preliminary examinations and various laboratory tests.

Your doctor will restrict some foods and medicines. He will also explain in detail how you can best prepare yourself for the day of the operation.

Before Treatment

You shouldn’t drink anything 6 hours before the procedure and you shouldn’t eat anything 12 hours beforehand. This means that you are less likely to feel any nausea after the procedure. Depending on the type of balloon you have chosen, your doctor will use a sedative or mild anesthetic for you.

You should make sure that someone drives you home after the operation.

Get nausea and reflux medication before the procedure. Because when you return home after surgery, you may need these drugs.

During Treatment

The specialist or doctor places the gastric balloon orally using the endoscopic method. This is done on an outpatient basis and with sedatives.

First, the doctor inserts the gastric balloon through your throat into your stomach through a thin tube. This is of course done with a camera. Your doctor can watch exactly how the gastric balloon fills with saline solution.

The process takes about half an hour. If there are no complications, you can return home in about 2 hours after the procedure.

After Treatment

After the balloon is deployed, it is normal for it to feel a little strange. Note that this can take several days or weeks. Please always call your doctor immediately if you have symptoms that you think are not normal.

From 6 hours after the procedure, you can only consume liquid food. You should keep the amounts small for now. After approx. 1 week you can try slightly softer foods and after approx. 3 weeks you should be able to eat normal food again.

A gastric balloon remains in your stomach for a total of 6 months and is then removed endoscopically. Depending on your situation, your doctor may then insert a new balloon. Also, remember that nutritional and psychiatric assistance can be of great help to you after this procedure.

The Final Result

You will automatically start eating a lot less. The gastric balloon makes you feel full faster when you eat. In addition, the gastric balloon also shortens the emptying time of your stomach, which means that the feeling of fullness lasts much longer.

The amount of weight you will lose depends to a large extent on your determination. If you eat healthily and exercise, you will achieve and maintain your desired weight for life.

6 months after the procedure you can expect a weight loss of approx. 7% -15%. Overall, it is possible to lose up to 30-47% of your excess weight.

In summary, the 12 month gastric balloon method is a very useful solution for overweight people who do not have serious obesity problems. The low risk of complications and the short recovery time made this procedure very attractive.

12-Month Gastric Balloon Results and Reviews


The 12-month gastric balloon results have been overwhelmingly positive for those who have undergone the weight loss surgery procedure. Many patients report feeling full more quickly and having lost significant amounts of weight over the 12 months. With these promising results, it is no surprise that so many people are choosing to undergo this procedure in order to lose weight and improve their overall health. However, as with any medical procedure, it is important to consult your doctor before proceeding with the gastric balloon procedure in order to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

Discussing potential risks, side effects, and post-procedure lifestyle changes is essential for ensuring a comfortable transition back into a healthy lifestyle. With proper guidance and care from a trained medical professional, you can be sure that you will get the most out of your gastric balloon experience and see real results over time. Additionally, there are no reported adverse effects or complications related to the 12-month gastric balloon procedure from any of the patients. With its proven success rate and lack of side effects, this is an attractive solution for many individuals ready to take control of their health goals.