Female Hair Transplant

Female hair transplant is carried out in the same way as men. However, it is generally thought that more men have hair transplantation. In fact, our female patients have hair transplant as much as our male patients. Because hair loss is a general problem, regardless of men and women. And it can happen to anyone. Therefore, female hair transplant is not surprising. In particular, recent fast food style diet affects our hair. Because hair is a living entity. And our hair is nourished by benefiting from every food we eat. An unhealthy diet also causes the hair to become unhealthy. Due to unhealthy food, the hair becomes increasingly weak. The weakened hair becomes thinner and begins to fall out.

Unhealthy diet is not the only reason for shedding. Stress or genetic effects also cause hair loss. A solution for hair loss due to genetic effects has not been developed yet. But stress-related hair loss has a solution. It is also about you. If you balance your stress level, you can also stop hair loss. However, no matter how many solutions there are, it is not easy to fix after the hair has shed to a certain extent. For a permanent recovery, both our female and male patients prefer hair transplant. And in this way, his hair returns to its former state. Our patients achieve the thick and lush hair they dream of.

Our Female Patients And DHI Hair Transplant

The most preferred method by our female patients is DHI hair transplantation. Because DHI hair transplantation has brought many innovations related to the procedure. One of these is not cutting the hair during hair transplantation. It is more important for women to look beautiful than for men. In addition, none of our female patients want it to be known that they have had a hair transplant. The DHI method is also a good choice in this regard. During our DHI method, we do not cut the hair. But in other methods, the hair must be shaved. The reason for this is that there is no mistake during hair transplantation. Choi medical pen is used as an innovation in DHI method. Thanks to this pen, mistakes are eliminated to a great extent during hair transplantation. Because choi medical pen performs hair transplant without damaging other healthy hair.

In addition, the depth during hair canal opening and root placement helps to adjust the angle. When opening a hair canal, it is necessary to create a suitable depth for the hair follicle. Choi medical pen also makes this depth adjustment automatically. If the appropriate depth is not adjusted while opening the hair canal, inflammation may occur. Or there may be a problem with the attachment of the hair follicles. The fact that your hair follicles do not hold means that they will not grow. In addition, the angle is very important during the placement of the hair follicle. It is necessary to place it in accordance with the exit angle of the hair. Otherwise, the hair follicles cannot hold. These conditions also adversely affect hair transplantation. For the reasons we mentioned, our female patients prefer the DHI hair transplant method.

Operation Stages

Hair transplantation basically consists of three stages in our hospital. In the first stage, grafts, ie hair follicles, are collected from the donor area. Then the hair channels are opened. Hair canals are a place for hair follicles to settle. And finally, we place the hair follicles in the hair channels. Each of these stages is carried out by our surgeons with extra care and attention. Because it is very difficult to get rid of a mistake made during hair transplantation. And restoration methods are done in the best way in our hospital. But still, don’t expect a result like the first time. And in some cases it disappears in natural stance. Therefore, we do it very carefully.

When starting hair transplantation, first of all, the donor area is determined. The donor area is where healthy hair follicles are found. Grafts (hair follicles) are collected one by one from the donor area. Each graft has a different number of hair follicles in different color tones. Since hair follicles cannot be taken individually, they must be taken as grafts. Then the hair follicles are separated from the grafts.The structure of the grafts is very sensitive. Therefore, they must be kept in special solutions. Otherwise, he may die.

After the hair follicles are separated, it is time to open the hair canal. When opening hair channels, it is very important to open them at the right depth and at the right width. Otherwise, inflammation and unexpected situations may occur. In addition, the hair follicles may not hold. For this reason, hair channels are carefully made by our surgeons. Hair follicles are transferred to hair channels. At this stage, it is important to determine the right angle and the right hair growth direction.

Choi Implanter Pen

With the DHI method, the choi implanter pen has also entered our lives. The choi implanter pen used in the DHI method and developed for this process is used. Choi began his medical pen studies at Kyungpook National University in South Korea. It’s been a long trial period. And as a result, it was considered suitable only for people with straight and thick hair. It is considered that the Choi implanter pen cannot be used for other hair types. However, with the passage of time and research, this situation has changed. It is stated that it is suitable and can be used for all hair types. In this way, all kinds of hair can be treated with the choi implanter pen used in the DHI method.

We keep two or six choi medical pens in the processing room during each DHI hair transplant. In addition, approximately ten or fifteen medical pen tips are located in the processing room. Choi implanter pen is available at every stage of hair transplantation. And it has contributed to the increase of confidence in hair transplantation. With the Choi implanter pen, the amount of bleeding in hair transplantation decreased. Recovery time is shortened after hair transplantation. In addition, the error rate has decreased and the success rate has gradually increased.

In Female Hair Transplantation, İstanbul is Diligent


Female hair transplantation İstanbul is quickly gaining popularity among women looking for a solution to hair loss. With the introduction of new and advanced techniques, these procedures can help women restore their locks and get back their confidence. Women can now take advantage of this latest technology to achieve natural-looking results. Moreover, qualified doctors in İstanbul can provide comprehensive consultations and treatments for hair loss concerns. With their expertise, patients can benefit from a safe and successful procedure that will have them feeling good about themselves in no time.

If you decide to go ahead with hair transplantation for female in Turkey, it is essential to research each option thoroughly. Ensure the chosen clinic is reputable and has good hair transplant reviews in Istanbul from previous patients. Ask questions regarding the cost, safety protocols, what type of hair transplant technology they use, and any other relevant information that will help you make an informed decision. It is also wise to speak directly to a doctor at the clinic before making any commitments. Doing your due diligence now can save you a lot of time and money in the future. With careful research and consideration, you can get the best female hair transplantation İstanbul and have great results.