Will Insurance Cover Gastric Sleeve Stomach reduction surgery is an important operation for the patient both physically and psychologically. However, as with anything, these surgeries have a certain cost. For this reason, will insurance cover gastric sleeve is among the most sought-after titles by patients on the subject? Gastric reduction surgery may be higher than other surgeries in terms of budget. If you do not have health insurance, your budget may not fit this surgery. This can be a huge motivation drop and disappointment for you.

Will Insurance Cover Gastric Sleeve

For some patients, stomach reduction surgery is a last resort. In this case, patients especially need to find an answer to the question of will insurance cover gastric sleeve. Some doctors and clinics are making efforts to make these surgeries more accessible to their patients.

For the will insurance cover gastric sleeve question, you should contact your health insurance manager. Different insurance companies naturally have different policies. However, many insurance companies cover some, if not all, of stomach surgery.


How and To What extent Does Insurance Cover Stomach Reduction Surgery?

For a clearer answer to the question of will insurance cover gastric sleeve, would be much more logical to talk to your insurance agent. As long as you meet certain criteria, your insurance may cover much more than your estimation of surgery costs. In general, the criteria expected by insurance are the same criteria as obesity.

When you check with your insurer, they may request a referral from your doctor along with other documents showing your health history. The point here is that they want to know if you have tried to lose weight through diet, exercise, or prescription medications in the past. The criteria you must meet in order to have weight loss surgery are:

  • Your age must be between 18-65.
  • Your body mass index should be 35 or above.
  • You must have been diagnosed with morbid obesity.
  • Patients will need a psychologist-approved document confirming that they are ready for the weight loss process.
  • You should not smoke before the surgery.
  • Patients must have a successful track record of losing weight.

For the will insurance cover gastric sleeve question, we can generally say that your insurance can cover most of it. However, you should really need this surgery and you should be ready and willing for this surgery.

Stomach Reduction Surgery Costs

In addition to the will insurance cover gastric sleeve question, the prices of these surgeries are another question you are wondering about. Just like hotels, hospitals are classified as upper, middle and lower segments according to some criteria. In hospitals, they make the classification according to the equipment, materials, technology and imaging, clinical department and laboratory types and equipment they host. Upper segment hospitals are very limited in number and they are hospitals with high-level facilities in terms of equipment and team.

The second factor affecting the price is the length of stay in the hospital. According to hospital segments, the length of stay price range is very variable. In particular, monitoring in the intensive care unit is a factor that increases the cost significantly. The patient must learn what is included in the package price they give before the surgery.

The will insurance cover gastric sleeve question is a broad question and can fit most things into its content. Sometimes it is very important whether the dietitian package includes the examination fee in the doctor’s controls or not in the service you will receive at the prices they give appropriately. Because the price that seems appropriate may not be very economical when the fees you will pay later are added.

Despite the variety, the average changes in prices are as follows. The nationwide pricing range is between $9,000 and $27,000. $15,400 is their most common gastric tube price.

Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous?

Although we can say yes for some companies in the will insurance cover gastric sleeve question, some situations may cause extra costs among the risks of the surgery. They shrink the stomach in sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which is applied by those who cannot lose weight despite diet and exercise. Thanks to the hunger hormone in the area where they are taken, the patient feels less hungry. Thus begins the weight loss process. So, is this surgery suitable for everyone? What are the risks for these people?

Obesity is an issue that many people complain about all over the world. Therefore, the call for belly discount surgical procedures is growing day through day. However, if the operations in question are not performed in expert hands, life-threatening may be inevitable.

In addition, if the patient does not follow the surgeon’s recommendations, he or she may not be able to lose weight. By going further, he may gain even more weight. In this case, the specialist may offer the patient a revision of the surgery. These are all extra costs and your insurance company may not give you a second chance.

How Much Weight Can Patients Lose After Surgery?

Weight loss occurs slowly in the first 3 weeks, and fast in the next 1 month. The full weight loss process is completed in an average of 6 months. In general, there is a total weight loss of 25 to 35 pounds. There is no harm in this surgery in the long run. If the patient does not pay attention to his/her diet, he/she may have difficulties in losing weight and may encounter nutritional difficulties. In this case, although the answer to the question of will insurance cover gastric sleeve is usually yes if you lose weight, you may need another surgery and your insurance will not save you this time.

Will Patients Gain Weight Again?

Patients who do not comply with their diet after surgery (for example those who take high-calorie liquid food, non-compliant patients who cannot control their eating) will also gain weight again. Therefore, “Gastric By-pass Surgery” is a more appropriate treatment method instead of “Sleeve Gastrectomy” in patients who are determined to have dietary incompatibilities. Although the answer is yes for the will insurance cover gastric sleeve question, as long as you meet what your insurance demands, we are not sure if the same applies to Gastric By-pass. For this, it would be much better to talk to your insurance agent.

Will Insurance Cover Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Here’s What We Know


After making up your mind on weight loss surgery, you may have the question: “will insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?”. It is important to contact your insurance company to determine if you have coverage and what type of coverage is available. Some insurance companies may cover a portion of the cost, while others may cover the entire cost of the procedure. In addition, some policies may also cover pre-and post-operative care, such as nutritional counseling and laboratory tests. While asking the question, “does insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?” it is important to note that there may be additional costs associated with the procedure.


These costs can include hospital fees, medications, and follow-up visits with your surgeon. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all costs before proceeding with the surgery. When considering the question, “does insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?” it is also important to consider other factors. Some insurance plans may require prior authorization from a physician before they will pay for the procedure. Get in touch with your doctor for more information about the surgery for weight loss. Doing so can help you make an informed decision about whether or not gastric sleeve surgery is right for you.