Why Can’t You Eat And Drink After Gastric Sleeve The process after gastric sleeve surgery is significant. During this time, the patient cannot eat or drink. So, why can’t you eat and drink after gastric sleeve? It is a constant rule not to eat or drink anything after gastric sleeve surgery. Therefore, this question is very important for obesity patients who want to have gastric sleeve surgery. Obesity is a problem that all countries of the world are struggling with today. Previously, only developed countries were struggling with the obesity problem. But this is not the case right now. Developing and underdeveloped countries are also struggling with obesity today. This struggle is a very just struggle. Because obesity is a disease that shortens a person’s quality of life, and worse, life span.

People with obesity consume more calories than they burn each day. This leads to regular weight gain. Obesity patients are very close to surrendering to many diseases. Heart disease, atherosclerosis, blood pressure and diabetes always watch for a weak moment of these patients. In addition to all these, obesity patients and morbid obesity patients are quite inactive in daily life. Because even the smallest movement tires these patients. For example, these patients cannot run. They avoid even short walks and use cars or public transport. People with obesity cannot stand for long. They are out of breath when climbing stairs.

All these negativities push obesity patients to seek solutions. Diet and sports are a more difficult solution for obesity patients to give results. Gastric sleeve surgery is a really sensible option. There are thousands of obesity patients who choose this option and regain their healthy weight every year. After gastric sleeve surgery, the patient stays in the hospital for a minimum of 3-4 days. After the operation, he cannot eat or drink anything at first. Well, have you ever thought? Why you can’t eat and drink after gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before answering your question why you can’t eat and drink after gastric sleeve, let’s look at the details of this surgery after which you can’t eat. Gastric sleeve surgery is a solution for people who are not satisfied with their weight and are overweight. Sports and exercise are not enough for overweight people to lose weight. Studies show that only 2% of obesity and morbid obesity patients lose weight with this surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery begins with the doctor making a 0.5 cm hole in the patient’s abdomen. The doctor sends a tip and camera to the stomach through this hole. This camera is important for the operation to take place. The doctor controls the operation by watching the screen in front of him. Cuts and removes 80% of the stomach. Then he sews up the stomach. In this surgery, the doctor does not interfere with the entrance pipe and exit pipe of the stomach. After suturing the stomach, one last job remains. Despite the risk of leakage, the doctor inflates the stomach. And it makes sure that the seams are defect free.

In this way, the doctor minimizes the risk of leakage, which may occur on the 5th and 8th days. The first example of this surgery belongs to 1988. However, the closed surgery technique was not used much at that time. Therefore, the technique used by the doctor in the first gastric sleeve surgery is the open technique. In the open technique, the doctor cuts the patient’s abdomen. It reaches the stomach through this hole. It is bad to have such a large wound on the body. Because this makes the wound healing process more difficult for the patient. The patient suffers much more pain after the surgery. But the closed technique is not such a disadvantage. In this technique, a small incision is made in the patient’s body. The length of this cut is even less than 1 cm.

The doctor sends the tube and camera through this hole. And thanks to the camera, he performs the surgery. It is very comfortable for the patient to have surgery with the closed technique. Because it makes the healing process more painless. The patient returns to his normal life more easily. Of course, that’s because he doesn’t have a huge wound on his stomach. The patient does not think about whether there will be a large stitch scar on my stomach. Work life is interrupted for a shorter time. After the operation, the patient cannot eat or drink anything for a while. The reason for this is quite curious. In the continuation of our article, you will find the answer to the question of why you can’t eat and drink after gastric sleeve.

Why You Can’t Eat And Drink After Gastric Sleeve?

Now there is the answer to the question why you can’t eat and drink after gastric sleeve. You know, in gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor cuts the patient’s stomach. And it takes a large part of the stomach. By a large part, it means that if the patient has a stomach of 100 capacity, he has a stomach of 20 capacity after surgery. This process is not an easy one. After the operation, the stitches of the stomach are still fresh. If any food enters the stomach, the stomach begins to contract. This poses a danger to the seams.

For this reason, the patient cannot eat or drink anything for the first six hours after gastric sleeve surgery. After these six hours, the relatives make the patient drink water slowly. The patient is fed with liquid foods for a while. Before solid foods, it is fed with purees for a while to get the stomach used to it. In other words, it does not pass directly to solid foods, but gradually. I hope we have given you a satisfactory answer to why you can’t eat and drink after gastric sleeve surgery.

When Do the Stitches in the Stomach Heal After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The recovery process after sleeve gastric sleeve surgery is a matter of curiosity. The healing of the stitches in the stomach after this surgery is the biggest thing. 15 days after the operation, the sutures in the patient’s stomach are completely healed.

Important Pre Surgery Question: Why Can’t You Eat and Drink After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Before gastric sleeve surgery, patients often ask, “why can’t you eat and drink after gastric sleeve surgery?”. There is actually a very important reason behind this. As you know, surgery is the first step to an effective weight loss journey. So immediately before the operation, a gastric sleeve pre op diet must be followed. Similarly, after the surgery, there are strict dietary guidelines to ensure quick recovery and healing of the body without any complications arising. You should reach out to the surgeon performing the gastric sleeve surgery on you to learn more about the restrictions associated with surgery for weight loss.

If you are not careful, your diet can make it more difficult for your body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. You must avoid things like caffeine or alcohol that may impede the healing process. If you’re wondering what to expect after gastric sleeve surgery, here is what you need to know. Make sure that you’re hydrated at all times and don’t consume any solids. Since your body needs time to adjust to your new, smaller stomach, you must ensure that you’re taking liquids only. Over time, you can move to soft solids and then solid foods. A doctor will advise you on how to go about it. For more information, such as “why can’t you eat and drink after gastric sleeve surgery?” don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor before the procedure.