Where To Get The O-shot Near Me? It is of great importance that this application is performed under hygienic conditions and by specialist doctors. Make sure that you are informed by organizations that have the necessary infrastructure. Share your entire health history with your doctor. In an unexpected situation, consult your doctor and request information about the termination of the application.

The vagina can be deformed due to aging and birth. Due to these deformations, sexual pleasure may decrease and there may be difficulty in orgasm. Thanks to the “O shot” process, the deformed vaginal structure is recovered. With the PRP injection, the vaginal structure is rejuvenated, and the sexual pleasure is increased.

What is O shot?

Today, 30% to 35% of women experience orgasm problems and seek solutions for them. There are many chemical or surgical solutions, but there are concerns about having this done because they are restrictive in daily life. But there is also a surgical or non-chemical method. It is a very safe method that will not restrict your daily life and will not affect your normal life, and this is called “O Shot”. This is a kind of PRP method.

O shot is invented by American doctor Charles Runels. It is applied to increase sexual pleasure in women, to eliminate the inability to have an orgasm and to solve stress incontinence problems. O shot was patented by doctor Charles Runels. This is a kind of PRP method.


What is PRP?

PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma which is obtained from the coagulation products of blood (rich plasma) is taken from a vein.  The blood that is taken from the vein is centrifuged and, the light-yellow plasma part rich in coagulation cells (also known as platelet or thrombosis) are obtained and it is drawn with a special injector. And after this procedure, it is injected into the vagina for the purposes mentioned above.

What is O shot?

O shot is known as a genital PRP application. It is also called “O Spotplasty. By this operation, the rich plasma is injected into the genital area (especially to the clitoris and around). With this application, it is aimed to eliminate the complaints by injecting PRP liquid into the genital area.

What is the difference from G-Shot?

The G-Point located on the anterior wall of the genital area is enlarged with “Hyaluronic Acid” or oil injection. By the G-Shot operation, is aimed to increase the pleasure in intercourse. But O-Shot operation is based on the PRP method and the cells that are produced by their blood are injected into the vagina’s certain areas. It is aimed to increase the sexual desire by the O shot procedure.

How does the procedure work?

For the PRP, the arm or the veins on the hands is preferred and to the veins, the pressure is applied. With the pressure, the veins became more visible and this area is cleaned by the alcohol and is taken 20-30 cc blood. More blood might be needed. After taking blood, the centrifuge process starts. A centrifuge is a device that spins the blood at a certain speed for a certain time.

How does it work?

After the centrifuge, the erythrocytes which are known as red blood cells subside.  The top of the glasses is located the white blood cells which are named “leukocytes”. Preferably, the leukocytes are subjected to second centrifugation and then PRP is obtained. The obtained PRP is injected into the genital area.

For what other purposes is PRP and genital PRP performed?

PRP has a wide range of applications. These include the elimination of orthopedic problems (meniscus treatments), treatment of dental diseases, antiaging (skin renewal and aging delay treatments), regional baldness (local alopecia) treatment, removal of skin wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolleté, sports injuries and burns. The purpose and post-application cellular mechanisms in all treatments are the same.

Genital PRP is a method applied to lighten the color of the vulva area, to provide fullness and tightness, and to eliminate vaginal dryness, especially during menopause. It is applied to make the vagina healthier and to eliminate the problems of the vagina such as wrinkles and aging.


What does O shot offer?

O shot is generally performed to increase sexual pleasure and to achieve the coital orgasm during sexual intercourse. Most of the women have the problem of “inability to have an orgasm” (Coital Anorgasmia) during sexual intercourse. “O Shot” can also be applied to the patients who enjoy sexual intercourse to intensify this pleasure. In summary, the PRP application to the vaginal area offers:

  • Stress incontinence
  • Elimination of anorgasmia
  • Stronger and frequent orgasms
  • A narrower and tighter vagina
  • High libido and sexual desire

What are the side effects of O Shot?

O shot is a short and easy application. It consists of injecting rich plasma obtained from your blood back into your body, that is, no substance is injected into your body from the outside. For this reason, the “O Shot” application has no side effects and does not have a limiting effect on your daily activities.

O shot:

  • takes about 15 minutes.
  • is not surgical intervention.
  • does not restrict your daily life and does not require you to stay in the hospital.

With the o-shot

O shot helps to solve many sexual problems. It is a short and painless process and offers:

  • stress incontinence
  • loss of sexual desire
  • dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)
  • coital anorgasmia
  • vaginal dryness

These problems reduce the pleasure of sex life and therefore reduce self-confidence.

How much should I pay for O Shot operation?

This operation is more economical than many methods in the market in terms of price performance. It varies according to the frequency and necessity of the application. For further information, keep in touch with your doctor.


Firstly, If you want to get the O-Shot, you need to find a special clinic near where you live. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Ask Your Doctor: Start by asking your regular doctor or gynecologist. They can help you find a clinic that offers the O-Shot. They know a lot about different treatments and can give you good advice.
  2. Search Online: You can use the internet to search for clinics near you that provide the O-Shot. Just type “O-Shot clinic near me” in a search engine, and it will show you a list of options. Remember to ask an adult for help with the internet.

Choosing the Right Clinic

Once you find a few clinics near you, it’s important to choose the right one. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Expert Doctors: Make sure the clinic has doctors who know a lot about the O-Shot. You want to be in good hands, so it’s important that the doctors are experts in this treatment.
  2. Ask for Help: You can also ask your parents or a trusted adult to help you choose the right clinic. After that, They can read reviews and do some research to make sure it’s a good place for you.

In Conclusion,Finding the right place to get the O-Shot near you is important if you’re considering this special treatment.So, You can ask your doctor, search online, or call local hospitals to find a clinic.