When Was The First Sex Reassignment Surgery? Some people feel in the wrong body. The individual begins to feel this feeling gradually from the age of two when the concept of sex is discovered. The road to sex reassignment surgery begins with this feeling. Some people feel incompatible with what they are in. These people are actually beginning to exhibit sex behaviors that are appropriate to their nature. People with economic freedom prefer to have sex reassignment surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery has become widespread today. However, some people do not dare to take this road. That’s why they are doing research on sex reassignment. Many people investigate when the first sex-change surgery was performed and who did it first. The individual goes through some psychological and physical stages during the sex reassignment surgery. This process starts with the court application. Then it continues with the views of the psychiatrist, gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, and plastic surgeon.

Some conditions are required for sex reassignment surgery. Actually, knowing when was the first sex reassignment surgery is important to compare these conditions. Today, the person must be constantly deprived of reproductive ability for sex reassignment surgery. Because during the surgery, the person is deprived of his reproductive ability for life. However, a psychiatric report showing the sex fit to be passed is also required for sex reassignment surgery. Because the decision to change sex should be a necessity, not a whim. There is an 18 age limit for sex reassignment surgery. Anyone who has completed the age of 18 can undergo this operation. Besides, the person must not be married for sex reassignment surgery.

There are medical requirements for sex reassignment surgery. Also, the person should not have a health condition that prevents sex change. When we look at the times when the first sex reassignment surgery was performed, technology was not very advanced then. That’s why there could be unsuccessful surgeries. But today, the necessary examinations are made as medicine progresses. People who want to have sex-change surgery should not have any substance addiction. The decision to change sex is a purely personal situation. Therefore, the process should be evaluated individually. It is paying attention to whether the person has a chronic illness or not. The person should not have diabetes, liver, heart, and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, the person should not have a genetic disease.

First Sex Reassignment Surgery

The practice performed to transform from a woman to a man or from a man to a woman is called sex reassignment surgery. Some conditions are required for the operation to take place. These terms include hospital, commission reports, and court order. In the past, there have been people who needed sex reassignment surgery. When we look at when was the first sex reassignment surgery, we encounter different examples. First, we can talk about Dora Richter. Dora Richter is the first transwoman to undergo vaginoplasty surgery in Berlin in 1931. So what is vaginoplasty? Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that results in the construction of the vagina.

A similar incident took place in Dresden. In 1930-1931, Lil Elbe had a transsex surgery. We see the name of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld when was the first sex reassignment surgery.  Because the first sex reassignment surgery  was made by Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. During the operation, Lil Elbe’s original genitalia was removed. After this surgery, she had four surgeries in which a failed uterine transplant took place. However, Lili Elbe died due to the failure of the uterine transplant.

Sex Reassignment Surgery from Female to Male

Switching from female to male is more easily accepted in society. When we look at the first sex reassignment surgery, it is known to be easier to transform from a woman to a man. There are many stages in sex reassignment surgery to transform from a woman to a man. First, a mastectomy is applied in surgery. In other words, breast tissue is taken with this method. Then, the hysterectomy method is applied. With this method, the person’s uterus is removed. However, testosterone hormone treatment is applied to the person. Psychiatric therapies and penile construction are also found in female to male sex reassignment surgery. Surgical intervention should be performed according to the structure and size of the breast. Because it is necessary to remove the breast tissue of the woman.

Breast tissue may shrink or decrease in people who receive hormone therapy. The realization of the treatment at these stages provides an aesthetically better appearance. The anatomical difference between male and female breasts is the area called the under-breast line. While the operation is performed in this area, the ties should be cut at the appropriate point. This is very important regarding both health and aesthetic appearance. One of the important stages of sex reassignment surgery is the process of creating a penis with microsurgery. With the structure created from suitable tissues, it is aimed to gain male sexual function. It is intended that only the person can urinate standing up. Because it is not possible for the individual to gain reproductive ability as a result of this process.

Sex Reassignment Surgery Female To Male

Sex Reassignment Surgery from Male to Female

There are important stages for a male to female sex reassignment surgery. We see many people who want to turn from men to women when was the first sex reassignment surgery. Besides, we frequently encounter people who turn from man to woman on television or social media. The surgical operation should be performed in accordance with the anatomical structure of the female sex in sex-change surgery. Different methods are used to make a vagina for the patient in the male to female sex reassignment surgery.

There are two most commonly used methods for the penis. These are prostheses made with the skin on the forearm or the thin bone in the leg. Different procedures are applied in sex reassignment surgery from male to female. Rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast prosthesis, and facial aesthetics are some of these procedures. In addition, voice surgery, and lip augmentation operations can be performed.

How Much Does Sex Reassignment Surgery Cost?