Weight loss begins in the week of gastric sleeve surgery. But the answer to the question of when do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve is somewhat complicated. The person can stay under or above the optimum weight. It is necessary to learn from an expert what is necessary to continue or stop weight loss.

Weight is lost rapidly within the first 6 months after gastric sleeve. Seeing patients lose weight is a great source of morale and joy. However, it is essential for doctors to have an attitude against losing weight too quickly for healthy weight loss. That’s why it’s so essential to inform “when do you to stop losing weight after Gastric Sleeves”.

After surgery rapid weight loss causes some side effects. Among them;

  • stomach reflux,
  • vomiting,
  • stomach ache,
  • metabolic diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • low blood sugar,
  • Weakness, lethargy,
  • Psychological adaptation problems are probable.

In order to eliminate these side effects, patients need to follow doctor recommendations one by one. In order to lose weight in a controlled manner, it is necessary to

  • Feed with frequent and small portions suitable for a small stomach, to be rich in vitamins and minerals,
  • To start exercise programs in addition to nutrition,
  • To provide control with frequent blood tests,
  • And to re-establish lifestyle and nutritional habits.

It is possible to lose more than 50 kilos in all these stages and over time, but the decision of when to stop weight loss after gastric sleeve is a matter of curiosity. In fact, this decision completely depends on neither only the doctor nor the patient.

How and When Do You Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve?

It is very important what kind of process you expect as well as when you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve. In order to experience the least side effects after the surgery, a slow and adaptive process is required. The process after gastric sleeve surgery is as following:

  • Weight loss plateau of 3 weeks
  • Normal Plateau of 6 months
  • Regression period intervals,
  • Control plateau up to 18 months,

After gastric sleeve surgery, a period of rapid weight loss begins in the adaptation process to the new stomach volume. During this period, it is necessary to eat at least 5 small meals a day, to start sports activities and to accustom the metabolism to the new diet. At this phase it is too soon to be curious of when you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve as the body is not adapted to the changes yet.

It is adapted to weight loss in the 6-month period after gastric sleeve surgery. During this period, eating and exercising become a habit and side effects are at minimum level or solved.

How and When Do You Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve?

A period of regression can occasionally occur on all plateaus. During this period, the amount of weight loss may decrease or stop. It is an experience as a response of metabolism to weight loss. Consuming high-calorie foods after gastric sleeve surgery and not following the doctor’s advice also triggers regression. Trying to lose weight without physical activity causes both regression and sagging skin. The answer to “when do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve” surgery takes place in the control plateau depending on the desired target weight. When it gets close to the desired weight, the doctor provides control by increasing the amount of calories, just like pressing the brake pedal in a car. Normal eating habits will be between 2000 and 3000 calories per day to avoid excess weight loss.

Is it same to all patients  regaining or stopping weight Loss?  “Stopping weight loss duration is not same in all cases .  Circumstances that affect weight management in  gastric sleeve,  responses  may be:

  • Inability to adapt to new diet,
  • Postponing drinking plain water for those who have the habit of drinking soft drinks,
  • Having high calorie diet after the surgery, apart from doctor’s advice,
  • Just dieting and not exercising,
  • Ignoring the rules with the excitement and self-confidence of losing weight,
  • Prolonging the recovery period by experiencing side effects,
  • Having secondary diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or auto-immune diseases.

People who have gastric sleeve surgery should monitor themselves for at least 2 years until they achieve and adapt a life routine. During this period, patients should not stop their nutrition, doctor and psychologist support unless experts report it.

When Do You Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve according to your doctor?

Doctors are very used to questions like when do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery. However, the correct answer changes at each appointment depending on the performance of his/her patient. It is possible to get an earlier or later date from the doctor at each doctor’s appointment. The factors affecting weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery mentioned above are important. Accordingly, the doctor’s answer also varies, but in some cases it is impossible to even give a date.

Some patients have untreated obesity disease for many years. These patients have too much persistent fat and their skin elasticity and skin ligament tissues are damaged. They experience a lot of skin sagging while losing weight. For this reason, patients demand additional plastic surgery for removing sagging skin. For those patients “when do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve” reply is unpredictable. Connective tissues are damaged and need to lose over 50 pounds of weight. These patients periodically undergo surgery for sagging skin on their arms, legs or abdomen. This affects the treatment period after gastric sleeve surgery.

When Do You Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve according to your doctor?

Patients who have been obese for many years have heart and diabetes diseases. These patients should lose weight slowly with a more moderate exercise plan. After Gastric Sleeve surgery, the weight loss period is prolonged. Doctors take extra care to control secondary disease. Thus, the protection of health and weight loss process goes together. Patients should not rush to lose weight after gastric sleeve surgery. Moving away from the doctor’s recommendations during weight loss, cause negative situations. Therefore, the success of gastric sleeve treatment will be with the cooperation of the patient and the doctor.

When Do You Stop Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve and Why?


“When do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve?” is not a simple question with a pre-determined answer. After the gastric sleeve procedure, most patients reach their ideal weight between 6 to 18 months. It’s important to note that weight loss may be slower for some individuals due to genetics, lifestyle, or other factors. Additionally, the amount of weight loss can vary from patient to patient based on nutrition, exercise, and adherence to post-surgery guidelines. An experienced bariatrics Istanbul surgeon will be able to provide appropriate advice and support throughout the weight loss process. Ultimately, it is important that you find a balance between your lifestyle and medical needs in order to sustain long-term success with your gastric weight loss sleeve procedure. With dedication and commitment from both you and your surgeon, you’ll be able to reach your target weight goal in no time! It is also essential for patients who have had a gastric sleeve procedure to prioritize healthy living post-surgery in order to maintain their newly achieved ideal weight. For any other questions besides “when do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve?” do not hesitate to contact your health care provider.