What Is Labiaplasty Surgery? Labiaplasty surgery is an operation performed to reduce the excess skin around the vulva. Doctors cut the excess skin on vaginal lips by making incisions. There are outer and inner lips in the vulva. Outer lips are called labia majora and inner lips are called labia minora. The outer lips protect the inner lips. The inner lips, on the other hand, hold the vagina, clitoris, and urethral opening together to protect them against external factors. Generally, labiaplasty surgery is applied to the inner lips. Labiaplasty surgery takes an hour and can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Reasons Why A Person Undergo A Labiaplasty Surgery

A woman’s labia majora may be smaller than the labia minora. In this case, that women can feel discomfort. Labia minora could be asymmetrical and some women may feel like this is a bad view for their partners. But this procedure, which can be called medical or cosmetic, is usually performed to make the big inner lips smaller.

People who have an equal size of labia minora are very rare. Usually, one inner lip is bigger than the other. The size, color of the lips are non-standard features that vary from person to person.

Labiaplasty surgery is not a mandatory medical surgery. Most women who want to undergo this surgery usually want to have the surgery for aesthetic reasons.

Genetic factors and hormones also play an important role in the size of the labia. Menopause may also have an effect on the growth of the labia. Growth can be seen in menopause as the hormone balance changes noticeably.

Having children (giving birth) can lead to an increase in the size of the labia and the vaginal area. The vaginal inner lips of a woman who give birth to a child inevitably enlarge. As the baby comes out of the vagina, the vagina expands to the size that the baby can exit, that is, much more than the normal enlargement. And usually, these enlarged vagina and vaginal lips do not fully recover and return to their previous versions.

And there may be functional problems in the vaginal area that causes the patient discomfort and irritation.

One of the reasons why the person feels very uncomfortable both psychologically and physically during sexual intercourse maybe the size of the labia. Therefore, the person may want to have a labiaplasty surgery. An athlete, for instance, may want to undergo labiaplasty surgery because she cannot run comfortably due to the size of her inner lips, or a basketball player can opt for surgery for the same reason. Or a woman who has to move or walk a lot due to her job can feel uncomfortable.

Also, from a medical perspective, the large inner lips cause the accumulation of fluids such as sweat, body fluids, and urine in the vaginal area and urethral opening. Inner lips retain fluid and can cause infection because inner lips are close to these areas. This infection in the urethral area can spread to the body and cause an infection in the kidneys. Infection in the vaginal area can spread to the vaginal canal and cause several gynecological diseases.

Healing Process of Labiaplasty Surgery And Instructions A Patient Must Follow

What Is The Purpose Of Labiaplasty?

Since the tissues in the vaginal area are much more sensitive than the tissues in other parts of the body, patients should be very careful about the recovery period of labiaplasty surgery. A patient should follow the instructions given by the plastic surgeon.

The patient should dry the vulva thoroughly, after showering or urinating. This is very important to prevent an infection to occur in any part of the body. Medicines given by the doctor should be taken regularly. The patient should not wear any clothing that may irritate and disturb the vulva (especially tight clothes) until the operated area recovers. Exercise or physical activities require movement, which will disturb the vaginal area. As this can cause the wounds to reopen, the patient should avoid doing these activities until the inner lips heal. As with all genital area surgeries, it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse during the recovery period.

Side Effects of Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty surgery does not have any vital influences and significant side effects. Complications that may arise after surgery are infection, bleeding, or scarring. In order to avoid infection, it is necessary to keep the vulva and its surroundings dry and clean, as stated in the above paragraphs. In order to prevent bleeding or scarring, the patient should avoid activities that may harm the vaginal area. If there are any problems with the surgery, these can be fixed by a second surgery. It usually takes 1 month for the patient to return to her normal life. After a month, she can continue to do sports or such things.

After Labiaplasty Surgery

What Does A Labiaplasty Consist Of?

Some patients stated that after labiaplasty surgery, they could not enjoy sexual intercourse as much as before. The reason for this may be that some nerve endings around the vaginal area are damaged while the doctors were cutting and removing the excess tissue during surgery. This is not common, but it may happen to a few patients. This is why a patient must choose a doctor who she can trust and who has great skills.

There are different methods to take down the swelling and itching which occur after surgery, but you should consult your doctor before applying them. Otherwise, you can damage the operated area by applying the wrong method.

Before you decide to have labiaplasty surgery, it is of great importance that you decide whether you really want to have the surgery or not. While this operation can beautify the appearance of your vulva, you need to make a decision by taking into account that there is a possibility the surgery may affect your body negatively in some aspects. For example, you may not be able to enjoy having sexual intercourse as much as before. You should undergo surgery considering all the effects that may occur.


Labiaplasty surgery is a special procedure that can make some girls and women feel more comfortable with their bodies. It’s all about making changes to the inner lips of their private parts, called the labia minora. The labia minora can be different sizes or shapes, and this surgery can help adjust them.

Why Do People Choose Labiaplasty Surgery?

People choose labiaplasty surgery for different reasons. Some may feel a little uncomfortable or in pain because their labia minora are too big. Others might want to change how they look to feel more confident. Remember, everyone is different, and what matters most is how a person feels about themselves.

The Labiaplasty Surgery Process

During labiaplasty surgery, a special doctor who knows all about it performs the procedure. The doctor makes sure the person is asleep during the surgery, so they don’t feel any pain. Then, the doctor carefully trims or reshapes the labia minora to make them look the way the person wants.

Recovery and Healing

After the surgery, the person might feel a little bit of pain and see some swelling or bruises. But that’s okay! The doctor will give them medicine to help with the pain, and it will get better with time. They might also need to rest and avoid doing any hard activities for a little while.

In Conclusion, Labiaplasty surgery is a special procedure that helps some girls and women feel more comfortable with their bodies. It involves making changes to the labia minora, the inner lips of the private parts. If someone ever wants to have this surgery, they should talk to a special doctor who knows all about it. Remember, everyone’s body is unique and special, and what matters most is how we feel inside.