What is Hair Transplantation?

Since hair loss is a very common problem experienced by everyone, clinic expert Turkey is developing. The reason for the widespread use of hair transplantation technique has emerged due to the prevalence of hair loss, especially in men. Of course, this hair loss can cause a lack of self-confidence in people, as well as cause a cold in life. Therefore, we focused on hair transplantation and looked for many techniques and solutions. This hair loss starts from the 20s especially in men. Of course, this applies to women as well as to men. While this condition is observed genetically in men, it is a hormonal condition in women. First of all, men begin to put the front row backwards. In women, we can see that there are spills on the head, that is, on the upper part.

Hair transplantation clinic expert Turkey attaches great importance to hair. Not everyone who has come before can have a hair transplant. First of all, you can be evaluated according to a few test results you will receive from health centers. There are some techniques before hair transplantation. A few of these are natural techniques. If your hair reacts to this, it will naturally grow back without the need for a hair transplant. There are many types of hair that do not respond to these treatments, so we researched their methods for you. We’ll tell you about it below. But you do not need to be afraid of this procedure. Painless and painless methods have been developed.

Clinic Expert Turkey How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

It is one of the most frequently used methods when examining hair transplantation techniques. This method is at the forefront in the clinic expert Turkey hair transplant clinic. We recommend this method more to our patients who come to us. It is known as unshaven hair transplantation. In other words, we will not need to shave after the procedure. The most important point in this method is that our patient can continue his normal life immediately after this procedure. It is the analysis of the hair type by placing the donor in the computer environment. The reason we do this analysis is that we analyze the type of hair, the frequency of shedding and the strength of the root. This hair transplant method leads to searches in cilinic expert Turkey.

As a result of the analysis, we decide where to plant and how to sew by cutting a small amount. We take the hair follicles, which we call micro-tips, and stick them to that area. Since we do not make room in this process, there is no need for crusting, that is, the wound. Even if it makes a very slight crusting, it destroys these crusts within 1 week. After 3 months, the hair starts to grow and a large part of it should have grown. If he does not see any problem in the hair, he recommends this technique to the patient. We welcome you to our clinic.

How is Hair Transplantation Perform in Clinics?

FUE method is a method that feels a little more painful and painful than other methods. Cilinic expert Turkey good hair transplant clinic has left this method in the background. This FUE method is an application method in which we plant chest and back hair. Since we take it from the neck or hair follicles, there is no possibility of scarring. This process is more advanced than other processes. Since we apply local anesthesia during this procedure, our patient does not feel anything during the procedure. 1 mm is cut from the area to be transplanted and hair follicles are placed in these areas. Then we apply anesthesia so that the patient does not feel this pain.

While a single graft is applied under normal conditions, it varies between 1 and 3 grafts with the development of today. When we remove the hair follicles from the skin, we leave the liquid, which we call a special solution, there so that there is no harm to that area and there is no such thing as catching a germ. In the FUE procedure, 1500-2000 grafts are added to an average patient. It depends on the degree of baldness of the patient. One of the issues to be considered while doing this process is the direction of hair growth. According to him, we should put the hair root and not harm the hair growth.

Does Hair Lose After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, we regularly check our patients with our expert team, but I would like to say that if they tell you to get a pirated haircut at affordable prices, don’t accept it because you can get the slightest infection. Cilinic expert Turkey draws attention to these. Do not ignore that the expert team with complete documentation is doing good work in the hair transplant clinic. After hair transplantation, shedding begins, which is very normal. It will temporarily protect the area and it will come out healthier after a few weeks. It is important to share your step-by-step developments with our expert team and to be in constant communication. Here, it is important for the patient to relax psychologically and not to stress.

Who Can Have a Hair Transplant?

There are some conditions for hair transplantation to take place. As in every surgical practice, this too has a procedure. It is very important to have donor qualification in your hair. In order for this surgery to be perform, the patient should not have any health problems. We welcome you to our hospital to make any age restrictions. After applying hair tests to you, we will decide whether you are suitable for this procedure. We are waiting for you with our expert team. Here, we need to make forethoughts so that we can make better decisions. Our teams will tell you the best treatment method for you. Generally, these procedures can be done easily in most of the people as long as there are no extreme events.

What is Hair Transplant as a Treatment?

Regarding “what is hair transplant?”, it is a hair loss treatment is a surgical solution to hair loss that involves taking healthy hair follicles from one part of the head and transplanting them to bald areas. The transplanted hair will look, feel and respond as regular hair, with ongoing care and maintenance. It can be used to treat an array of hair loss conditions, such as male-pattern baldness, alopecia areata, and eyebrow or eyelash thinning. The procedure can be completed in one or more sessions depending on the needs of the patient.

Results typically appear within 3-6 months following a hair transplant procedure and continue to improve over time with proper aftercare. If you are considering a hair transplant treatment, it is important to consult with an experienced doctor for a full assessment of your condition and personalized advice about the most suitable treatment for you. A successful what is hair transplant?”, the answer involves careful planning by the surgeon and often requires multiple sessions before results become visible. Overall, a hair transplant can be an excellent treatment option for those experiencing significant natural hair loss or thinning of the scalp due to aging or other causes.