What Is Excimer Laser Surgery? Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can make our lives harder than it should be. Wearing glasses and contacts are not exactly a treatment and they can be quite expensive. Common wish among the people who have refractive errors is to see without any help. LASIK surgery also known as laser eye surgery corrects these refractive errors and you will not have to wear glasses ever again. The excimer laser has been a great help in vision-correcting since it was invented in the 1980s. These computer-operated lasers are both safe and have a high correction rate. This precise method is better than a surgeon doing it also decreases the recovery period. In this article, we will tell you how it is used and what are the pros and cons.

Usage of the excimer laser in surgery

The excimer laser is a revolutionary machine that corrects refractive errors and changes the shape of the cornea. It removes 10 to 20% of the corneal tissue and reshapes it, at the end of the surgery you will be able to see properly. Reshaping is done according to your refractive errors. For hyperopia it steepens its curvature, for myopia, it flattens its curvature and for astigmatism, it smooths the cornea. These cool lasers use ultraviolet lights, and it is perfectly painless. It is safe and accurate, also it can be used in many different surgeries. For example, LASIK and PRK are all methods and surgeries done by using excimer lasers. In LASIK there are two different lasers are used but in PRK alcohol and a brush is used. Also, it applies a lens into the eye. LASIK surgery has more advantages.

The surgery process starts with a consultation, to be able to get the surgery you must be qualified for it. To be able to get an excimer laser surgery you must be at least 18 years old. Also, you must have a refractive error such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or cataract. If you have any eye diseases or diseases that can affect the procedure you can’t have this surgery. Most importantly you must not use contact lenses for at least three weeks until the surgery. It is advised not to use makeup or perfume a day before the surgery. Surgery may take 2 to 3 hours, after the surgery patients can return to their homes. Driving after the surgery is not advised so it would be for the best If you bring someone with you. For the next few days, your vision will be blurry.

Before and after the surgery

Before getting an excimer laser surgery you must consult a doctor first. The doctor will run some tests to see If you are eligible for this surgery. After the tests, your doctor will explain different ways to do this surgical procedure. Upon deciding between LASIK and PRK you can schedule the surgery in one week. Waiting time can go up to 1 month depending on the type of contact lenses you are using. Contacts can change the shape of your eye, therefore for the hard contacts wait time is longer. Before getting into surgery more tests will be done to determine the shape of the cornea and the size of the pupil. If you have a big pupil you may have some inconveniences after the surgery. Once the tests are done anesthetic eye drops will be applied to freeze the eye.

What Is Excimer Laser Surgery? After the excimer laser surgery, the patient can be dizzy and eyesight can be blurry due to the eye drops. It can take 30 minutes to e few hours for them to lose their effects. The doctor will prescribe some medications such as antibiotics and eyedrops. Having dry eyes after the surgery is completely normal. After the procedure, the doctor can give contacts, dark glasses, or eye patches. Usually, it is contact lenses, but some patients can have a hard time with them. Therefore, your doctor may prefer giving eye patches according to your needs. In most cases, visions improve the day after the surgery, but it can also take a few days. Also, dizziness and itching should pass in a few days. It is advised to stay at home after the surgery.

Pros and cons

Excimer laser surgery has a high satisfaction rate which means most of these patients are glad that they had gotten this surgery. This satisfaction rate is 98% and the success rate is 62%. But this 62% are just the people who had gained 20/20 vision. 97% of these patients gained 20/40 vision which is a very high success rate. Also, most people who had this surgery do not need to use glasses or contacts ever again. Healing time is fast too. Most patients gain their sight in 12 hours to a day. Another pro of having good vision is you won’t have to wear contacts. Therefore, you will not have dry eyes caused by contacts and it will reduce the risk of getting bacteria in the eye. What is a bigger pro than waking up every day and being able to see properly.

For those of you who have bad vision seeing without glasses is like a dream come true. Excimer laser surgery gives you this but unfortunately, it has its side effects. Unfortunately, not everyone who has had this surgery achieves the results they want. In some cases, refractive errors may repeat over time. This surgical procedure may cause dryness in the eyes. Even though they pass after a few days some patients develop dry eye syndrome which lowers their life quality. Your eyes can be sensitive to light and you may see halos at night-time. Usually, they pass after a few days but bright light sensitivity can trigger migraines. After the surgery, there might be red spots on the white of the eye. It will not affect your vision but it can still give you discomfort. Also, we advise you to do good research about prices. What Is Excimer Laser Surgery?

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