Today, having gastric sleeve surgery is a very scary thing for many people. The fear of people about sleeve gastrectomy is what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like. Obese patients can move much less than other people. Their quality of life is quite low compared to other people in every sense. Obesity patients are out of breath even when doing daily activities such as climbing stairs, walking, and running. They have much more than normal fat tissue in their body. The substances secreted by this adipose tissue in the body greatly harm the human body. These damages not only reduce the quality of life of obese patients, but also greatly reduce their life span. Obesity people are much more likely to develop many diseases. The first of these diseases is heart disease.

Obesity people get tired quickly. Therefore, their hearts get tired quickly. Vascular occlusion is also a problem with a high incidence of obesity patients. The habit of eating fatty food is quite dangerous for the veins. In addition, diabetes and blood pressure are among the diseases that morbidly obese and obese patients suffer from. In addition to all these negativities, it is inevitable and necessary for obesity patients to seek a solution to this issue. Gastric sleeve surgery is the most well-known of these solutions. Millions of gastric sleeve surgeries are performed each year. Many people regain their health thanks to this surgery. Since the risks of this surgery are at the forefront, patients may be suspicious. One of these doubts is what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a closed method. This amazing surgery, which is popularly known as stomach reduction surgery, is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries. This surgery, which was performed for the first time in 1988, started to be performed closed after 11 years of open surgery. Today, this surgery, which is performed with completely closed methods, is very advantageous for the patient. For example, the recovery period of surgeries performed with the closed method is much shorter. Since there are no large incisions, there is no scar. In addition, the patient suffers less pain and pain after the surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery, which has become a more popular practice as of 2009, has become much more popular. The biggest factor in this increase in popularity is the widespread use of closed method. After switching to this method, it did not leave any traces and the length of stay in the hospital became even shorter. Generally, people are hesitant to have this surgery because it is on the agenda with its risks. One of these risks is leakage. People always ask doctors what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like.

What Does a Gastric Sleeve Leak Feel Like?

The thing that patients fear most about sleeve gastrectomy surgery is the risk of pain. There are many obesity patients who do not have surgery because of this fear. In order to overcome these odors, they consult their doctors. One of the most frequently asked questions about gastric sleeve surgery is what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like. How do I know if there is a leak? Do I faint when I run out? Will I be poisoned when I run out? Is leakage deadly? How long does it take to intervene when there is a leak? All these questions are one of the most frequently asked questions by patients. Leakage and leakage occur as a result of skipping the part that is stitched or stapled during surgery.

The condition that occurs as a result of the leakage of stomach acid and gastric juice into the abdomen is called gastric sleeve leak. This leakage can cause poisoning and infection. The days with the highest risk of leakage in type gastric surgery leakage are between the 5th and 8th days. 10 days after the operation, such a risk is no longer in question. Doctors inflate the stomach with artificial dyes and control the risk of leakage before ending the surgery. But it is not always understandable. That is why patients ask the question of what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like.

What Does a Gastric Sleeve Feel Like and What are The Symptoms?

It is time to satisfy your curiosity about what does a gastric sleeve leak fee like. There are some symptoms in the body after gastric sleeve surgery. When these symptoms occur, they are largely reflected in the patient’s body. The first of these symptoms is fever. If you detect a body temperature that is higher than normal, you should consult your doctor. Abdominal pain and respiratory distress are also among these symptoms. All or one of these symptoms may be experienced after a leak. When you see these symptoms, you should either go to the nearest hospital. Or you should call your doctor. These symptoms, which are not always an indication of leakage, should not be neglected.

How Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Applied?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed with a closed method. The capped method is also called the laparoscopic method. The specialist doctor inserts a thin tube into the stomach through a 0.5 cm hole. Then the doctor cuts out 3/4 of the stomach. In other words, this corresponds to 80%. Therefore, the nutrient capacity of the stomach decreases. The patient starts to feel less hungry after the operation. The patient’s appetite is lost. Increasing the body’s insulin resistance is one of the other positive aspects of this surgery.

During the procedure, there is no problem in the entrance and exit of the stomach. Therefore, contrary to what is known, it is not that risky. Before the doctor finishes the surgery, he inflates the stomach to control the risk of leakage. And he finishes the surgery after the controls. So, if you have the question of what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like, you can relax about it. If you still have some fears, we recommend that you consult with a specialist doctor.

What Does a Gastric Sleeve Leak Feel Like? What You Should Know

When waiting for your gastric sleeve surgery, you may find yourself wondering, “what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like?”. While there is a very small chance that this could ever happen, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. A gastric sleeve leak is often accompanied by abdominal pain. It’s perfectly normal to feel discomfort every now and then, especially in the first week after your surgery. Yet, by and large, a leak only occurs when something goes wrong during the surgery itself.

If you go to a reputable place for your gastric sleeve surgery, there is no reason for you to be worried about these things. That is why you must be careful to always rely on professionals who know what they’re doing. Like the gastric balloon weight loss treatment, the gastric sleeve surgery will help you consume less food. This will allow you to lead a healthier life. You should refer to your doctor if you have any more questions, like “what does a gastric sleeve leak feel like?”. Remember, your healthcare provider is in the best position to help you make informed choices. You can even learn about other people’s gastric balloon stories for more information.