Because almost all patients who choose weight loss surgery in Mexico are unable to exercise consistently owing to health difficulties and physical constraints, physical preparation for sleeve gastrectomy is typically challenging. Even little changes in your daily routine, such as starting light exercise for at least 30 minutes, can assist. There’s no need to worry about your inability to exercise before the surgery causing difficulties. Our goal is to get your body and mind to become more active over time and make exercise a habit.

It should never be too difficult or hard to exercise. If you sit for long periods of time, get up frequently, walk short distances, avoid elevators and escalators, don’t park in the closest parking place in the mall, and if your work or daily life prevents you from exercising, get up at least a few minutes early, exercise your dog, or take a walk. Even a trip to the park with your child will have an influence. Even small changes like these might help you live a more active lifestyle. Exercising might help you avoid breathing problems in the days following surgery by increasing your lung capacity. Furthermore, every workout you do will aid in the reduction of your liver’s size.

At-Home Pre-Surgery Activities

Prepare your home for your return following surgery, if at all possible. During the first several days after surgery, dealing with home-related difficulties should not interfere with your personal care. Cleaning the house, doing laundry and dishes, and going grocery shopping for liquid food, protein powder, vegetables, fruits. And other goods that will be required after the surgery are all smart ideas. The examinations and evaluations carried out prior to surgery are just as important as the treatment itself. A thorough preoperative examination increases the success of the procedure while lowering complications and risks. Although the methodologies used by each team may differ, the essential needs for mandatory audits are clear. While examining the center where you will be operated, make sure that these preparations are accomplished properly.

Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Weight loss surgery in Mexico is done under general anesthesia with a laparoscopic (closed) approach. It has been the most popular bariatric surgery technique in recent years. It is the process of converting the stomach into a tube that leads to the esophagus, commencing at a distance of approximately 3-6 cm from the stomach’s end point, the “pylorus” and ending at a distance of about 3-6 cm from the stomach’s end point, the “pylorus”. After the treatment, which takes around 45 minutes, about 75-80 percent of the stomach is removed.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico helps you lose weight in three ways. Fast weight reduction characterizes the first three months, particularly the first. Patients are generally motivated and follow the recommendations during this period, since they are losing weight quickly. Some patients, on the other hand, may ignore the advice because they are losing weight and not participating in sports at the moment. As a result, following the nutrition and sports suggestions is strongly encouraged in terms of future adaptation and weight loss maintenance. Despite the fact that weight loss slows after the third month, it continues to slow until the first year.

After the first year, the weight loss rate drops even more, to 18-24 pounds. After a month, weight loss comes to a halt. In reality, 3-10% of patients who do not pay attention gain weight, even if they do not return to their prior weight. As a result, patients should have adjusted to their new lives by the time they reach this point. In their most basic form, avoiding carbohydrates, eating small and frequent meals, drinking enough of water, and participating in sports should have become routines.

Weight Loss Surgery In Mexico: Is There Anyone Who Isn’t A Strong Choice For Gastric Tube Surgery?

Weight loss surgery in Mexico is not an option for serious or untreated psychiatric disorders, patients with cancer, those who are unable to modify their lifestyle after surgery, those who have serious hormonal endocrine abnormalities, those who are planning a pregnancy within the next year, and those who have a substance or alcohol addiction.

You lose the greatest weight in the first six months after a sleeve gastrectomy. And those you haven’t seen in a long time won’t recognize you. By the conclusion of the first year, you’ve lost 40 percent or more of your body weight. Three days in the hospital is the international standard for sleeve gastrectomy operation. If you have surgery, you will be admitting to the hospital for three days. Gastric sleeve surgery is a pretty straightforward treatment, and if you do not engage in intense physical labor, you can return to work after the 10-day check-up, or even the day you are discharged from the hospital, or even the next day, as some of our patients have done.

Regardless of the technique, there is a potential that you will gain weight following weight loss surgery in Mexico. The two most important factors that determine weight gain are that you were operated on using a professional and effective surgical method. And that you adjusted your lifestyle. The rate of regaining weight is 5-15 percent, which is considering low in medicine. Regaining weight after major traumas is causing by men’s alcohol consumption and women’s predilection to chocolate and sugary foods. (Loss of parents, divorce, economic etc.)

After A Sleeve Gastrectomy, There Is Sagging

Sagging following a sleeve gastrectomy is a result that varies greatly according to a person’s gender, skin structure, age, lifestyle, genetic structure, if they have given birth, and how often they gain and lose weight. A 40-year-old mother with three children may sag somewhat, whereas a young mother who has never given birth may sag dramatically. We recommend that you start doing sports as soon as possible after surgery to protect your muscle mass and reduce drooping. We detect reduced sagging in our patients who do pilates and participate in rigorous sports in compared to other individuals.

Getting a Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico


For those considering weight loss surgery in Mexico, it is important to research the hospital and surgeon you plan to go with as some may be more experienced than others. Researching the credentials of a surgeon can help ensure that the procedure is done with the utmost expertise and precision. Additionally, it is important to inquire if any pre- and post-operative services are included in the price, such as follow-up consultations and support. Doing so can ensure that you have access to quality care throughout your entire weight loss surgery journey.

With careful preparation, getting weight loss surgery in Mexico can be safe and successful. . Also, exercising regularly will help keep your body healthy and increase your chances of success with the surgery for weight loss. It is also essential to make sure you have all necessary documentation before your trip, including medical records and proof of identity. You should also check with your insurance provider beforehand if they cover any medical care or travel outside of your home country. Finally, having an emergency contact in Mexico is recommended as well just in case anything unexpected happens during your stay.