Weight Loss Surgery Houston

Weight loss surgery Houston was also common in the world. It is a method that allows patients to feel full with less food by reducing the rate of sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which is applied by those who cannot lose weight despite diet or exercise. Obesity has become widespread in our country as it is all over the world. Therefore, interest in stomach reduction surgeries is increasing day by day. In addition, if the operations in question are not performed by the hands of our specialist doctors, life-threatening danger is inevitable. Sleeve Gastrectomy is also known as sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In addition, it is aimed to make our patients feel full with less food by reducing the stomach volume. In this operation, a certain part of the stomach (most is stretched. Because the part that expands and manages the appetite is surgically removed.

Also, a tube-shaped stomach is left behind. Appetite control is provided due to the hormones called ghrelin secreted from the removed part of the stomach. In gastric sleeve surgeries, laparoscopic methods are applied. In addition We perform the surgery by going to the abdominal cavity through tiny incisions. Our patients must be able to handle anesthesia between the ages of 20 and 80. If their Body Mass Index is above 45 or between 30 and 40, they must have an obesity-related disease. For example, diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition Our patients should not have an untreated psychiatric disorder and should not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.Patients who meet these criteria can have surgery.

Who Cannot Have Stomach Surgery For Weight loss?

In cosmetic weight loss requests, our patients outside the age limit of 20 to 80 should pay attention to the post-operative diet. In addition, alcohol addicts cannot have surgery in patients who will not pay attention or cannot control eating. Weight loss surgery is widely used in the Houston area. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a 65% successful method for weight loss. In addition, this surgery does not cause any harm in the long run. If our patient does not pay attention to his diet, he will have difficulty in losing weight. They may also face feeding difficulties. Some important factors to be considered in surgery are as follows. Before the gastric outlet, an average of 8 cm line should be preserved.

The tube we call the gastric tube must be used. In addition, gastric reduction should be performed under the control of this. If this is not done with the tube, technical problems will arise. In addition, there are strictures in the stomach. Because the stomach can be closed completely. Then leakage from the suture line may occur.

This is one of the main causes of leaks in the stomach. Weight loss surgery houston gets more attention. When the surgery is over, the control of the surgery is provided. We also test it by giving a blue dye in the stomach. Because if there is a leak, it must be detected. Our hospital has treated thousands of patients thanks to specialist doctors. One of the most important points in the surgery is the technical difficulty of the apex we call the fundus and the part of the stomach with the spleen. This is the most important and dangerous leak point that can occur in the stomach.

Houston Stomach Surgery

Our patients who will undergo surgery are tested according to their preoperative weight. In addition, the rate of weight loss changes and approaches the ideal weight. In other words, the weight to be given varies according to the preoperative weight of the person. However, the targeted weight should always be at or below the ideal weight. Our patients lose weight quickly in the first months after surgery.

For example, our patient, who weighs 140 kilograms, is expected to lose around 20 kilograms in the first month. It is normal to lose 13 kilos in the second month and 6 kilos in the following months. In this way, half of the total weight to be lost is given in the first 5 months and the remaining half in the ongoing 8-month period. Weight loss surgery Houston applies to foreign patients for stomach surgeries. If the surgeries are continued, good results are obtained in this process.

If these issues are taken care of, weight may not be gained. You can even lose weight. In addition, this situation can vary from person to person. Therefore, the weight to be lost after sleeve gastrectomy surgery depends on the characteristics of our patients. In fact, it varies according to the method of our surgeons performing the surgery and the type of measurement used. Our surgeons decide which tube to use based on their own knowledge or experience. Excessive weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy is not an expected situation. There are many factors that determine weight loss in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In addition, we can count a few as doing sports, drinking plenty of water, chewing the bites well. If our patient chews the bites well and walks regularly, he or she can easily lose weight.

How Is Stomach Surgery Performed?

Weight loss surgery is applied more in Houston. It is performed with the laparoscopic method, that is, closed. In addition, in sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we first make the stomach become a long, thin tube. Then, approximately 75% of the stomach is removed from the area by incision. In this way, the nutritional need of the stomach becomes more limited than before. In addition, you experience a decrease in your appetite at the same rate. Along with this, the body’s insulin resistance also decreases.

Weight loss surgery Houston is done more professionally thanks to specialist physicians. This type of surgery is also used in people who are extremely obese. Our patients with a body mass index between 40 and 45 experience discomfort. It is possible to lose 65% of your excess weight in the 6 year period after stomach reduction surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is as effective as gastric bypass for weight loss. In addition, the resulting malabsorption is less than in gastric bypass.

Is Weight Loss Surgery for 50 Pounds Overweight Recommended?


Weight loss surgery is a significant decision and should not be taken lightly. It is essential to weigh the potential risks and benefits of undergoing such a procedure before making any decisions. Nevertheless, weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight patients is an effective and often necessary option. After the surgery, it will take time for your body to heal and adjust to the changes.


Consulting with a doctor or nutritionist may help individuals determine whether they are suitable candidates for different types of weight loss surgery. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the potential lifestyle changes that come with weight loss, including dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and emotional support. These lifestyle modifications can play a vital role in helping an individual reach their desired weight-loss goals safely and effectively. Ultimately, following the advice of healthcare professionals is the best way to ensure that bariatric weight loss surgery is right for you.

Once individuals have decided to pursue weight loss surgery for 50 pounds, they must work closely with their doctor throughout the process to ensure their safety and positive outcomes from the procedure. This includes following all pre-operative and post-operative instructions regarding physical activity levels, diet plans, medication use, and other aspects of recovery.