Weight Loss Methods

Weight loss plastic surgery are our most curious procedures by the patient. If it doesn’t actually look better than these processes, the measurement is ended within the day. What is obesity? Over 40% of inflated university students. That is, the weight of the height-weight is more in the font. This condition is seen in both men. It is a common tool, mostly among women. You’ll be able to get through with an extra pickup truck in the body. Especially if the belly and soles of women are lubricated, it happens more quickly in the belly and its surroundings. Here is our training by our patients with this exercise to get information about the first weight loss plastic surgery. For these processes, first of all, a critique is made with the expert for a care. It is suitable for things to be given if information is given about it.

Obesity is actually a disease. Along with this obesity, it brings many chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol in patients. This significantly reduces the quality of life of our patients. It is also a condition that affects patients psychologically. A serious loss of self-confidence is also experienced in our patients who start to dislike their bodies. For this reason, these people isolating themselves from society and adopting an asocial lifestyle. In addition, the freedom of movement of our patients is restricted due to this overweight situation.

Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

We offer many treatment options in our clinic to our patients who suffer from this condition. The doctors in our expert staff decide which procedure is suitable for the patient. The patient’s life history is important when deciding on this procedure. The most appropriate procedure is selected for the patient by looking at many criteria such as which diseases he has, which procedures are applied, and how long he has been overweight.

What Is Weight Loss Plastic Surgery?

Now I will give you information about what weight loss plastic surgery is. There are many procedures for weight loss. With the development of medicine, these procedures come up with many options. The first of these is the gastric balloon. In this procedure, a balloon filled with blue liquid is placed in the patient’s stomach.

Thanks to this template, the patient feels full. And he starts eating less than usual. In addition, this balloon is filled with blue liquid against the risk of bursting. If the balloon bursts, the patient’s urine will turn blue. In this way, the patient understands that the balloon has burst. Local or general anesthesia is given for this procedure and it is a painless procedure. A camera is released into the stomach from the esophagus, and the condition of the stomach is checked, and the balloon is attached to the stomach with the help of staples. Tummy Tuck Weight Loss

Another method among weight loss plastic surgery procedures is the clamp operation. The purpose of this procedure is to make the patient eat less by giving the stomach a feeling of fullness. This clamp is attached to the stomach and the capacity of the stomach is reduced. In this way, the patient continues to lose weight rapidly by eating less food. This procedure is performed with local or general anesthesia. It proceeds painlessly in two procedures. There are minor risks to these transactions. But these possibilities are low.

The procedure to be performed on the patient is decided by our expert team. Because not every transaction is suitable for everyone. Every body type functions differently. For this reason, there are differences between the procedures applied to the patient. Our expert team will choose the most suitable procedure for you. Your transaction will be done in safe hands. Hair Transplant Istanbul Clinic

How The Process Works

How the process progresses is among the most curious subjects by our patients. The first step of the weight loss plastic surgery procedure is the consultation with the doctor. If our expert team decides that you are suitable for this procedure, we first refer you to our dietitian. Our dietitian first looks at your blood values and prepares the most suitable diet and exercise program for you. In this way, the excess edema in the body is removed first. In this way, the body begins to prepare for the procedure.

After the edema is removed, whichever procedure is deemed appropriate for the patient, this procedure is performed. In the continuation of the process, the patient is followed closely. Because it is as important in the process after the process as the process. Here the responsibility falls on the patient. It is important that the time comes by following the appointment hours created.

Discussions with a dietitian are important here. Because it is important to lose weight in a healthy way. For this reason, the patient should first be accustomed to a healthy diet. In the first weeks, the patient should be fed with a liquid-based diet. Later on, he should gradually switch to solid food. It is especially important to drink plenty of water. Another important issue is the patient’s exercise. Because with rapid weight loss, patients experience skin sagging. This creates an image that is disliked by patients.

We recommend our patients to do their exercises regularly so that they do not experience sagging skin. As our patients approach their normal weight quickly, their health problems decrease and their self-confidence is restored. They start to lead a social life by getting involved in life.

Diseases Coming With Obesity

Many diseases begin to appear in patients with obesity. The first of these is diabetes. Since the drugs used in diabetes cause weight gain, this situation increases obesity even more. In addition, excess weight also triggers blood pressure, causing hypertension. Due to excess fat, cholesterol is among the diseases seen in people with obesity. One of the most dangerous situations is excess weight, which triggers a heart attack. With the occlusion of the arteries, the risk of heart attack is higher than in people of normal weight. In addition, paralysis is one of the most common events in these patients after a heart attack.

The Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure

The gastric balloon weight loss method is a medical innovation, designed to help those who are trying to shed unwanted pounds but are unable to do so through more conventional methods. It involves the placement of a balloon, which is filled with a saline solution, in the stomach, taking up room and making people feel fuller quickly. This makes them eat less without starving themselves, allowing them to lose more weight quickly. Your doctor may recommend the gastric balloon weight loss procedure after monitoring your weight loss journey, and the struggles you have with losing weight. Patients can even go home after an hour or two of surgery. There are many video testimonials available online about gastric balloon stories from real patients.

The balloon is kept in your stomach for about six months, after which it is removed. Usually, the goal is to lose a desired amount of weight before that through the program described above. Your doctor will monitor your progress, and in some cases, the balloon might be removed earlier. So, make sure that you do your research thoroughly by checking out gastric balloon stories and consulting with your doctor for a clear understanding of your situation.  It is worth noting that for a more permanent result, gastric balloon must be taken seriously. The real work begins after the procedure is done, and you have to follow a strict diet and exercise program. But with the help of the gastric balloon, you will without a doubt, begin to lose weight soon.