Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Today we will give you information about the famous football player Wayne Rooney hair transplant. English footballer Wayne Rooney changed his appearance by getting a hair transplant. Rooney, an English football player, had this procedure done, saying that he would be bald at the age of 25. Wayne was an inspiration to many people during his hair transplant. The fact that such a high-quality and popular person had the operation eliminated these hesitations of hesitant people. We will now convey all the details of the star player under the headings. Let’s now look at the other details together.

In Which Hair Clinic Did Wayne Rooney Have This Procedure?

The 28-year-old striker Wayne Rooney, who was disturbed by his hair appearance, had a hair transplant in 2011. It was ideal for Rooney, the Harley Street hair transplant center in London, the capital of England, to have this procedure done in this center. Hair transplantation is completed in an average of 9 hours. There is information that he paid 7500 pounds for the hair transplant. This self-confident player did not even feel the need to hide the operation. He even said that I’m glad I got it done from the social networking account and I’m happy with the result. In particular, he took action for the thinning in the anterior region.

When we looked at the donor area of ​​the player, we saw that he was at a good level. In addition, there was swelling for a few days after this procedure. Saying this, Rooney sent a message to people who will have a hair transplant, saying that they can do it without hesitation. He performed this hair transplant in 2011. Only the famous actor had two procedures done. In other words, in the second operation, some more hair transplantation was performed. It is not known exactly how many grafts were made. But we want to tell you an average number based on appearance. In the first procedure, around 2500 grafts were transplanted, and then an average of 1000 more grafts was added. It is estimated that a total of 3500 grafts were performed.

Does Rooney Use Topical On Her Hair?

This subject is asked a lot. As it is known, Cenk Tosun had a hair transplant and also uses it topically to create a more lush appearance. Rooney also uses topical in her hair. We’ve seen this a lot. Although it provides density in the hair compared to the past, it is used a little for a more intense look. In addition, as it is known, it is applied in the style of spray used by the British actor and is applied to his hair in a small and slow manner. We wanted to give this detail. You can add an intense look to yourself and your hair with hair transplantation and topical.

Evaluation of a Famous Actress’ Hair Transplant

Let’s briefly evaluate the information we have given. What are our views on Wayne Rooney hair transplant? Evaluation is subjective, so opinions may differ from person to person. What is good for us may not be for you. It is obvious that meticulous work has been done on the actor’s hair. Nature is a priority. In addition, a natural appearance appeared. There seems to be some shortcomings in terms of frequency, and this is somewhat related to the hair structure of the person. It is especially planted in the front area. Let’s emphasize that it was a positive transaction in general.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

As with all medical techniques that have an effect on the human body, there are many factors that affect the success of the treatment in Wayne Rooney hair transplant. In addition, each of them is unique. All of them are possible to achieve the optimum result. Therefore, what should be considered after hair transplantation at this stage? We will make brief evaluations about each of the answers given to the question. It will be a correct approach in terms of subject integrity and functioning.

Bandage removal and first wash should be considered during the post-operative period. The most important of these is removing the bandage at the first point and washing it after removal. The bandage, which should be removed two or three days after the operation, should be removed after careful observation by the operating doctor. We strongly recommend this case. The recommendation of our physician to take an active role in this process is not only for bandage removal.

It also applies to the entire process of Wayne Rooney hair transplant operations. Once the bandage has been properly removed, it is usually not reattached. In addition, the reason for this is that the bandage causes sweating in the hair follicles. And this situation delays the healing process. After removing the bandage, that is, after the hair transplant, the first step is completed. Afterwards, the hair should be washed. Two critical points in washing the hair immediately after hair transplantation; There are methods that should be used during shampoo selection and washing. What is meant by the method here is washing the hair with slow movements and drying it very sensitively so that the hair follicles are not damaged.

What Is The Needle Pen Technique?

Referring to the new techniques developed with Wayne Rooney hair transplant, Vedat Tosun said: Many techniques give very successful results when performed by experts in hair transplantation. Micro Channel Technique, which is a popular technique in recent years, is used in the FUE technique. It is an improved version of the grooving method with Micro Slit and normal Percutaneous. In addition, the needle pen is also called technically. The most important factor in the preference of the Percutaneous Micro Channel technique is its naturalness. The hair follicles taken from the donor area are opened with a special fine-tipped needle placed in the pen specially developed for the area to be transplanted. Thanks to this method, channels are provided more frequently, all at the same depth and one hundred percent direction.

Get Better Hair Like Wayne Rooney: Hair Transplantation Procedures Will Do Wonders


Are you experiencing hair loss like Wayne Rooney? Hair transplantation offers the perfect solution to all your problems. Most people around the world suffer from balding. It is one of those things that happens for no particular reason. Yet, hair transplantation offers a permanent solution to balding. Doctors and scientists have spent years developing the most effective hair transplantation methods for us. As a result, there are now a fair number of types of surgery that will cater to your unique case. A cheap FUE hair transplant surgery, for example, is a sutureless method of hair restoration where hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp where there is no balding, to another one.

Depending on your case, there are different hair transplant methods, some of which require the extraction of hair follicles from other parts of the body as well. These methods make the whole procedure  very easy when it comes to  hair transplantation. FUE surgery is one of the most popular types of hair transplants. Your doctor may recommend it or another type of surgery, depending on your individual needs. So, to achieve your goal of looking like Wayne Rooney, hair transplantation is the perfect option.