Turkish Hair

The hair transplantation procedure has various advantages in Turkey. Hair transplantation, for example, can cost up to 20,000 dollars in the United States and the United Kingdom, whereas it costs between 200 and 3500 dollars in Turkey. In a Turkish hair transplant, there is a more advanced system. Hair transplant treatments in Turkey are successful because Turkish specialists are skilled and trained. You can obtain a superb hair transplant procedure service at our clinic thanks to our qualified and skilled specialists. Our clinic can provide you with thorough information on hair transplantation.

Hair loss is a serious illness that affects both men and women, causing psychological distress and lowering self-esteem. Hair loss may occur if the cause is not investigated and the appropriate safeguards are not taken in the early stages. So, hair transplantation is the only permanent cure for hair loss. Many hair transplant techniques exist today as a result of the daily advancement of hair transplant technology over the last 50 years. It would be beneficial if you had a hair analysis performed to determine the best hair transplant technique for you. In our clinic, you can get a hair analysis.

Turkish Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that includes transplanting a person’s hair follicles from the nape area and the hair area above the ear to areas where the hair has completely shed or the density has diminished. Hair extracted from these regions is the most durable and long-lasting hair on the human body. As a result, wherever they are replanted, they retain the same permanency and natural qualities. The approach used in hair transplantation treatments is determined by identifying the patient’s needs after a thorough examination of the hair structure and shedding density. As a result, hair analysis is carried out prior to hair transplantation procedures. The patient is informed about the number of grafts to be planted and the hair transplantation process during the hair analysis.

Hair transplant surgery is a multi-step procedure that can take anywhere from 8 to 10 hours depending on the treatment utilized, the number of grafts removed and placed, and other factors. During this time, there are breaks. Both the surgeons and the patient need to take a rest. During this period, the patient is allowed to take modest snacks. Although the procedure is completed in one day, the washing is completed the following day. As a result, the entire procedure takes two days.

DHI Method

The DHI hair transplant procedure is characterized as “unshaved hair transplantation” since it does not need shaving and is consequently the first choice of women. Hair transplant techniques such as FUE, for example, shave the hair, but this approach does not. Because hair follicles are harvested as in the FUE technique, the only area that needs to be shaved is the donor region using the DHI hair transplant process.

The difference with DHI hair transplantation is that during the planting phase, a device called Choi utilized, which designed specifically for DHI and looks like a pen. At the same time, the Choi pen can groove and put roots. As a result, the DHI hair transplant procedure takes less time than other procedures. And, in most cases, each root inserted in Choi without having to wait outside, the hair follicle placed in the canal opened by Choi’s tip, and direct transplantation performed.

FUE Method

One of the most popular hairs transplant treatments today is FUE hair transplantation. The fact that no cutting required is one of the reasons why FUE hair transplantation recommended. As a result, the hair transplant surgery is painless and leaves no scar on the skin.

In the FUE hair transplant process, a local anesthetic also provide to the donor area. Instead of numbing the entire body, local anesthetic numbs only the area that will operate on, leaving the patient pain-free. A piece of medical equipment akin to tweezers used to extract the hair follicles that have loosened by the micromotor. If the follicles maintained at room temperature for 2 hours, they will die and the transplant will fail.

In addition, FUE hair transplantation might take anywhere between 6 and 8 hours. The maximum graft implantation feature is yet another aspect that sets it apart from other hair transplant processes. This method allows for the transplantation of 3000-4500 grafts.

How Many Grafts Are Necessary For Hair Transplant?

The hair strand is the graft use in hair transplantation, and each graft contains typically 2-4 hair strands. The grafts extracted from the nape root contain 2 to 5 hair follicles. The grafts received from the exterior of the neck contain a single hair follicle.

4,000-6,000 hair follicles represent by 2,000 grafts. These calculations perform as part of the hair analysis perform prior to hair transplantation. A graft calculation perform by a qualified doctor prior to hair transplantation. When calculating how many grafts the person undergoing hair transplantation requires, the fee deducts after the planning complete. To put it another way, the number of grafts to transplant influences the cost of a hair transplant.

After Hair Transplant

You should follow your doctor’s directions after the hair transplant. Otherwise, your hair transplant may not be successful. After surgery, you should not wash your hair right away. Our clinic provides a professional washing service. Then, rather than washing your hair every day, wash it every two days. Otherwise, you risk damaging or even killing your hair follicles.

Furthermore, you should maintain your hair follicles away from extremely hot and cold surroundings following hair transplantation. Such harsh conditions can harm your hair follicles. Also, direct sunshine on your scalp should avoid. Sun rays can cause your scalp to sweat and your hair follicles to die.

Turkish Hair Transplant Prices

It seems sense to focus on clinics that execute treatments in hospitals with international quality labels, which can thus guarantee the same degree of hygiene and quality in procedures as in Europe, for a good comparison of pricing ratios between clinics in Europe and Turkey. As a result, it comes as no surprise that a hair transplant in Turkey is very affordable.

In theory, both men and women can get a hair transplant in Turkey if they are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. The treatment choices evaluate based on the photographs provided. The clinic will also inquire about the prospective person’s medical history as well as any medication usage. In Turkey, the minimum age for a hair transplant is 20 years old.

In Hair Restoration: Turkey is the Leader or Not?

In hair restoration, Turkey is widely recognized as a global leader and highly regarded by physicians and patients. In addition to the specialized expertise of its surgeons, Turkey offers some of the most advanced technologies available in the world today. This includes minimally invasive follicular unit extraction (FUE method) techniques most leading clinics utilize. Furthermore, many Turkish hair transplant surgeons are pioneers in cutting-edge robotic technology for hair transplantation procedures.


While Turkey may undoubtedly lead the pack in hair transplant innovation, it is far from the only country that has made significant strides in this area. Countries such as Japan, Germany, and the United States have also developed advanced techniques and procedures that can be used to restore hair. These countries have also seen an increase in public awareness around hair restoration options and an influx of skilled medical professionals trained to perform these treatments. As a result, many people outside of Turkey can now access quality hair restoration services at competitive prices, whether seeking treatment for male or female pattern baldness. The bottom line is that no matter where you live or what type of hair loss you are experiencing, there are excellent solutions available to help you reclaim your lost hair. While hair restoration Turkey may be a world leader in technology, there are other places where individuals can receive effective treatments for baldness or thinning hair.