Turkey gastric sleeve is a very popular health topic. Because Turkey is a very successful country in gastric sleeve surgeries. This success also drew people’s attention to the topic of Turkey gastric sleeve. For this reason, our focus in this article will be Turkey gastric sleeve. We will tell you everything we know about Turkey gastric sleeve. But before, we will give you some information about obesity and gastric sleeve surgery. Then we will talk about Turkey gastric sleeve.

The first thing we will talk about before Turkey gastric sleeve is obesity. The need for manpower is now at a minimum level today. That happened thanks to the developing technology. This keeps the movement of people to a minimum. With the decrease in organic food consumption. People have turned to much more unhealthy foods. While all this is going on, of course, we see the results of this situation very clearly. Previously, only developed countries were struggling with obesity. Today, almost the whole world is fighting against obesity.

The reason for this is the changes in human life caused by developing technology. And moving away from natural life. Obesity makes it difficult for people to do even minimal activities. People cannot do activities such as walking, not just climbing stairs, and running. All of this puts a lot of pressure on people. Many people stay away from their social life because they are obese. Because it is very difficult for obese patients to socialize. They move away from their social life. They become more at odds with their friends. People change the course of their lives due to obesity. Losing weight with sports and diet is not easy for obesity patients. Because they have a long way to go. It is very difficult to move. And food has become their best friend.

Many studies show that only two percent of obesity patients lose weight by. This is the reason why obesity patients seek a different path. Bariatric surgeries are one of the most logical ways for obesity patients to lose weight. All bariatric surgeries have different techniques. However, the aim is the same in all bariatric surgeries. The doctor reduces the capacity of the patient’s stomach. The reduction process is different in every bariatric surgery. This gastric sleeve surgery is also different from the others. Let us give you information about gastric sleeve surgery. Then let us talk about Turkey gastric sleeve.

Detailed Information About Bariatric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular of bariatric surgeries. The reason for this popularity is of course the success of this operation. The popularity of bariatric surgeries has increased in recent years. Because people now learn more easily who got what results. And who got with which operation, thanks to social media. And people have seen the success of sleeve gastrectomy surgery with examples. The demand for this surgery has also increased. Gastric sleeve surgery, the most popular of the bariatric surgeries. Because it has changed the lives of many obesity patients.

Obesity patients have achieved better quality of life thanks to this surgery. Let us tell you how gastric sleeve surgery is done. Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical operation due to the way it is done. Among the bariatric surgeries, there are also those that do not require a surgical operation. Almost every doctor perform gastric sleeve surgery with the closed method. This makes the post-operative process of the patients much more comfortable. The doctor does not make a large hole in the patient’s abdomen. Instead, it makes a hole between 0.5 and 1 centimetre. It sends a camera and tube through this hole into the patient’s abdomen.

Thanks to this camera, the doctor sees inside the patient’s abdomen on the screen in front of him. In this operation, the doctor does not touch the inlet. And does not touch outlet pipes of the patient’s stomach. It only takes eighty percent of the independent parts of the stomach. And it sews up the stomach. In this way, the food capacity of the stomach decreases. Not only does the stomach’s food capacity decrease. At the same time, the patient’s eating threshold is greatly reduced. The patient immediately begins to feel full. And his appetite turns off. This allows the patient to lose weight quickly. In gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor does not directly end the operation after suturing the patient’s stomach. It inflates the stomach with a sterile liquid.

Checks whether the seams are intact. After this control, the operation ends. The patient does not go through a very painful process after gastric sleeve surgery. The reason for this is that doctors now perform this surgery with a closed method. Now that we have given you information about gastric sleeve surgery. We can now move on to the topic of Turkey gastric sleeve.

The Topic of Turkey Gastric Sleeve

Turkey is a highly developed country in terms of health systems. People in Turkey are quite satisfied with the health services they receive. And doctors are very concerned with their patients. For this reason, the topic of Turkey gastric sleeve is also a hot topic. Turkey’s leading subjects are especially plastic surgeries and bariatric surgeries. For this, many patients from abroad come to Turkey to have these surgeries. Turkey has also become a leader in gastric sleeves. Because the developing health services and the interest of doctors. Many cities in Turkey have clinics where only bariatric surgeries are performed.

Almost all bariatric operations take place in these clinics. Each doctor performs bariatric surgery in their area of ​​expertise. And in this way, people get a much better health service. Turkey has become so good in that many Turkish doctors have to contract with hospitals abroad. And they go to these hospitals and perform these surgeries at certain times of the year. All these reasons show people how good a health system Turkey has. You may want to have bariatric surgery. Turkey will be a very good option for this surgery. I hope we have satisfied your curiosity about this subject. You may want to learn more about gastric sleeve. At this point, you can contact the clinics.

Procedure in Turkey: Gastric Sleeve

In Turkey, gastric sleeve procedure is an excellent choice for those who are looking to achieve their weight loss goals. As part of the package, you will receive a full consultation with a qualified surgeon to ensure that you are fully informed on the risks and benefits of this weight loss surgery. The highly qualified team of surgeons has a great success rate with good patient outcomes, making this procedure one of the most reliable options available. In addition, post-operative care is provided to help ensure the best possible results in terms of weight loss and long-term health. If you are considering this procedure as an option for achieving your goal, Turkey offers one of the most comprehensive packages available.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Turkey gastric sleeve costs associated with accessing quality medical care can be significantly lower than accessing similar procedures elsewhere in Europe or North America. This makes it even more accessible to those looking for an affordable option for stomach surgery for weight loss. Moreover, not only does gastric sleeve surgery provide long-term benefits and results, but it also leads to drastic improvements in quality of life after surgery.