Tummy Tuck Abroad Turkey Tummy Tuck, one of the operations that women, in particular need, is one of the most common surgeries of today. While the primary purpose of this operation, which people often need, is to provide a beautiful look, of course, there are different health-beneficial consequences. Turkey is among the prosperous countries where this surgery took place, so it welcomes many guests from abroad. Well-known clinics and doctors perform this surgery flawlessly. Also, the rate of complications that may occur during surgery is relatively low.

What is Tummy, Tuck?

A tummy tuck is usually one of the surgeries needed as a result of pregnancy periods resulting in excess weight. Depending on the rapid weight gain and loss of persons, sagging may occur in the abdominal area. Especially as a result of gastric tube surgery, giving the weight given very quickly makes surgery mandatory. A patient’s decrease from 150 kilos to 60 kilos within six months without exercise, of course, causes sagging in the body. A significant portion of these sagging occurs in the abdominal area. Even after Tummy Tuck surgery, a further 5-10 kg thinning may occur in the body of individuals. Saggy skins cause extra heaviness.

For saggy skin that occurs in the abdominal area, there is nothing people can do. Sports during weight loss work, but no matter how many sports are done after losing weight, it will not profit. A reduction of one or two cm may occur, however. This condition causes this surgery to become mandatory. There is also no other solution. Operations like liposuction do not make a profit because there is no oil in the skin. There is entirely hollow skin, which worsens the image and affects one’s social life. In this case, Tummy Tuck becomes mandatory.

What Does Tummy Tuck Do?

The tummy tuck is the surgical removal of skins that are saggy due to rapid weight gain and loss. As a result of this process, a significant thinning occurs in the image of the person. People who weigh 50 pounds, but stand at 60, are rescued from their skin by this operation. Her body shrinks and fits more comfortably in her clothes. Moreover, she will look better in her clothes.

Apart from the image, Tummy Tuck also facilitates one’s social life. People may prefer braver clothes. They do not feel uncomfortable going out in standard locker rooms. They become more comfortable to exercise. They get rid of their extra weight, which has no function in their bodies. The area covered by the skin in the body shrinks, thus resulting in a more comfortable life.

How Does Tummy Tuck Work?

Tummy Tuck, which is one of the methods that completely recover sagging occurring in the abdomen, waist, and groin areas, helps to provide solutions to all areas in a single operation. This surgery, which is usually needed by people who have lost 20-30 kilos at once quickly, will help people to have a perfect image. People who want to fix their body, which has become a prisoner of overweight, experience great satisfaction as a result of this surgery. All of their clothes are plentiful, and their bodies have what can be called a perfect look. Tummy Tuck, known as the operation to remove excess skin from the body, is one of the most comfortable surgeries to do.

Tummy Tuck is a type of surgery with different types. Depending on the area where the surgery will be performed, the first moment the surgery will begin varies. People with skin sagging in the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and lower back are started with three different scratches. However, people whose only problem is the lower abdomen are usually started through the belly button, or the lower abdomen is the right choice. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Although the duration of the operation changes according to the patient and the complications that may develop in operation, it usually takes 2.5-3 hours. Immediate exit can be provided after surgery, or the patient can be a guest for a day depending on the situation. It is worth saying to people that this process has many benefits. So if you are still overweight and thinking about gastric tube surgery, exercise without relying on this surgery. Otherwise, a very laborious process will proceed.

Recovery Process After Tummy Tuck

The healing process after the tummy tuck can cause patients to get a little tired. Although it changes from person to person, usually the healing process can take 1-3 weeks. During this period, the patient must protect his wound very well and complete all the procedures reported by the doctor. The dressing is essential every day for the first week. In other weeks, the duration will be determined according to the course. Also, the process of a complete return to everyday life can take 1-3 months. During this time, people should not cause any damage to the injured area; they should perform this procedure after protecting themselves in the best way possible.

For a more relaxed approach to the results of surgery, people need to continually check-in. It is essential that they can contact the doctor every time a glitch is experienced. Therefore, they must perform this surgery through a doctor who is relevant and does his job well. Especially in the first one week will be painful; people will always be in pain. This situation should not be intimidated; it should be known that everything will proceed best when treated with caution.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost?

Who To Perform Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery is not performed on every requester, of course. It is not easy to find a doctor to perform this surgery on people with slight sagging on their skin. You must have a real need for the operation to be performed. Surgery is usually performed after pregnancy (especially twin pregnancy) and after sagging in response to losing 20-30 kilos. It is inconvenient to perform this surgery on people with a slight sagging in the abdomen. Conditions such as the inward escape of the belly button in an invisible way are the factors that make surgery mandatory. A new belly button is even made in such situations.

Do Tummy Tuck Surgery Yield Direct Results?

After tummy tuck surgery, you do not have to wait as long as in other gastric tube surgeries. After the operation, the entire saggy skin will go away. As a result of each operation, there will surely be a positive result. People do not need to have any concerns about this issue; people will be able to adapt to their new bodies as soon as they recover after surgery.

Tummy Tuck Turkey

Tummy Tuck Surgery Prices

Prices for Tummy Tuck surgery vary from clinic to clinic where the surgery will take place. While some clinics demand higher positions, some clinics perform this surgery at a more affordable price. Also, the prices set by the doctor are essential. It is known that doctors with names in this regard operate on higher fees. There is also a difference according to the areas to be operated. People complaining about two or more areas are priced higher, while single-zone surgery is cheaper.

When choosing a clinic for Tummy Tuck surgery, people need to deal with success rates rather than price. Doctors who have no complications in surgery and clinics known to have achieved success should be selected. Otherwise, the results can be severe for people. If there is no big enough budget, people should wait until they save money. The important thing is to have surgery in the right place. Most people from abroad to have surgery in their preferred places contributes to better results. It is essential to work with doctors who do this work for health and good appearance, not for money, and to choose options accordingly.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey: Is It Worth It?


After making the decision, you may find yourself asking about the tummy tuck cost in Turkey. The truth is that the price varies depending on multiple variables. Of course, it should be noted that Turkey is significantly cheaper than other countries in the western world. This includes countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. That being said, Turkish doctors are also extremely well-trained and can help guide you during your tummy tuck journey.

For those looking to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, knowing how much does a tummy tuck cost in Turkey is bound to affect their decision. It’s important to do your research and make sure that you are comfortable with the surgeon you choose. Ultimately, the decision to undergo a tummy tuck in Turkey should be based on your own individual needs and circumstances. While the cost savings can be tempting, it’s important to make sure that you are getting the quality care you deserve. A tummy tuck can be a transformative procedure, and choosing the right surgeon is essential to ensuring you get the best possible results.