The Hair Transplant Clinic Our entire bodies are covered with hair. Our cells have the ability to grow hair. Underneath the skin all bundle with things like nerves, blood vessels, sweat glands and our hair follicles. The problem comes when the hairs stopped growing and this can be caused by so many things like trauma to the skin. Without follicles you can not grow hair. Alopecia which means hair loss is most often seen in men but sometimes seen in women too. For this, hair transplants offer a solution by transplanting hair and healthy follicles. All the surgeries that are done for hair transplantation creates different types of scars. Here are the hair transplant clinic procedures.

FUE Technique 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is a proven medical procedure improving men’s appearance. In FUE, the micro holes are opened by a tool they call “Slit”. They open holes and plant the grafts into them with micro forceps. They create a hole on the back of the head and the only way that hole filled up by a scarring process from the bottom of the skin through to the top of the skin.We need to drill a hole to get the rollers of the leather. The biggest positive thing about FUE, there is no linear scar. It feels less surgical for the patients. But when it comes to cons, you are only taking 20 percent of the hairs out of an area therefore if you need many grafts this method will not be useful for you.

Each follicle is lifted out then re-inserted individually. Before the surgery starts Local anesthesia is applied. It allows you to sit back and be relax. Pain is the minimum. FUE produce small scars compared to FUT method. Scars are less than a millimeter. FUE recovery is more comfortable than other methods. It is less painful.

FUE is the most common hair transplant surgery. You can do a combination of FUT and FUE technique. They cut out a strip and then they can do FUE to other areas around that. Nowadays they take out individual Follicular units one by one. This FUE method is the most modern way of hair transplant. There are still some pros and cons. There are some reasons why you might want to FUT method, but most clinics offer FUE technique for their patients. This is the most common and popular hair transplant clinic method that experts offer.

DHI Method 

The Choi Method of Hair Transplant or Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the modified version of the commonly known FUE technique. This method is the newest method in hair transplantation. In the DHI method, the hole opening, and graft implantation are carried out at the same time. Hole is opened with a special tool which contains a graft, and the graft is implanted to the hole by an implanter tool at the same time. DHI method shows its advantages in terms of the different tools used. The DHI implanter tool has differences from the Slit tool used in FUE technique. Thanks to this tool, the implanter opens smaller holes, and this gives us some advantages.

The recovery period with DHI is faster and leaves less marks. With these micro level marks, we get more natural results with DHI technique. DHI operation can be performed without shaving the hair. This method is more suitable to increase density operation. In FUE, they require bigger channels than the grafts therefore this way can be more traumatic than DHI technique. It is the most useful hair transplant clinic technique.

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transformation, in the FUT method, the surgeon cuts a strip of skin from your back scalp. First the individual follicles are removed from the strip. Then they are re-inserted into your scalp area. These surgeries take 4-8 hours. You can stay awake during the surgery thanks to the local anesthesia. You can see the results after 6 or 9 months. This method usually performed on people older than 25. If you have high hair follicle density, you will get better coverage results. FUT surgery is usually cheaper than the other hair transplant surgeries. If you need a large number of follicles grafted, FUT is the best option for you.

FUT has shorter operation time therefore you can get surgery easily when you are awake. The average cost is between 4000-8000 dollars. The cost is depending on the clinic. You can get more hair over the lifetime. This method will give you more hair compared to FUE.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

The Asli Tarcan Clinic has been the first choice for so many people from all over the world. It is one of the best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey.The average price is about 3000 dollars. The overall cost of the progress is affordable for the patients who are from abroad or Western Europe.  If you want to get a hair transplant in turkey you have to stay in the country for at least three days therefore you have to think about hotel prices too. It is cheap because of the high exchange rate of Euros and Dollars to Turkish Lira . It is important and hard to choose a surgeon who is qualified enough to carry out these surgeries.

What is The Location Of The Donor Area?

Certain methods work in one area no other areas. If you are talking about scalp, you can get FUE technique or FUT method. However, if you are talking about the neck, you cannot use the FUT method.

How To Choose The Surgeon?

First you must ask about their experiences and qualifications. You can ask how many hairs transplants they have made, and which hair transplant surgery they would recommend to you.

What Kind of Side Effects Can You See?

You can get a noticeable scar from the surgery that can bother you. You can get an infection, but it is a small risk. This kind of surgery can go wrong, and the results might not meet your expectations.

How to Find The Hair Transplant Clinic that Pleases You the Most


The most critical decision when considering a hair transplant is finding the best hair transplant center in Turkey or elsewhere to provide the procedure. With the growth in popularity of hair transplants, more clinics are now than ever offering the service. To ensure you get the best treatment possible, here are some tips to help you find the hair transplant clinic that pleases you best.


The first thing you should do is check credentials of any hair transplantation clinic: they must be licensed and insured. Check hair transplant before and after reviews online or ask for recommendations from family and friends who have had hair transplants. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential clinics, carefully research each one. Look at their websites and read through testimonials or reviews to understand the kind of service they offer.

Make sure you ask questions about the procedure, cost and aftercare before deciding on your clinic. A good clinic should be able to answer all your questions thoroughly. Hair transplant procedures can be expensive, so consider cost when choosing clinic. Some clinics offer financing options or discounts for specific processes, so look into what is available at the hair transplant clinic.