Skin Surgery After Weight Loss

Skin surgery after weight loss, for this reason, our patient already has an expanding structure and now your skin sags after that fat is removed. By collecting this skin we will restore you to your old self. It is now possible to lose weight with these surgical methods. But as we said, it is easy to lose weight, but after the surgery, the patient has a job to do. We will be doing your checks already, but if you continue with the diet list and exercises we have given you, this slimming will continue. Now, let’s see how the steps are followed to lose weight, how the process works, who gets this surgery, and how is the recovery process.

Nowadays, while the problem of obesity is increasing, sagging of the skin occurs, so skin surgery is required after weight loss. Obesity treatment has become incredibly widespread. Especially in Turkey, our patients complain a lot because of the increasing weight in women. Of course, we can fix this with a surgical situation, but how this should continue is very important. We will investigate how the operation process is and how the process progresses. If the body mass index of our patients increases above 35-40, there is a lot of fat in the body due to obesity. This lubrication causes problems such as blood pressure, sugar and breathing in the patient. Which method will be used in the treatment of obesity depends on the patient’s condition. A common way is found by deciding this under the supervision of the patient and the doctor.

Skin Surgery After Weight Loss: Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

It is possible to lose weight with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. It is imperative that you take vitamin and mineral support after this surgery because your body must be strong. If there is a weight gain again in gastric surgery, gastric bypass is a must. The increase in weight gain after this surgery is 15%. We follow up frequently so that our patient does not gain weight again. On the part of our psychologist, we continue to follow up our patient in terms of mental illness. The reason why we do not do this is to eliminate the psychological problems that occur in our patient. After these weight loss operations, sagging of the skin occurs. Skin surgery after weight loss, we remove the excess.

It is possible to lose weight in the treatment of obesity. This surgery is done as follows. We cut and sew in a way that gives the shape of a tube to the stomach. If you have noticed, even our digestive system and esophagus are tubular, this is because it takes less food. But our stomach is not like that, because it is in the form of a pouch, it takes up more space and is more suitable for expansion. Wherever you look, 80% of the stomach is removed. In this way, even the smallest thing is fed to the patient, he will immediately feel full. The important thing is that after this surgery, they need to have skin surgery after weight loss. This surgery is very simple, I will tell you about it.

Why Is Skin Surgery Necessary After Weight Loss?

Our patients who experience excess weight problems experience sagging skin because they lose weight fast. Surgical procedures are required in this regard. Especially with factors such as sports and diet, you cannot recover these skin sagging. After applications such as gastric sleeve surgery, sagging of the skin is experienced. We encounter this situation in different parts of the body, so we recommend skin surgery after weight loss. Another name for this is bariatric surgery. This procedure is a method used for unwanted skin sagging in individuals experiencing rapid weight loss. We make these deformities painlessly and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Foods recommended by many experts after bairatric surgery are in liquid form. Solid foods are not allowed. We do not perform skin surgery immediately after body sagging surgery, we recommend that you complete a year first. However, our patients are very impatient in this process, but we need to complete this process in order to get better results. Our patients want a tight body immediately, but a little patience. Post bariatric surgery is quite common. Individuals who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery or not, come immediately and consult our specialists. The most difficult aspect of this surgery is that after much weight loss, the balance of the body is confused and it takes a long time.

What Is Postbariatric Surgery?

Since skin sagging occurs after weight loss in individuals who have had sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we recommend reconstructive surgeries. Especially in areas with skin sagging, sagging occurs in areas such as the face, neck, breast, abdomen, arms, buttocks. It has a different procedure than plastic surgery. This is a process that can vary from patient to patient, and skin collection differs. It is not dangerous to have this procedure done, but there are some procedures. If the patient has a chronic illness, it should be checked whether it will cause difficulties for us during the operation process. Preoperative routine blood tests are required. If there is a problem in our patient, preoperative treatment should be started.

On the day of surgery, surgical examinations are performed and the patient must be prepared for surgery. After the operation, we are hospitalized for 1-2 days, we are well received in our hospital, and then we bring him to a safe place where he can go home. After the operation, we and our specialist doctor take care of the controls of our patient. Is there any complication of this aesthetic operation? Although it is rare, wound problems can occur on the skin. We can intervene immediately by taking you under the control of specialist doctors. Do not be afraid to have skin surgery after weight loss. We have to resist by coping with a big problem like obesity, ladies and gentlemen, but don’t go on with weight like this, everything is now possible to solve.v

Methods of Excess Skin Removal: Surgery After Weight Loss of Big Extent


For those who have lost a considerable amount of weight, skin removal surgery after weight loss can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only can skin removal surgery after weight loss improve one’s physical appearance, but it can also improve mobility and reduce the risk of skin irritation due to excess skin. Recovery time varies depending on the person’s individual situation and the complexity of the surgery, but most people are able to return to their daily activities within several weeks of having the procedure done. With proper care and follow-up appointments with their doctor, patients can look forward to a more comfortable body contour that better reflects their healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, this type of surgery can be life-changing in many ways for individuals whose hard work has paid off with significant weight loss results.

In addition to offering improved physical form, skin surgery after weight loss is often accompanied by tremendous psychological benefits as well. With skin removal surgery after weight loss, patients will experience improved confidence. Furthermore, many find that they can better enjoy physical activities such as running or swimming without the presence of hanging skin or other complications due to excessive weight loss. With greater confidence in their physical appearance, patients are often able to live fuller lives with a more positive self-image and a renewed enthusiasm for life.