Skin Removal Surgery After Weight Loss

Most people need skin removal surgery after weight loss. Because when we lose too much weight, our skin sags. Most people who lose weight or lose weight after bariatric surgery experience sagging in their body. Or there are various deformations. After bariatric surgeries performed on different parts of the body, our patients need to perform skin stretching operations. Because in these surgeries, we do not play on people’s skin.

We call post bariatric surgical procedures the aesthetic correction surgeries we perform as a result of skin sagging, loosening and deformation. We apply these procedures to the chest, waist circumference, face and neck, arms and legs where sagging occurs. Surgeries such as Belt Lipectomy, facial surgery and tummy tuck are for this purpose. Skin removal surgery after weight loss is not hard surgery. Our doctors first make incisions in these areas. However, the size of the incisions changes according to the excess of the drooping skin. They then remove the excess skin. Although the incision scars are permanent, they are made as small as possible thanks to our expert plastic surgeons. At the same time, the traces fade after a while. And it becomes vague

As with any surgery, there is a certain risk in skin removal procedures. However, thanks to our specialist doctors, this risk is quite low. Infection, bleeding, fluid accumulation under the skin and allergic reactions are risks that may occur. Let’s give an example of skin removal surgery after weight loss.

Skin Removal Surgery ‘Tummy Tuck Surgery’

Loose skin after weight loss surgery is a problem for many people. For skin removal surgery after weight loss, our doctors first conduct a preliminary examination. Because not every skin is suitable for this operation. If there is a situation that can be resolved with exercise, we do not perform a surgical operation. However, surgery is often required. Because after excess weight, the skin relaxes. Our doctors evaluate the patient’s condition according to the results of some radiological tests and blood tests. We usually perform weight loss surgeries under general anesthesia. The aim of our tummy tuck surgeries is to provide tension in the abdominal region. Depending on the condition of the patient’s skin, we take more skin if necessary. Unfortunately, there are stitch marks. In this case, we make the suture area as close to the lower abdomen as possible.

Skin removal surgery after weight loss time varies according to the region we do. However, tummy tuck surgeries usually take 4 hours. You should not eat anything 12 hours before the surgery. However, there is no harm in drinking water. Depending on the situation, we host our patients one day. If no complications develop, our doctors make post operative evaluations and discharge them. Then they call the controls.

Weight Loss Techniques

Let’s give an example of skin removal surgery after weight loss. In the lower body lifts we perform, we mostly correct sagging skin on the abdomen, hips, groin and thighs. And in our lower body lift operations, we collect the skin as a single operation or as a staged operation. In this operation, we can make incisions around the body to remove excess skin or adipose tissue, depending on the condition of the skin. The aim of all body shaping operations is to remove excess skin. The size of the incisions we make varies according to the condition of the skin. In addition, the length and location of the incision and the amount of excess skin to be removed depend on its location. We try to make incision scars in places that are usually not visible and remain hidden. We aim to help our patients meticulously in this regard.

Apart from this, we perform operations such as arm lift and breast lift to correct sagging breasts. In Breast Lift, the incision pattern is determined by the degree of sagging. Among these, we can make inverted ‘T’ shaped incisions around the nipple. In Arm Lift surgery, we perform the procedure by opening an incision in the sagging of the upper arms or the armpit area extending to the inner side of the arm. Likewise, these incision patterns also vary according to the degree of sagging. For detailed information and preliminary examination, you can make an appointment with our hospital. In this regard, our doctors will help you with their expert knowledge.

Our Weight Loss Surgery

There are many weight loss surgeries available today. One of them is Gastric Bypass surgery. After this surgery, our patients feel full immediately thanks to their small stomach. We have two purposes in gastric bypass surgery. The first is to get the feeling of fullness early with less food. The other is to reduce the absorption of food in the small intestine and to ensure that the patient consumes fewer calories. Especially after this surgery, the starch and fat consumed by our patients pass into the blood without being absorbed in the small intestine. Thus, it is excreted from the body. Thus, they have a chance to lose more weight. However, we mostly apply this method to our morbid patients.

Another type of surgery we do is sleeve gastrectomy. In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we render a large part of the stomach dysfunctional. And at the end of the operation, a thin stomach in the shape of a banana is revealed. Thus, a feeling of early satiety occurs in our patients. And our doctors perform gastric sleeve surgery with laparoscopic technique under general anesthesia. In the operation, we make a hole in the stomach. And then we insert medical surgical instruments and form a long tube like a banana with the help of these instruments. Thus, the stomach shrinks. Finally, we throw out the rest of the stomach later.

However, in both types of surgery, skin deterioration occurs after excessive weight loss. For this, we recommend our patients to additionally have skin removal surgery after weight loss. However, they must wait at least 8 months for skin removal surgery after weight loss.

Methods of Excess Skin Removal: Surgery After Weight Loss of Big Extent


For those who have lost a considerable amount of weight, skin removal surgery after weight loss can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only can skin removal surgery after weight loss improve one’s physical appearance, but it can also improve mobility and reduce the risk of skin irritation due to excess skin. Recovery time varies depending on the person’s individual situation and the complexity of the surgery, but most people are able to return to their daily activities within several weeks of having the procedure done. With proper care and follow-up appointments with their doctor, patients can look forward to a more comfortable body contour that better reflects their healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, this type of surgery can be life-changing in many ways for individuals whose hard work has paid off with significant weight loss results.

In addition to offering improved physical form, skin surgery after weight loss is often accompanied by tremendous psychological benefits as well. With skin removal surgery after weight loss, patients will experience improved confidence. Furthermore, many find that they can better enjoy physical activities such as running or swimming without the presence of hanging skin or other complications due to excessive weight loss. With greater confidence in their physical appearance, patients are often able to live fuller lives with a more positive self-image and a renewed enthusiasm for life.