Sex Reassignment Surgery From the past to the present, gender shift has been seen frequently in both men and women. Those who cannot or do not want to prevent this urge from within, prefer the sex change operation today. This application, which is carried out using advanced technological equipment, is preferred in many countries of the world today. Although it is not welcomed in our country, we can see the transition from man to woman or from woman to man from time to time. When the gender at birth and sexual identity of the person are different, various social problems can occur.

There is a lot of demand for gender reassignment.

So, what are the important details to know about gender reassignment?

Which Transactions Are Applied?

Change gender from male to female

  • Breast enlargement; Breast augmentation is also applied in this process, which starts with hormone therapy.
  • Genital reconstruction; Clitoris, labia minor, vulva formation, shortening of the urethra, forming a vagina to allow sexual intercourse.
  • Making the masculine structure feminine with facial aesthetics; rhinoplasty, lip and cheek fillings, chin reduction, and Adam’s apple reduction.
  • Vocal wire surgery; is applied to the inability to speak in the desired tone with voice therapy.

The procedures applied from women to men;

  • Mastectomy; It is applied to obtain a flat chest structure.
  • Hysterectomy; It is carried out with the aim of not using testosterone for a long time. At the same time, menstrual bleeding is prevented in this way.
  • Genital reconstruction; It includes removal of the vagina, lengthening of the urethra, and insertion of a sufficiently large penis for sexual intercourse. At the same time, it is the application of testicular prostheses to provide the desired aesthetic appearance.

How is Sex Reassignment Surgery Performed?

Those who want to turn from male to female or from female to male make this change successfully in a short time with advanced technological equipment today. The number of people who want to turn from a man to a woman is much higher than those who want to turn from a woman to a man. So, what operations do those who want to return from a man to a woman go through during the surgery?

What to Do Before Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Before the sex-change surgery, the psychological and physiological condition of the person should be healthy. Therefore, psychological support is generally recommended. So much so that it is a complex issue on how to define the person, how to be called, and what he/she will encounter in the legal process after surgery.

How Long Does Sex Reassignment Surgery Take?

This application, which is carried out using modern technological devices today, needs a certain recovery process. Also, obtaining the documents and official approvals until the surgery takes a certain process. For six to eight months, you will need to take care of paperwork and approvals and get approval. Later, with the approval, the necessary work related to the operation is carried out by the expert.

Who Performs Sex Reassignment Surgery?

When either sex wants to change sex, the hospital will start the operation after getting approval from the court. When a person who is a man wants to be a woman; the penis and ovaries need to be removed. For this, this procedure is performed by urologists. The vagina, which is the most important function of being a woman, is completed by the shaping of the plastic surgeon. The construction of the vagina can also be obtained from the skin belonging to the penis. After this process is completed, the necessary treatment process is initiated by monitoring hormones in the person.

If hormone support is required in the ongoing process, this is completed with supplements. Although the transition from man to woman is easier, the transition from woman to manhood requires a more arduous process. First of all, breast surgery, which is a symbol of femininity, can be a little more difficult. The removal of breast organs is also carried out by plastic surgeons. Another important factor is defined as the creation of the penis organ that needs to be rebuilt. After the time determined for this is completed, penile formation is achieved with the skins taken from the appropriate parts of the body by plastic surgeons.

Sex Reassignment Surgery Female To Male

Recovery Process After Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex change surgeries are defined as a series of operations that constitute a serious process. There are certain difficulties for those who want to switch to both genders. Especially after the surgeries, it is necessary to rest still for a while.

Doctors say this process is very important. Especially those who prefer a male size from a female body need to be more careful. In the transition from a female body to a male identity, problems may occur in the removal of breast organs, or recovery may be late. For this, the surgery should be carried out in the best conditions and in safe hands.

How Does the Person Feel?

How the person feels after sex-change surgery has also been one of the discussed topics. In this process, the person can receive psychology support if necessary. However, since the transition of the person to this surgery before the surgery is subject to control by the psychiatrists, no problem is encountered. If necessary, this process can be overcome positively by getting professional support. Another important process is related to the surgeries performed.

In particular, the person is physically informed and prepared for all positive and negative results. As a result of researches, 70 out of every hundred people who want to change their gender in our country want to switch to a female body. Thailand is among the countries with the highest gender change rates.

Although the reasons for gender change are among the most discussed topics, both congenital and physical reasons can cause it. People who have to live with two sexes from birth can also choose their gender after the age of 18.

It is also among the frequently stated issues that those who want to switch to the opposite sex medically and homosexuality are different concepts. If the person is not happy to live in the body in which he was born and this has now affected his social life, business life, and human relations, gender reassignment surgery is seen as inevitable.

Professor’s Theory on Love and Sex Reassignment Surgery: What You Need to Know


According to Professor’s theory on love and sex reassignment surgery, love and SRS are deeply intertwined. It suggests that individuals who undergo SRS surgery may experience a shift in their romantic and sexual attraction, as they gain a greater sense of self and bodily autonomy. While the theory is still controversial and requires further research, it raises important questions about the relationship between self-identity, gender, and love. For those considering SRS, it highlights the importance of seeking out support and guidance from experts in the field.

Professor’s theory on love and sex reassignment surgery is based on extensive research and interviews with individuals who have undergone SRS. Many participants reported feeling a stronger connection to their bodies and a newfound ability to express themselves freely in intimate situations. This, in turn, can lead to changes in attraction and romantic preferences. Love and sex reassignment surgery (SRS) are complex and intimate topics. While the connection between them may not be immediately obvious, one professor has put forward an intriguing theory that explores their interplay. By examining the experiences of those who have undergone SRS, we tried to shed light on the potential impact of the procedure on one’s sense of self and romantic preferences.

How Much Does Sex Reassignment Surgery Cost?